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Swoop The World Newsletter

swoop the world newsletter

I’ve spent the last few days writing up emails for newsletters. I have decided that there is certain information that I don’t want a half a million people viewing. What made me come to this conclusion? Hanging out with RooshV.


A talk with RooshV

Roosh and I were sitting down for coffee when a conversation topic came up. He was talking about the fact that the traveling advice that he had put out there had literally killed his sweet spots that he found where he would be able to get as many beautiful women as he wanted as easily as possible.

I started to think about some of my articles with half a million to a few million views. I realized that I don’t want to share my best spots with the masses. However, I do want to share these spots and that’s part of the reason that I’m starting this newsletter.


What you can expect from Swoop’s Newsletter

Basically you can expect a lot of the information we don’t want to put in a public place.

  • I will share my actual lines that I use in every single interaction with a girl to seduce her. Originally I didn’t want to post these lines because I don’t want them becoming common and losing their power
  • THC and I will share our secret spots. The spots that pussy is so easy that we didn’t want to reveal these places before for fear of ruining them forever.
  • I have written a three part guide that will help you choose which of the three pussy paradises is right for you: Eastern Europe, Latin America or South East Asia
  • We will share with everybody when our books and products will be on sale
  • THC and I I will share game advice and experiences that we normally wouldn’t share on the blog
  • Photos, etc. that we don’t want all over the internet



I won’t send you anything not pertaining to travel and women and I have been putting a lot of effort into this news letter. Help find the place where you can get the most beautiful women, easiest. Subscribe to Swoop’s Newsletter.

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