swooop peru peruvian women

Swoop Peru – a Guest Post by Vinny IG Casanova

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swooop peru peruvian women

Vinny IG Casanova is a European guy who specializes in day game and Instagram game. He helped me out with my Instagram, especially using a bot to do all the work for you. I would recommend checking out his website and getting his services to anybody looking to improve their Instagram. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, but I know plenty of guys who have and vouch for him. Enjoy his article.

Swoop Peru

What do you think of when you read this word? Machu Picchu? Llamas?
It used to be the same for me, but now as I look back I see light brown skin, curvy Peruvian girl looking up at me and saying chigame, chingame on and on again. (chingame – “fuck me” in Peruvian Spanish)

I spent almost two months in Peru this spring and it was a highlight of my 6 month south America trip. Peru does not receive the love it deserves in our community of love tourists, and most people go to the neighbouring Colombia. While I loved Colombia and spent three months there I think Peru has something to offer:

Best food in South America. I don’t know what is it with this country, but they know how to cook their food. Not only local meals but also international cuisine is some of the best there is. I had my best hamburger in Lima.

Ocean and waves. Living near the ocean and going out to surf is the reason to go to Lima all in itself.

Comfort of Miraflores. A little bubble in the center of Lima, an area called Miraflores, unlike the rest of Lima is very safe and liveable. It beats any other high end neighborhood I visited in South America.

And last, but not the least the abundance of small, brown girls, who love foreigners. In Peru the they call these girls bricheras. But not all of them are. The “white god” factor is not really a factor in Lima if you talk about higher level girls, as local high so Peruvians tend to be pretty white themselves.


peruvian women swoop peru

Peruvian Girls

After Medellin in Colombia I would sometimes go for days in Lima without seeing girls of a hotness I got accustomed too, but they exist. Peru is one of those places that requires time investment. The longer you stay the better it become. I rented a penthouse apartment in Miraflores shared with few friends with a plan of making low key house parties on the terrace. As days went by quality grew and we went from partying with 6s to solid 9s visiting us. Slowly and gradually. You can do extremely well in Peru if you are patient.

Most of the Peruvian girls are small and brown. The mix of Spanish and indigenous makes them looking somewhat Asian and some of them might easily be confused for Filipinas. While average girl is slightly above 5 you see occasional dimes. The trick is to be ready to approach when the chance presents itself. I am pretty proud of my performance as I am sure I approached every really hot approachable target. A mom with three hot daughters in the restaurant? Approached. A hot Colombian TV chick with huge fake tits buying cheese? Approached. Argentinian model shopping for clothing? Approached. A hot amazon girl with an insane hips to waste ratio walking 300 meters away? Approached. Keeping eyes open, being able to act and knowing the art of Instagram close gave me some good results.

If you like higher quality girls Lima is a place to go for extended vacation and get yourself a crew of faithful regulars.

There is a surprising amount of Chinese girls in Lima. There was an influx of Chinese Migrants in 20th Century. This could also explain why Peruvian food is so good.

Peruvian girls are very stylish. It really caught my eye the first days. The only bad thing about it is that most of the time they are trying to hide some flaw with this style. So I prefer Colombian pocketless jeans, which show everything and hide nothing.

Amazon Girl

After couple weeks in Lima I had my pool of regulars. As I met the hotter girl the less hotter one was replaced and so one. One day I day I was walking back home from a barber shop. From a distance I saw a really hot girl, I immediately knew that this is one of those cases when if I let her slide I wil kick myself later. So I ran after her.

By the time I reached the spot where she stood before she had already crossed the street. Risking my life I ran on the red light avoiding few cars, but I lost her in the crowd. I finally spotted her and approached as if I have just seen her. A solid nice a ten for some, beautiful exotic mix of Spanish, Chinese and indigenous.

Later on that week after we banged she said “what a funny coincidence that we met like this on the street”…. If only she knew.

Game in Peru

Daygame. Responses are good. Girls stop and listen to you. They don’t hide their interest and if you are aware you will notice plenty of IOIs. The worst rejection you will get will be girls being surprised, freezing up or walking away. The hardest part will be finding a good target. Most of my bangs in Lima came from daygame.

Online game. Not as good as in Colombia, but still pretty good. For those who wants quantity over quality this might be on of the best places in South America. If you use Instagram and look through the places where hot girls congregate – gyms, nightclubs, yoga studios etc. you can find the higher quality talent.

Nightgame. I only went out once, my first night. This resulted in few strong leads and one bang. Nightclubs have the highest amount of hot girls, but the bitch shields were surprisingly high.



Peru, Lima, Miraflores. Miraflores is in Lima, Lima is in Peru, but all of those are different worlds in itself. Miraflores is bubble of comfort, clean streets, good restaurants and cute short brown girls who speak English. My trip report is based on Lima. I did visit Cuzco which is a good place to get some foreign flags (got my French flag there) and hunt on tourist girls on their way to Machu Picchu


If you want to go to a city with great weather, ability to surf, amazing food and stay there for a month or more – Lima is for you.

For a shorter trip I would choose Colombia over Peru. It takes time to build up momentum and get the right quality of girls in your rotation. Unless you are extremely lucky.

Good luck with your international love travels and read more about my travels and how I use Instagram as Daygame closing tool and as Online Dating tool at my blog. 


Vinny IG Casanova

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