Tanned, Blond and Crazy

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It’s Fistos 2nd birthday party.

The real birthday party had been a blast so we were still fucked up from the party.

Let’s just have some cake and vodka.

As we were eating cake and getting drunk, a new date for Fisto showed up last minute. She looked cute and fun. So it’s gonna be the three of us tonight. The cake was too small so we grab some double cheeseburgers and head over to GreenBelt for beers.

Since Fisto has his girl already, I call over a girl from another table. She looked cute from a distance but when she came near I was unpleasently surprised. She immediately started touching me: it’s a pro and not even a pretty one. I sent her off in a friendly way: “Nice talking with you, hope you find a good customer tonight.”

When I went to the restroom I pass a petite girl that was checking me out so I instinctively open her; but I immediately regret it as she was sub standard as well. My approach instict worked faster then my assesment skills. I eject right away but damage done, because 5 minutes later she joined our table.

We ignored her for a while but then I told her “It was nice meeting you”, she got the point and left.

By now Fisto was ready to go home with his new girl so we all get up to leave. I was actually okay not getting laid that night as I just smashed this other girl a few hours before.

But as we’re leaving some girls from another table start calling us over. It’s a mixed group, 5 girls and 2 guys. The girls seem to be quite full of themselves and are giving off a big attitude.

“Meh, I’ll give this a go… let’s see what happens”.

I join their table, not to the enjoyment of the guys. These girls are all over the place and so it’s critical I take the lead right from the start or I’ll get sucked into their frame.

I make fun of the loudest one and get the other girls laughing. Then I start talking about sheesha. The two guys aparently don’t know the girls either, I bet they just met that night as well. They have no game so I after a few minutes I just ignore them and the girls start to forget they’re there as well.

Once the mother hen is on board for sheesha we get up and leave the two guys scratching their heads. They’ve probably been buying these girls drink and now they see THC rolling in and stealing the 5 girls.

Shisha Manila

Boom, we’re our way to the “best Sheesha place in Manila” that I happen to know (conveniently near my hotel). During the taxi ride I had to display DHV non stop and pass all kind of shit tests but I’m on top of my game and all the girls like me.

I do this buy making fun of them and not taking anything they say or do seriously. E.g. I ask them who’s the boss of the group, so I engage the whole group and they’ll start discussing. Whatever they would answer I would disagree.

The alpha girl is a tanned Pinnay with blond haird, she’s wearing a black one piece dress showing off her tits. She can’t stop bragging about herself… I just keep busting her balls.

“I’m a model!”
Like… a hand model? Let me see your hands. You don’t even clean your nails.

“I’m a dancer!”
Sure. You can’t even walk straight on your high heels.

The other more quiet (and more normal) girls I keep boosting: “You’re so cute, I bet you’re the secret boss here, I don’t want to mess with you”, all while keeping good kino with all of the girls.

This makes the tanned Pinay start seeking for my validation. When we arrive at the Sheesha place she starts showing me all her “model pictures”. I just say stuff like: “Oh wait, go back one pic. You make a weird face here”. It is key to push and pull, so I’d mix in a compliment from time to time as well: “Oh, I love your dress in that pic, that’s a nice picture of you.”

Since she’s been showing all these pics I throw it right back at her.

By now I’ve created solid attraction so when the other girls leave, she stays to finish the sheesha with me. Within 5 min we are doing the Sheesha smoke kiss and we’re making out.

She tries to pull a “one more drink” but I tell her no. Let’s go to the 711 and buy some water. We walk to the hotel, take showers, I smash her, zero LMR.

The next day we wake up at noon and she buys me dinner: Winning. As I’m sober I find my self less tolerant to her stories about how cool she really is. Also I notice she is probably crazy. Out of nowhere she starts telling me she was in knife fight with her mom one time. Now whether that’s true or not, the fact that one would even admit to something like that is disturbing.

She also goes on a rant about how she’s an expert in finding out whether guys are cheating. Oh, jeez, what did I get myself into.

“Sure, I’ll add your number, I’ll be in touch”.

This would not have been the last time I had run into her… the 2nd time I would find out how crazy she really is. But that’s a story for another post 馃槈


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