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Godaddy’s fuckups were not enough to keep the forum down. We hired an expert and got the forum working, without losing any of the old data. Enjoy! If you don’t have an account, sign up and help contribute to Swoop and learn from the knowledge of other world traveler/seducers.


Forum stats:

  • Members: 1,341
  • Forum threads: 415
  • Forum posts: 7,472
  • Years active: 2 Years 3 Months


Most Popular Threads:

The Vietnam Thread (651,466 views)
20Nation and THC in the Philippines (332,219 views)
The Indonesia Thread (234,387 views)
The “would you smash it” thread (contains NSFW) (226,235 views)
Introduce yourself (206,846 views)
Planning a trip to Philippines (176,694 views)
Need Help… Please (134,303 views)
The India Thread (131,568 views)
What does your ideal girl look like? Your perfect 10 (125,891 views)
The Thailand Thread (116,980 views)
The PR. China Thread (109,131 views)
Colombia Thread (101,639 views)
Making Money – Location independent (87,035 views)
Holiday Cheer (85,970 views)
99% of American Men Are Beta Pussies (77,824 views)


Most Popular Threads:

The Vietnam Thread (881 replies)
20Nation and THC in the Philippines (283 replies)
Planning a trip to Philippines (220 replies)
Need Help… Please (217 replies)
The Indonesia Thread (212 replies)
Introduce yourself (177 replies)
The “would you smash it” thread (contains NSFW) (172 replies)
The Thailand Thread (149 replies)
The PR. China Thread (134 replies)
Colombia Thread (125 replies)
What does your ideal girl look like? Your perfect 10 (105 replies)
Holiday Cheer (89 replies)
in cebu.. where are the girls lol (80 replies)
Making Money – Location independent (77 replies)
Taiwan (53 replies)


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