The Most Fun Way to Learn a Language

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I’ve become quite fluent in Spanish and my Russian is progressing very quickly. People have asked me how I was able to learn so quickly. I have been telling them it’s not difficult, I just learn languages the fun way, the way where you use the ultimate motivator… women.


Women are the ultimate motivators for anything

I remember some old quote that went something like “without women, hard work wouldn’t exist.” I don’t know if it’s 100% true, but there is a ton of truth in it. Nothing can motivate you like your penis can. What I have done is to harness that power into learning languages.

How to use women to make language learning fun

1) Plan a trip

If you are really serious about learning a language, I suggest you plan a trip sometime in the future to a country where that language is spoken. How long you stay is not so important (of course longer will help you more), but the important thing is that you plan the trip.

2) Pipelining

Pipelining is where you use the internet to start dating the girls before you even arrive. If you are serious about learning a language, you should start this right away.

When you signup for the dating website, it’s time to start chatting. If she speaks English as well, this is not a bad thing because when you are at the beginning stages she can help you a ton by explaining things to you.

Chat with girl after girl. Use to be able to understand the girls you are talking to. Begin trying to seduce them. Don’t be afraid to build connections and relationships and get sexy photos and videos. I talk about how to do all of this pipelining (internet dating) effectively in my book Elite Online Dating.

You will have chances to send audio messages, webcam, but mostly you will be reading and writing and translating all the time. Your knowledge of the language will shoot up and it will be motivated by wanting to better communicate with those hot women.

2a) Chatting while watching movies and listening to music in the language

This is something I have done a ton of and it’s like immersion at home. Basically I downloaded a ton of Disney movies in the language I wanted to learn (most recently Russian). Then I got the English subtitles for those movies. I had a huge collection and I just started to watch them over and over.

While I was watching I was also chatting with girls online (pipelining) and using Google Translate to help me understand some of the specifics of words and sentences in the movie. This combination was very fun and VERY helpful in improving.

On top of that throw in youtube songs with subtitles and you will be golden.

3) Arriving in the country and dating

This is the part where you land in the country and you go on a ton of dates. You will have a ton of dates because you read my book and because you spent all that time pipelining/ practicing the language.

Now you will go on a bunch of dates. Some of these dates will be with girls who also speak English. You want to practice with them their language as much as possible.

Next you want to move onto the girls who don’t speak any English at all. This will be more challenging, but ultimately you will get more practice with them.

The next thing you know you will have mastered the first 30 minutes of a conversation.

4) Dating a local girl

You had a ton of dates and you found a girl you really like. The next thing to do is to make her your girlfriend. You will want to talk to her all the time and will be forced to practice the language. It is very preferrable that this girl is one of the girls who didn’t speak any English.
One you have dated this girl for a couple months (even if you have to go home and it’s long distance), you will be conversational in the language. Bam!

Pussy… mankinds greatest motivator.

You’ve just harnessed the power of pussy to find the most fun way to learn a language.

The other stuff you should still do

  • Get the basics of grammar by opening a book
  • Learn the 1000 most common words with a cell phone application
  • Use Michel Thomas Audio Books or something to help with speaking
  • Read basic books in the language while using a click translator

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