The Cheating Thai Wife

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Asian Persuasion

Back when I was working at home I went to see my friend who lives in a nearby town. We meet at the station and there’s a little Christmas market so we decide to have a drink there. Across the street I see two Asian girls by themselves;  I approach them an try to guess which country they are from.

I get it right at the first try: Thailand.

Since I spent a decent amount of time in Thailand, I quickly build rapport with them. I introduce them to my friend and the four of us go to a bar to have a drink.

I try to find out a bit about their situation and what they are doing in Europe. My girl says she’s living here and that her friend is visiting her, but she’s very evasive about her own situation. She implies something along the line of “it’s not relevant today“.

Hmm, that’s clear enough.

Thai girls are generally not so keen on PDA, but my girl doesn’t bother. I escalate kino and before the first drink is finished, I’m kissing with her.


One More Drink

I feel my girl is DTF, so after the drink I propose we have one more drink at my friend’s place. They immediately agree. We buy some beers and wine at the night shop and head back to my friend’s apartment.

We start drinking, talk and play music. My girl is getting sexual but my friend is having some trouble with his girl. She’s very shy and isn’t responding to his moves. For a moment, it looks like we might still lose this set but he remains cool yet persistent.

We’re getting a slight buzz and the girls definitely. To isolate, I tell my girl I’m going to give her a “tour of the house”, grab her arm and lead her straight to the guest room.

I close the door behind us. She barely gives some token resistance as I take off her clothes. She has a sexy body and has some tattoos. Zero LMR. After banging her I’m chilling a bit with her and we joke around, to give my friend some private time with his girl.

When I come back, I’m relieved it worked out with his girl too. The moment I isolated his girl opened up and he got the lay as well. He later tells me she went from shy to ting tong (Thai for crazy).

We exchange numbers and bring them back to the station because they had to go home. I don’t ask questions.


A few weeks later I get a message from her. She says she’s “free” and asks if she can come visit me and spend the night.

I pick her up at the station and we go straight to my place. Before the door is locked she’s already all over me. She’s a lot of fun, doing Asian dances etc. Very sexy.

This time I’m not drunk and between sex I try to find out some more about her situation. My suspicions are confirmed.  She explains me her setup.

It turns out she is married to a guy from my country and she was living with him. I don’t know the exact legal workings, but she was about literally waiting out the days until she’d get a green card.

I don’t know much about this guy, but it seemed to me she could barely stand him. Still, he would give her an allowance and extra money to go shopping. She was actually on a shopping trip when I met her with her friend.

She explained me how she would send the money to her father back in Thailand.

Apparently her father would then pressure her to get more money and would be angry at her if she didn’t.

The father would then spend the money to be a big shot in his tiny Thai village, buying goats and beers for his friends and what not. The fact that his daughter married a foreigner, it gave him local status.


It was pretty real hearing about these type of stories. Cheating spouses are international but these cultural differences add another layer on it. The reality is often not as romantic as some guys might have hoped for.

When I was living in South East Asia, I had already experienced how some these girls treat their “long distance” relationships; and this time I saw how these types of relationships play out eventually.

A warned man counts for two.

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