The 3 Keys to Getting the Hottest Girls Online

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The 3 Keys to Getting the Hottest Girls Online

getting the hottest girls online

I have had a lot of success finding women online. I usually only use this while traveling, but I have learned a lot from going on a lot of dates with a lot of girls. I will tell you that I only message about the top 5%, and that I have a high success rate, but it all stems on 1 thing…. Key #3.

Key # 3 to Getting the Hottest Girls Online

You have to webcam with them. If you have good game, then you have good body language. If you webcam with a girl, you can 90% game her like you would in person. Only thing that is missing is kino. This is the thing that changes these over messaged girls (gettings 100′s of messages a day) from putting up with talking to me, to begging to talk and meet with me. Also in a girls mind, if she has not webcammed with you, you are only a picture. You’re not even really a real person in her mind. Just a photo. You have to make a strong impression and connection. The only way to do that is to webcam. It’s like trying to build attraction through text messages, you are only dumb enough to try when you are starting out in game. It’s very difficult to build attraction with the top girls on dating sites without being able to run full game (minus kino). Hence why webcamming is the #1 most important thing when it comes to online dating.

In fact, I have looked back over my many dates set up from online game. ALL of my hottest girls I webcammed with, except for one and she was a nympho, so she just wanted sex. One girl has scammed me. She agreed to meet before she had webcammed with me. 95% of the girls I meet I have webcammed with. I have witnessed girls barely replying to me, then, after webcamming they won’t stop messaging me. All of a sudden they want to meet. The ONLY reason I get the top 5% of girls on dating websites is because I webcam and show that I have game.

You have to look at the type of competition you will be facing on these websites. 80% of guys will be below average in looks, and 10% of the good looking guys, are only on this website because they have no social skills and game. That leaves 10% of guys for any competition at all. Of that 10%, 1% will have decent game. That leaves 1 out of 100 guys being legit competition. But the only way that figure even matters, is if you webcam with her. Because you can fake social skills over text. They can’t read your body language. Reading body language is the #1 lie detector women use. A guy can pretend to be high value over text, but his body language will give it away if they meet in cam or person.

If you are one of the people that are below average in looks, all you have to do is make up for it in another way. Read Understanding Sexual Attraction: What makes a woman want you to know what women will look for and The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language to know how you can use body language to be more attractive.

Most the girls I meet get over 100 messages a day. So what happens is that the real goal is getting them to webcam with me, not getting them to meet me. The meetup is easy once they have webcammed. To get these girls who are receiving ridiculous amounts of attention from men I need a hook.



Key # 2 to Getting the Hottest Girls Online

The hook is Key #2: online gaming. Something that will make them want to webcam with me. Not make them want to meet me, I just have to get to the webcam stage which can be hard when I’m competing with 100 guys every day. So, while in conversation I will drop in a little hook. These hooks work best if they flow, for example, she says

“Yeah, maybe we can be friends.” Then I will reply “Yeah maybe we can, but I warn you, I’m much better looking in person (not true, it’s just a hook). We will meet and you will find my good looks irresistible.”

It’s a lie, but to hook these girls who get 100+ messages a day you have to play dirty. It won’t be enough to meet her, but it will be enough to webcam with her, as she will be curious if it is true. When you get to webcamming she will see you are the 1 in a 100. Then your date will be in the bag.

You can use other hooks too. Start talking about muscles then mention how you can make your pecks dance. I can barely make my pecks dance and it looks so weak when I do, but I get to webcam with a girl and it’s pretty funny so I get her laughing. Then, I just game.


Key # 1 to Getting the Hottest Girls Online

Key #1 is most important because you will use it when you meet them as well. You need real world game before you can succeed with the top girls online. Real world game is what will set you apart on the internet. Once you have it, you just need to hook them in whatever way possible, then webcam and show that real world game that they are not used to seeing, especially online.


In order the 3 keys to getting the hottest girls online:

Third: Webcam with the girl so you can show your real world game
Second: Hook the girl so she will webcam with you
First: Develop real world game

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