The Power of Who You Are With and What You Watch

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There is a saying that goes “You are the personality of your five closest friends.” This saying is very true except it doesn’t take into account how much media we see. People wonder how they can improve certain attributes about themselves. For example, they want to stop being geeky, but are surrounded by geeks all day long. It’s all you see and take in, so it will be very difficult to change. However, there are ways you can improve without ditching your friends.

Here is what you can do: Watch movies, interviews, and TV that has men who are very good with women. They will have excellent body language that will subconsciously rub off on you. Try to watch the movies that have a lot in the series so you can spend a lot of time taking in how the characters who are good with women act. For example, watch the 007 movies. James Bond is played by many characters but he always has great body language and is always played by actors that are lady killers. TV series with many seasons are also a good idea.

It seems to me about a third of all TV shows and Movies have one character that is good with women, and shows amazing body language. If you end up watching any of those, make sure to focus on that character. The reason that guy can act like he is good with girls so well is because he is actually good with girls.

We have it lucky, these days you can sit back and just appreciate the amazing body language of a character while simultaneously being entertained. Improving how good you are with girls couldn’t be easier.

Here is a list of good movies and TV Shows to watch to get you started:
All 007
All Brad Pitt
All Denzel Washington
All Clark Gable
George Clooney movies
Thomas Crown Affair
Top Gun
Mission Impossible
Cruel Intentions
Never Back Down
G.I Joe
Fast and the Furious
The Scorpion King
(Many chick flicks, that have some alpha dude)

TV Shows
Vampire Diaries (Pay attention to the guys)
It’s always sunny in Philidelphia
White Collar
True Blood
(nearly every chick show will have an alpha dude all the girls want)

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