the forbidden and hidden side of women

The Forbidden and Hidden Side of Women

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The Forbidden and Hidden Side of Women

the forbidden and hidden side of women

There is a side of women that is hidden from the world, you could say this side of them could even be considered forbidden to the world. Being able to see this forbidden and hidden side of women is not an easy task. Fortunately, I was able to get exactly what I needed to get complete access to this side of women… a key logger.



The Forbidden and Hidden Side of Women

Nothing is more exciting, and at the same time nerve racking, than the forbidden. Accessing forbidden information, especially when much of that information pertains to yourself, is another feeling all together. It was that desire for the forbidden that lead to this book.

At the time I had no idea that this desire would shatter the way I viewed the world. I had no idea that a peak behind the curtains would reveal a secret life.

We have entered a time of smart phones, social media, and messaging. These days, women spend more time sending messages than they do communicating face-to-face. This has an interesting aftereffect: almost everything they say has a record. Without knowing it, they write a journal of their lives—a journal composed of messages.

By reading these messages you begin to see a picture of what they did yesterday and the day before. You know what they said and who they said it to. You begin to build a real picture of who they are.

The thing that makes all this even more fascinating is that they don’t believe anyone is watching, and because they don’t believe there is anyone to judge them, you can see when they lie, when they cheat, who they really care for and whom they only pretend to care for. When they think nobody is watching, the same person you have spoken to countless times becomes somebody else suddenly and entirely.


The Key Logger

Years ago I installed a key logger on my laptop. I was curious to know if a girl that I was dating was talking to other guys. With that key logger, I was able to record her passwords for all the messengers and social media networks she had used. I didn’t find what I expected.

As my life continued I kept the key logger on my computer, and gained access into the private lives of whomever I was dating at the time. I began seeing patterns and I started to record of a lot of the information that I found. I was able to see what they told their friends about me, what their friends said about me, whom they were talking to, what they were saying, where they went, and who they went with.

Was it an invasion of privacy? Absolutely. Would I recommend anybody to do the same? Of course not. However, I learned some very important, life changing lessons.

The world is not black and white, and neither are people. In this book I will talk about twelve very different types of relationships that I had with twelve very different types of women. In each of these twelve relationships I was able to see what they didn’t want me to see, to know what they didn’t want me to know.

I will tell you who I thought they were and who they turned out to be. I will show you the patterns that all the women showed; the things I can deduce about the TRUE nature of women because I was able to see the face they didn’t want to show the world.

I will show the wealth of unknown knowledge that I uncovered in detail. The shocking truths are there, but the most astounding thing you will read is how many I have uncovered.


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