The biggest Colombian ass

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The biggest Colombian ass (of the week)

If you are an ass-man, Colombia is your dream destination. There’s so much fine Colombian ass here, it’s not fair to the other countries.

Last week I was on my way to the grocery store when I spotted a girl with one of the biggest, roundest, gravity-defying booties I’ve ever seen. She had the kind of ass you know is gonna be great even when you see her from the front.

She was walking on the other side of the street in the opposite direction. The local Colombian guys were turning around to check out her ass and we nodding in approval as she walked by. I instantly abandoned my plan to buy food to cross the street and approach her.

I caught up with her and introduced myself. From nearby her face wasn’t that great, she was a bit older than I expected, around 30 I guess. But dat ass tho…

We talked for a couple of minutes. She was on her way to meet a friend so I kept the interaction short and took her number.

First Date

I set up a date with her to meet at a park near my place. We sat on a bench to talk. From the start she was acting pretty shy and distant but gradually opened up more. After a while it was clear she wanted me to kiss me but she was still playing hard to get.

I move in for the kiss, but she completely turned her head so it landed on her cheek. I tried again by turning her head, this time landing a kiss on her lips but she said: No!

So I pretend-wrote a note on my hand: “2 / 10. One of the worst kisses I ever had”.

We talked some more and the next time I tried to kiss her, she kissed me back and we started making out.

I stopped the kiss and took another pretend note: “Some improvement, 4 / 10.”

We talked and kissed some more but she was shy with many people around in the park.

“Let’s go for a walk”, I tell her while I take her hand. She follows me and I started walking her to my place. Guys around were checking her butt. At one moment and older Colombian gentleman even approached us:

“Tienes una novia muy bonita! Dios te bendiga.” (You have a beautiful girlfriend! God bless you.)

Trying to Same Day Lay


We arrive at my place but there she suddenly stops her tracks.

Girl: “I’m not going to your home”
THC: I just want to show you the view 😉
Girl: “No, I have to go I don’t have time”

It was a tough call on how much I should insist. I had the feeling this was a principle thing for her, so I decided not to force it.

THC: “No worries sweetie”

I kiss her goodbye but it turns out in a make out session in front of my apartment. I put my hands on her ass, that thing was massive. She smiled, turned around and pushed it back on me, grinding me for a few seconds.

Too much for me to handle, once more I try to pull her into my place but she doesn’t comply: “Ok, I really have to go, bye!” and walks off back to the metro station.

My doorman gave me a disappointed look: “You missed this one!”

“I’ll get her next time!”

Second date

After the date she started texting me daily. I set up the next date: wine at my place.

She arrived at my place and was wearing some tight legging-jeans hybrid pants accentuating her best feature even more.

She sit down in the coach and before I even opened the wine we’re making out again. When I grab her ass, she gives me some token Last Minute Resistance, but I look at her and her face and it just screams horny.

To take it back, I show her the view from my apartment. I take her to the balcony and continue to make out with her there. Again she turned around and pushed her big Colombian ass on my dick. So I pick her up, carry her in my bedroom and throw her on the bed.

The token LMR is gone. I tried to take off her tight jeans but they got stuck at her hips: Always a good sign. It took some actual effort to get them off.

She was wearing a sexy see-through lingerie thong, what a glorious view. Her panties were already soaked.

I smashed her a few times, no need to hold back with her and that big ass. She was from the Coast and it confirmed to me again that Costeñas are the most caliente en la cama.

I didn’t get any digital memories unfortunately but I’m pretty sure this is a re-bang situation.

The coming weeks I’m going shift my focus some more DHAY GHAME. Reporting soon.


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