steroids work

Steroids Work: Effects of Steroids from my Personal Experience

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Steroids Work: Effects of Steroids from my Personal Experience

steroids work

As most of you know, I spent some time living in Mexico. In Mexico steroids are completely legal. I decided to give them a try since looking strong is one of the big things that make a women more attracted to you. Here are my findings on whether or not steroids work and what happened to me.

I got my advice from a guy that had won a body building competition for his state years earlier. I did two cycles of steroids using the ones that he recommended. I will share with you which ones I used, how I did it, how it effected muscle growth, positive side effects, negative side effects and how women reacted to me while on it and from the extra muscle I put on.


What Steroids I used

I used two types that you can get over the counter in pharmacies in Mexico. The first I used is called Testoprime.



From what he (the ex-body builder that helped me get started) explained to me, Testoprime is pure testosterone. This is the most simple form of steroids. It is injectable and how he explained it to me is that if it’s not injectable, it probably doesn’t work well.


The second steroid that I mixed with the first is called Deca-Durabolin. He told me that this one is perfect with Test because Test helps you get the muscle and Deca helps that muscle heal faster so you can start building more on top of it.


How much I used steroids and how often

He put me on a 4 week cycle. I would do 1 injection a week for 4 weeks, then I would rest and take anti-estrogen. I used 100 mg’s of Test (Most body builders use much more, but because I was a beginner it seemed the right amount) and 100 mg’s of Deca. I mixed the two together in a syringe and injected them all at once.


The process of injecting steroids



Make sure to get some anti-estrogen for when your cycle is over. What happens when you have a ton of testosterone for a month is that your estrogen goes up as well trying to keep up with the testosterone and when that testosterone leaves all that is left is the high estrogen. This could leave to man-boobs (although I think only over long periods of times), so be sure not to forget this.


Steroids Work

I finished my cycle and learned that steroids work. I will show you the pros and cons of what changed while I was on steroids.


Positives of Steroids:

Put on muscle 3 to 4 times faster

I found that my gains happened 3 or 4 times faster while I was on steroids. Other things that could have contributed this are the fact that I went harder (thanks to higher testosterone) and I took my workouts more seriously because I didn’t want to waste the steroids.

I saw ridiculous gains in a short amount of time. It felt so good to watch my body grow so quickly week after week. You can save yourself a lot of time in the gym by trying steroids, without a doubt steroids work.


Sex drive doubled

One of my favorite parts of taking steroids was the fact that my sex drive doubled, possibly tripled. This led to me getting MORE lays and enjoying the sex MORE and wanting MORE sex.

This led to me putting in the work to find the right girls, which led to me getting laid quite a bit more.


Noticed more attention from women (especially in clubs)

The most attention I’ve ever gotten from women from clubs was after my second cycle of steroids. I think it was a combination of my body (muscular), my confidence (because I was strong), my testosterone (women can sense this on a primitive level and my desire to be more masculine.


Higher testosterone led to me wanting to do more physical things

I had more of a desire to go and have adventures. The high testosterone left me bored with sitting around and doing nothing, got me living life a bit more.


Negatives of Steroids:

Got some acne around injection spots

I noticed some acne around the injection spots, but nothing serious.


It was harder to focus on tasks that require great concentration

Writing articles and things like that were a bit harder to do.


Annoyed and angered easier (but only slightly) not what I expected

I would get annoyed at work a bit easier by little things, however I expected “roid rage” to be much stronger than it was.


Temporary stretch marks

I put on muscle so quickly that I had some temporary stretch marks on my muscles. I slowed down a bit and they went away though.



If it’s not injectable it’s not that great

One thing that I was taught was that if it’s not injectable, it’s probably not a good steroid. Keep this in mind when choosing the steroid that’s right for you.



A couple countries where steroids are legal:

That I know for sure:



Dominican Republic



Internet sources:









Don’t Abuse

Steroids are a drug and, like all drugs, they can help improve your life. However, just like other drugs, steroids can be abused and that seems to be where most of the serious problems start happening.


Do a lot more research before doing steroids

The purpose of this article was to tell my story and show that steroids work, but I am by no means an expert and even though I learned from a guy that knows what he is talking about, you should check out a lot of sources on steroids before doing steroids.


Do Steroids work?

Do steroids work? Absolutely, in fact, more than I thought. My favorite part about steroids was the high testosterone. You will feel on top of the world and it will make every lay you get that much more satisfying.

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