How SwoopTheWorld Brought a Reader Out of Depression

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How SwoopTheWorld Brought a Reader Out of Depression


The title of this article gives SwoopTheWorld all the credit for this, but really the credit goes to our reader who sent us this letter. He was depressed before finding our website and, instead of just reading, he did what really takes balls and he took action to make it a part of his life.

Read his letter and see how he used Swoop teachings to break free of his depression:

Dear Fisto, 20Nation, THC,

Thank you for what you have done to me.

8 months ago, I was a depressed 24 year old guy living at his parents place in Italy, in a small village where everyone knows everyone. I was into a dry-spell from sex, after me and my girlfriend had broken up our 1.5 year relationship. I discovered in that same period that she had cheated on me, many times. I will not get into the details of the depression I suffered back then, be it enough to say that when lying in my bed in that room still filled with my teenage stuff, I felt completely castrated, deprived of my mascolinity.

So one night, I was roaming the web like always, until I stumbled upon your blog. I started reading. It would be a lie to say that it gave me an “enlightment”. It rather fostered gradual awakening. I devoured your posts, craving for adventure, for exploration, sex, “game” with women and all those things that create that adrenaline blend you describe in your posts sometimes. I probably read “10 invalid reasons why you are not travelling the world” 5 or 6 times. The decision was taken.


I’m writing this letter from Maastricht, Netherlands. I moved here 6 months ago. I am studying for my Master in Intl business, working in a company I founded with few partners and, yes, fucking like a mink. During this time I have been a voracious reader on the “gaming” topic, body language, PUA techniques and the like, and this was also thanks to you guys.


I wanted to keep this letter very short to make it readable in a typical 5 minutes commute, but there would be much more to share about the contribution I received from your blog during my growth. Now I want to go a step forward. My accomplishments are just ok comparing to the the standards I want to achieve. My mind is weathered with questions like: what do I do after this period is over? how will I look for new adventures? will I find another similar opportunity?


There is nothing I want more in my life than keep up with this lifestyle. at the same time I realized I wouldn’t give it up for any girl, or job, no matter how awesome that would be. I want to stay an adventurer. So ultimately my question is, how do you guys keep it up? and more importantly, how do you make this FINANCIALLY feasible when hopping from one place to another?


Thank you, for everything.


Traveling Swoop style changed my life as well

My first real pussy paradise adventure was funded by me dropping out a week into a semester at my University and spending my school loan money on a flight to South East Asia. It was the best decision I ever made. I didn’t think I was depressed, but once I went out to explore the world and it’s women, I actually became happy. I went from lost and unsure of what I wanted to happy and completely sure of what I wanted in life. Why was it so clear? Because this life made me by far more happy than I had ever been in my life.

Taking action is what makes you successful in life

Whether you see a cute girl you want to talk to or are going to have to make risky sacrifices to pursue you’re dream, the only thing that will make you successful in life is to have the balls to take action. This reader is taking action right now and setting himself up well for future world travels filled with romance and adventure.


If you feel like something is missing in your life

If you have a feeling like you are lost, something is missing or are just depressed, read  through SwoopTheWorld’s articles. This is a life of excitement, sex and adventure and it’s not meant for everyone. But if you feel like this might be what’s missing from your life, it’s time to take action.
Save up some money for your trip to the perfect location for you. There is tons of information on the website and our Newsletter (Subscribe at the top right of the page) about great countries and cities for anything you are looking for. Start setting up a recurring income so you can finally become free and go where you want to go. And, of course, buy all my books ;).


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