THC Does Central America: Panama City

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Part 1: Panama

I’m not good at writing out these posts while traveling this intensely. I’m already in Honduras and I still have to write out Panama.

For the past 2 weeks I have been traveling non-stop. My days are spent exploring new locations, changing hotels, finding good restaurants, finding gyms, doing tourism stuff, going out, chasing girls, sleep and repeat.

It’s different from my usual travel method. I prefer to travel slowly. Right now I’m living day-to-day, doing whatever I feel like when I wake up. It has it’s charms but this hopping around also creates so much overhead. I’m looking forward to living in one location for at least a month.

For right now it fits the purpose though. I’m discovering a lot of new countries and I’m finding out about the local girls. Once this trip is completed, I will make an overview/summary post on Central America.

Let’s catch up a bit, country by country.

I started my Central America trip in Panama, and I’m traveling up north step by step. My first stop: Panama City. The only thing I knew about the city was that there’s a canal, a bank scandal and a hooker’s bar called “Habana’s”.

Here’s how my first Central American country played out.

Panama Day One: Lone wolf clubbing – A Good Start

I arrived on a Saturday and I was excited to explore the nightlife. I went lone wolf clubbing in Casco Viejo, the historic part of town.

I approached the very first girl when I got out of the cab. She seemed into me. She was on her way to meet her friends at a bar so I joined her. There was another girl and one guy. But the vibe got weird, the friends weren’t social and she went cold. 

Very hard set so I bounced.

[Image: z0AgmiM.jpg?1]

I walked around for a while and ended up going to a rooftop club. I started talking to two Colombian girls, I was figuring out whether they were pro’s or not. Then one of them actually tried to pickpocket me. I felt her hand reaching in my back pocket. I immediately grabbed her hand and called her out. She tried to play it off like she was just touching my ass. 

I leave it at that and go hang out at the bar. I end up talking to a solid 6 from Ecuador. It was her last night in Panama City and she was 100% DTF. For a moment I was doubting to go for the easy lay but decided to do another round in the club. Good call.

I run into a much hotter girl, model type. I approach her; we started dancing and she took me to the VIP. She was with a big group, mixed crowd and other model looking girls. The Panama guys were cool. They bought a bottle and we did shots. I danced more with my girl, we made out. I took her outside and talked; but I couldn’t isolate her, but we make plans to meet up the next day to swim at her apartment’s pool. 

It was a great night though. 

“Good start”, I think to myself. But things take a bad turn from here on.

Panama Day Two – Day Seven:  WTF?

The next morning I get a text from the model girl to arrange the meet-up. Perfect. I spend the rest of the day walking around Panama City and exploring the area. But half an hour before the date I get a message: flake.

Fuck it, I should have planned a back-up date. I’m also still hungover from the day partying so I just call it an early night.

The Semi-Pro (?)

The next day I have a date with a girl I met on Tinder. She looked great on her profile pictures. But when she arrives, she’s not only a solid point less attractive, she’s also giving me a decent amount of prostitute red flags.

But she claims to be a student, so there’s at least the plausible deniability. Since I didn’t plan anything else, I decide to go for it anyway. I escalate the kino and we’re holding hands but I she won’t let me kiss her.

Hmm, maybe she’s shy in public. I tell her it’s too hot outside and that we can watch a movie at my place where there’s cool A/C. She’s down.

I take her back to my place, we talk some more on the bed and I try to kiss her again.

Still she won’t have it.

“I don’t kiss on the first date. We just know each other”.

Wtf. I’m not putting up with this bullshit. I kick her out immediately.

The Fat Friend

Two fails in a row. The third date I planned surely must go better right?


This time the girl shows up and she brought a fat friend unannounced. Another thing I have no patience for. I’m too tired and annoyed to properly deal with it, so to amuse myself, I made the interaction as awkward as I could until they walked out. I must have worked cause she blocked me from what’s app immediately after.

More Date Fails

The next THREE dates also didn’t go well. Two girls I got to making out but I couldn’t close them, another one flaked last minute.

Being in a hotel for more than three days in a row without banging a girl there, it’s not my style. I started getting in a negative mood.

I had enough of this city. Fuck it, I’m leaving, flag or no flag. Better luck in Costa Rica.

Change of Tides 

I’m not superstitious but what happens next is quite remarkable. The moment I book my ticket to Costa Rica, I get a message from the girl that flaked on me earlier that week.

She says she wants to make it up to me and she’ll come straight to my place.

She shows up at my hotel and we hang out at the pool. She’s 19 years old and has an amazing body. Hourglass shape, big ass. After one drink we go to my room ‘to shower’. She gives negative LMR and starts sucking my dick the moment we enter my room. One of the best blowjobs of this trip. Porn star level; so many bonus points.

Boom, at last I got the Panama flag.

The Tall Girl

After sex I check my phone. Another girl texting me to meet for a drink.

I cut the current date short and tell my girl I have to sleep early to get her out, so I can meet the second girl.

I meet her at a bar. She’s almost as tall as me, tanned, dressed well, and has the typical Panama face.

From the first minute of interaction I knew this was in the pocket. She was so horny. To play it safe I do my proper dating routine anyway; this date is so boring, I’m not even paying attention and going full auto-pilot.

When she finally finishes her beer, we’re going to my place “to see my travel pics”.

Surprisingly, there’s some LMR. But I find out why. She’s on her period. Fuck it, every good pirate has blood on his sword.

“I have a towel”, is the only “LMR”-busting technique required.

Double up my last ten hours in Panama. What a week.

Don’t Stop Believing

I had some bad luck and made some bad choices (in hindsight). I have the feeling I missed out on a lot of potential but you can’t win ’em all.

It got me thinking about a roulette analogy. If you’re on a bad streak, don’t abandon your strategy. Have faith in your system. Keep betting your colour, because no matter how many times you lose against the odds, eventually you will double up 😉

Next stop: San José, Costa Rica.


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