Swoop The World Map Getting Attention

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 The Video

Here is a clip from a Peruvian news station that didn’t like that Peru scored only 2/5 on looks on the map. The map is Sexiest Women By Country and you can find it here.

For those of you that don’t speak Spanish the video goes like this:

It starts out talking about the map and how it received a low score. Then it asks local Peruvian guys if they think that Peruvian women are sexy. You can imagine how they answered. “Of course, they are very sexy… beautiful.”

Then they ask local Peruvian Models “Gold Girls” whether they think Peruvians are hot. Of course these models are going to respond how hot they are haha.

Then it goes on to mention the Latin American countries that did really well like Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. Then they mention the countries that didn’t do well. Bolivia was among those countries and they start bashing on Bolivia.

The video ends with interviews with locals talking about how beautiful Peruvian women are.



Swoop is Growing

I think it’s amazing how SwoopTheWorld is touching all parts of the world. This video make’s me excited and reminds me of how popular the website has become. That map currently has 400,000 views. Another map by SwooptheWorld, Easiness of Girls By Country, now has nearly 2.2 million views. Swooptheworld is touching all parts of the world and our daily views in the last year have skyrocketed.

There have been tons of other articles written about this map like this one. Most the articles are from big websites for local countries that did either really well or really poorly.

SwoopTheWorld is just getting started and we will continue our articles on game, traveling and women around the world. We are about a year old and if we continue the growth we have experienced in the last year, SwooptheWorld will become a household name. Look forward to more great articles from Fisto, THC, myself and other guest authors.


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