The Brazilian Pornstar

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Throwback Thursday

Today, a little flashback post from Brazil, my second favourite country in the world.

Rio de Janeiro was my first stop after my break from the travel lifestyle, so I hit it hard when arrived. I was banging a new girl every other day.

I hardly did any night game here. About half of the girls I banged I met on online, the other half I had met during the Carnaval.

Tinder works well in Rio and I met a lot of cool girls on there.

One of those Tinder girls was a little bit more slutty than the average though. It turned out she was a Brazilian porn star.

The First Date

I didn’t know she was a porn-star when I met her, I found out later.

I was swiping around on Tinder, when I saw her profile pic. I immediately gave her my super-like of the day. It was an instant match, boom.

We start talking and she told me she had just arrived in Rio that day and that she was going to the beach by herself. She wasn’t that far from where I lived so I told her I would come out to meet her.

We met at one of the beach bars. She showed up in her thong-bikini and was looking extremely Brazilian: Tanned skin, small boobs, big ass and with an unmistakable slut-face.

We had some beers by the beach as the sun was setting. She was a lot of fun and we vibed well. We had some beers, we talked, we made out and I took her back to my place.

It was the usual dating routine, like I had been doing on a daily basis.

Things got a little bit different though the moment we entered my apartment.

“Can I just take a quick shower”, she asked.

“Sure.” and I gave her a towel.

After her shower she walked out of my bathroom completely naked. Hmm, she definitely wasn’t shy.

“Let’s smoke a joint!”, she says.

Still naked she provocatively bent over in front of me, to search her purse for a joint. She was showing her big Brazilian butt, with those sexy white tan-lines from sunbathing in her thong; so fucking hot.

If there is such a thing as “negative LMR” (last minute resistance), this must be it.

I got naked too and stood behind her. She pressed her ass back into me. I was ready to start fucking her like this, but she started teasing.

“No, let’s smoke the joint first”, and she walked away towards the window to light it up.

“Hell no”, I can’t wait for that. As she stood at the window, I turned her around and bent her over again. I started banging her right there while she was leaning out the window smoking.

From there we moved back to the kitchen, the coach, the bed,… I banged her on everything that couldn’t break. I came on her ass and in her mouth, she loved it all.

The Re-Bang

The next day she added me on Instagram. I was scrolling through her pictures and some were quite provocative. Not really out of character since she was such as slut.

One of the pictures was of her bending over and showing her ass, with a guy next to her pointing at it. There were also some porn production hashtags…

Hmm, interesting. So I google her name.

The results lead to various Brazilian porn sites. I clicked on the links.

There’s a bunch of porn videos of her in BangBus-like format; the fake reality ones where they pretend to meet the girl on the beach and then fuck her within minutes. Hilarious.

This made me want to re-bang her even more. I felt like I had missed out on making my own porn movie with her.

So that was fixed the next time I saw her. She was down for everything (everything). I got some pretty sweet digital memories with her and it was fun to hang out with her from time to time. A fun personality but a little bit wacky (to no surprise).

Oh Brazil, I miss you already!


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