The Most Useful Body Language Tip: Smile the Right Way

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The Most Useful Body Language Tip: Smile the Right Way

One thing you will notice when you look at people that are considered good looking is that they all smile the same. But why would that be important? Aren’t people good looking thanks to their genetics? Wrong. Women see good looks completely different than men see good looks. Good looks in men are a combination of things, but primarily it is their body language.

The good news is that there is one body language tip you can use that will instantly make you much more attractive to the opposite sex, and that is smiling the right way.

After getting a girl I will usually ask her “At what point did you know you liked me?” Ever since I worked on smile 80% of the time their reaction has been “The first moment you smiled at me.” Smiling the right way can be very powerful if you get it right, it can literally be the difference between getting and losing the girl.

Smiling the right way

Many people think that a smile can only mean one thing, enjoyment, but that is far from the truth. It can mean anything from genuine happiness all the way to complete submission. Here are some of the smiles that are seen as attractive:

The Eye Smirk – This is the smile you will mostly see male models do when posing. Their mouth shows no sign of a smile, but their eyes are slightly squinted and they appear to be smiling if you don’t look at the rest of the face. Using this smile in any situation will boost attraction.

The Lip Smirk – This is a smile you can use when you greet her, find something slightly funny, or you are teasing her. In this smile your eyes are still completely smiling, but your mouth is now showing a slight sign of amusement while keeping your mouth closed. This will look like a cocky smirk, which is exactly what you want.

The Teeth Smirk – The teeth smirk can be used in the same situations as the lip smirk, it just shows slightly more amusement. This is done by keeping the eyes completely smiling and slightly showing your teeth. This will also come off as a cocky smirk.

Laughter – When you are enjoying a situation, you should not be afraid to show it. Don’t hold back your laughter, but at the same time you want to control it. This is usually shown by completely smiling with your eyes, to the most extreme degree. You will also show your teeth and slightly open your mouth. You want to show amusement with your entire face.


Smiling the wrong way

The previous smiles you want to do your best to do, as they will literally make a woman’s attraction for you grow in the moment. On the other hand these are the smiles that will actually reduce their attraction for you:

Nervous or Scared Smile – The smile we give off when we are nervous or scared but trying to cover it up. This smile will make you appear timid and not confident.

Disconnected Smile – When our mouth is smiling but our eyes or another part of our body are obviously feeling another emotion. It will make your smile seem fake.

Submissive Smile – This is the smile that primates use when dealing with the head male. They show all their teeth and smile as a way of showing they are willing to submit. No girl wants a man who is trying to submit to them, so showing this smile will always be a mistake.

Laughter with No Teeth – Laughing without showing your teeth makes you look uncomfortable in a situation. You want to be relaxed in all situations, and laughing like this will show that you are the opposite.

Photo Pose Smile – This has become popular in pictures, but it is not the best smile to have when talking with girls. It most closely resembles a submissive smile.

Here are some examples of the smiles

smile body language


This, and every attractive body language tip there is, can be found in the book The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men.

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