The Alpha Beta Illusion

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The Alpha Beta Illusion

So many people live and die on the idea that “being alpha” is everything; believing that if they want a girl they must act alpha all the time. They believe that doing beta things is always bad. However, the truth is much more complicated. I will show you what alpha and beta really mean, and how you can use that to your advantage.

Alpha – The act of doing something that raises your sexual market value.
Alpha Asshole – The act of doing something that lowers her sexual market value.
Beta – The act of doing something that lowers your sexual market value.
Beta Supplicant – The act of doing something that raises her sexual market value.

Alpha Beta Rules:

-You can never be beta when she believes her value is higher than yours.
-If you continue to be alpha when she believes your sexual market value is much higher than hers, you can lose her.
-The ultimate place to be is with you just a little bit higher value than her.
-The only sexual market value that matters is what she perceives it to be (perceived sexual market value), but you should always believe yours is sky high.
-Being higher value than her is always better than being lower value, but being too much higher can be a bad thing.


Alpha – The act of doing something that raises your sexual market value.

Things that you can do that are alpha are things like mentioning DHV’s (money, power, stories with girls, danger, or adventure). These are things that will raise your value in her eyes.

Alpha Asshole – The act of doing something that lowers her sexual market value.

Being Alpha Asshole is doing things that lower her sexual market value. You can do this by teasing her (wow you are a year older than me? Ok grandma.) or by comparing her life achievements to yours or showing you have tons of options with girls (showing is better than telling) and comparing it to her lesser options. These will lower how she views her own sexual market value.

Beta – The act of doing something that lowers your sexual market value.

To be beta you just need to say or do something that lowers your value. Showing weakness or fear is a good way to lower your value her eyes. (Having a vulnerability and being vulnerable are two very different things, don’t ever overdo beta actions)

Beta Supplicant – The act of doing something that raises her sexual market value.

To be a beta supplicant you must do something that raises her value. Telling her how pretty she is or how much you care about her will make her feel good about herself and raise her perceived sexual market value.


Romance is being beta when your value is high enough

You will notice things like this all the time all around: if a Brad Pitt type guy brings a girl flowers, it’s the most romantic gesture in the world. If a low value guy brings a high value girl flowers, it’s creepy.Girls want romantic (or beta) gestures from higher value guys. It’s actually good to do this if you have much higher value than hers. These are the types of things that will make a girl fall in love with you, beta things, but ONLY from your perch of higher value. You should NEVER do these things if she perceives your sexual market value’s to be equal. You should be trying to put yourself higher.


Traveling affects perceived sexual market value

Many people travel to different places and they realize “Wow, I can compliment a girl here like I want and it almost seems like she likes me more. If I did that back home a girl just as attractive would blow me out of the water.” They believe that it is a cultural thing and being beta is just what to do.

What they don’t take into account is that their perceived sexual market value has just shot up. If they are alpha and cocky, they will come off as arrogant because they already have such high sexual market value. Compared to back home where the girls have huge egos thanks to obesity and so many guys going for so many girls. This means that a guys value starts out low and the girl’s value high, which means that a different style is needed (alpha).


Importance of being able to read how she sees you

One of the most underused techniques in game is being able to read how much attraction a girl has for you and how she sees your sexual market value. If you want to improve how well you can read these things read my book 120 Body Language Signals that She Likes You.

In fact, one of my hottest girls in Thailand, and a girl RVF member Scotian always raved about, was almost lost because she thought she was gods gift to the world. Here’s the story and how I used this tactic to see where my value stood in comparison to hers and put it where it should be.

I was in Thailand and I had just started a date with this absolutely beautiful Thai girl. We went to eat and then afterwards we met up with her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend. Her best friend was almost as hot as she was and she was dating a 30 year old German millionaire. We sat together having drinks in an expensive hotel bar (way over my budget.) I was having trouble competing with this guy in his element and I started to notice my girl’s interest going away.

I tried to salvage the situation but it didn’t leave my perceived market value very high, especially in comparison to the German millionaire. I told my girl I must go and we walked to the subway. I knew this girl was pretty much lost, so I did a last ditch effort based on what I saw.

“You seem like a great girl, but it’s too hard for us to communicate. I think it’s better if we are just friends.” After telling her that I saw her entire body language shift. It surprised her so much and she was visually shaken.

A couple weeks went by and she had messaged me a few times. When I got back to Bangkok I finally agreed to meet her again, but this time I set up everything so I was in my element. She was an entirely different girl for the second date; hanging on my every word and making every excuse to touch me. It was an easy road to sex and afterwards we havd a pretty fun relationship. All because I read how she felt and did something about it while I was able.


Understanding Value with Alpha Beta Illusion

The top 3 positions in alpha beta

3. You a little higher but both low.

alpha beta value

This is achieved by using a lot of alpha asshole. You are also using some beta behavior to make sure there is not an uncomfortable gap between your two values.  This girl will probably think she is in love with you, but she won’t be happy.


2. You a little higher but but normal value.

alpha beta value normal

This is achieved by using all 4. While doing a good job to keep her value just a bit lower than yours.


1. You a little higher but both high.

alpha beta value high

This is achieved by only using alpha and beta supplicant behaviors. You are upping your value while upping her value as well. She will go away from you feeling like a million bucks. She will enjoy being around you and won’t need any orbiters around to make her feel good about herself because you are already doing it. She will feel an intense feeling of love when around you.



The Tease

alpha tease

In this situation teasing was needed to bring the girls value closer to the guy’s value.


The Compliment

beta compliment

In this situation the girl perceived the guy’s value as too high. She would have more trouble trusting him so he used some compliments to bring their values closer together.


How to get back to a normal level

alpha moves

This is the ideal time to use romance. Take her to dinner or even write her a poem. If you use romance in a situation like this, a girl WILL fall madly in love with you. In fact, you are lucky this girl even gave you sex and didn’t shut down because she didn’t want a broken heart.


Too much of  a good thing

People think that being perfectly alpha will get you the girl every time, but it’s not the case. In fact, I have messed up more times with lower value girls simply because I keep being too aloof (because I don’t care as much and only want it if it is easy).  You also never want to build up an unrealistic image where you have no weaknesses. It’s good to have at least one vulnerability or she will have trouble relating to you. However, don’t become a week or beta guy just because it’s ok to use them sometimes. There is a lot of power in knowing how to react based on how she sees the two of you, use it well.


Your Turn

In the next to graphs, two different problems are arising in different parts of the relationships. How would you react to get the girl.


alpha beta challenge


alpha beta challenge 2


The alpha beta illusion is real and the more you test it out the more you will see it.


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