The Lost Art of Using Mystery to Create Attraction

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The Lost Art of Using Mystery to Create Attraction

handsome mysterious man using mystery to create attraction

Using mystery to create attraction with women is VERY affective. There is not a ton of information out there on using mystery in seduction, but there should be. Mystery not only hits an attraction switch, but there is a powerful psychological affect with this as well.

I will show you how to make yourself more mysterious in a positive way by using examples from popular romance novels and breaking down what the author’s “dream man” is doing to be seen as so attractive.

Still, she could not deny her curiosity to know more of the mysterious Saint. Tall, young, and vigorous–and perhaps a gentleman in disguise, as well? She knew there was no point in quizzing Marcus about him, however, as he had shown a disinclination for the subject. – A rebellious bride

She turns mystery into her fantasy
Instead of being turned off by the the fact that she does not know much about him, she fills in the blanks with her own desires. She thinks that maybe he is “a gentleman in disguise”. This is a natural response. We are more inclined to believe our biggest fears or our biggest hopes if somebody leaves us some small hints to this desired information. The difference between her believing you are a serial killer or millionaire in disguise depends on whether or not you have decent body language, which I will touch more on later.

How to use this

An applicable way to create this kind of mystery in our day is to dodge the question of what you do, while showing hints that you are not poor.

When she asks the question you can just look her in the eye, smirk, and change the subject or say something absolutely ridiculous (professional beggar… I made it to the big leagues).

Then, you want to hint you have money (or military background, famous in something or whatever works for you) You can do this if you have a nice car or house, nice clothing (suits and expensive brands) or pictures of you constantly traveling around the world (many girls think I’m loaded because I travel so much). Get creative with it and as long as you dodge the question in a mysterious way, while continuing to drop hints, you will turn into her prince.

“Lord,”Milly muttered, as they watched the aged members of the now defunct Royal Pacific board cluster around the mysterious, reclusive head of the Lombard Group. “That man even manages to look dangerous in a suit.” – Heart of Midnight

Body Language
Now, if somebody looks dangerous in a suit, it means that he has very impressive body language. It is something that I have mentioned before and if you would like to master body language you can check out my book The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language, but for now I will give you an example.

James Bond from the 007 movies, has excellent mysterious body language. He always talks low and slow, he has no sudden movements and always has excellent posture. There are 9 laws to look like that, and if you master these your flawless body language will seem out of place for anyone that is not a billionaire, a prince, secret agent, etc.

Don’t Over talk
This character is described as reclusive. If someone is reclusive there is a good chance they are not big talkers. One of the most common mistakes men make when talking to women is trying to over talk. They talk and they start giving up every single detail of their life. They take away all the fun from being discovered. When they hear a silence they try to fill it, they will even use filler words so there are no gaps in their sentences. By trying to build attraction in the wrong way, they actually kill attraction.

You can change this in yourself by accepting silences. Don’t be afraid to just sit down and look her in the eye with a slight smile. Don’t be in a hurry to give up all the little details about your day to day life. The more we know about something the less interesting it becomes.

If she asks you questions don’t be afraid to give very vague answers.
“Where are you from?”
“Far from here.” Then you can change the subject.
You can also turn her questions into jokes by answering with something completely ridiculous… or is it?
“What are your hobbies?”
“Robbing banks, stealing diamonds… the usual.”

Mysterious though he was to her, she couldn’t shake the extraordinary compulsion to trust him. – Blade’s Lady

Curiosity is a strong feeling
Here this part of the book shows how a girl can trust even a man she knows nothing about. No doubt this man had very good body language.

This shows that being unknown won’t necessarily work as you would expect it to, but on the contrary, she feels the urge to do the opposite of what you would expect.

Besides, Damian was just too mysterious for her liking. He deflected any questions about his identity. She didn’t trust the man, remember? So why was she still thinking about him? – Too Great A Temptation

Deflecting questions

Being mysterious isn’t about being quiet, it’s about dodging key questions about yourself as the character did. “He deflected any questions about his identity.” By doing this he will open up a psychological interest from her. This curiosity can drive a girl mad, in a good way.

Even though many people believe it is impolite to dodge questions and refuse to answer questions about yourself, don’t be afraid to use it. As you can see from the paragraph, it made it even more difficult for her to stop thinking about him.

Make her work for information
As the book goes on he will slowly tell her bits of information about himself. The blanks in his story will slowly be filled in the more time she spends with him and the more trust she builds. She will value this information and enjoy it even more because he made her work for it.


Using mystery to create attraction is a very powerful tool that every player should have in his arsenal. Don’t take it lightly.


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