Staying in shape while traveling

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Staying in shape while traveling

The 2 keys to staying in shape while traveling: Be creative and shameless.

Being on the road can make getting to the gym logistically such a hardship you may never go.  You cannot let this stop you from staying in some semblance of fitness.  In my post How to Double Your Game in 30 Days or Less part 3 I talk about the importance of creating a positive feedback loop and how keeping healthy and in shape is tantamount to not just your game but level of happiness.

If you travel like I do, you are pushing limits with everything from going out and banging women to well….that’s pretty much the extent of my spectrum.

The point is, that takes a lot out if you and exercise is how you flush out those toxins and keep yourself looking like the sleek brawny wildcat you are.

Shameless and creative

Being shameless and creative is the only way you’ll be able to train in certain environments. This means not caring about the strange looks you’re sure to get when you’re doing handstand push-ups or burpees in the hallway at your modest hotel while the staff and other patrons are walking by you trying not to stare.

I’d say it’s kind of like getting over approach anxiety, once you start doing it, it’s not so bad.  People will actually be impressed depending on your level of exertion and I can remember several times where the word traveled about the two white guys acting like madmen throughout the staff.

Creativity:  this is like a muscle all of it’s own.  You will have to program your workouts based on the things you have available.  Take note of your surroundings.  Is there a park nearby?  Great, pull-ups on the swing set and box jumps on the bench.

Does your hotel have a stairway you can access?  Looks like sprints today.

What are your personal skill sets?

THC and I would do 5 five minute rounds of shadow boxing.  We would be doing kicks punches and knees while mirroring each other.

You’ll be surprised at how fast your heat will start racing. If worse comes to worse, you can do air squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. Plus 1 if you elevate your feet on the coffee table whilst banging out push-ups.

Accept that without resistance training, you will likely lose mass. Some guys I’ve encountered were adverse to training this way because they didn’t want to get smaller.  This is a pretty weak mindset to have but nonetheless, you may feel this way. Weights will keep you big, but body weight exercises will help stop that atrophy and bring on another level of conditioning that will help that muscle memory kick in and regain some power when you can find some iron.

I’ll list some things I like to do and then break things down more if limited equipment is available.

Staying in shape while traveling

It’s just you, and a room

You wake up hungover, the girl just left, you have little energy and you want to do something positive so that you won’t feel guilty white you’re smashing the piss again that night. It’s Tabata Time.

Set up a timer on a continuous running clock.  Your workout will last exactly 11 minutes (for the novice or barely alive hungover athlete).

Hit start and immediately start pumping out air squats that have you breaking the plane of 90 degrees at the bottom.  Your goal should be to hit at least one squat per second for 20 seconds.  At the 20 second mark rest for 10 seconds.

When the clock bits 30 seconds you will now do push-ups as quickly as you can for 20 seconds, at the 50 second mark stop and rest for 10 seconds.

At one minute start again doing sit-ups for 20 seconds.

Continue this 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off routine until you reach 5 minutes.

Take one full minute off and then start the next 5 minute round.

If you feel you can continue by all means add rounds. If you do this workout correctly, you will be huffing and puffing and you absolutely WILL get a great workout.

You have a park

Staying in shape while traveling: the park

It has a few benches and a jungle gym with kids all over it. Pop that shirt off and let the locals gaze upon those rippling foreign muscles in awe.

They’re walking in a circle and you just jogged the 2 kilometers from your hotel. Punt one or two kids out of the way so the rest follow suit.

Do 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 box jumps on the benches for as many rounds as possible in 10-20 minutes.  Try and get one round per minute.

Substitute regular air squats if you don’t want to do box jumps.

Bask in the admiration and fodder from all the minds you just blew.

You found a rail you can do dips on and there’s a statue of someone of stature.

Your workout will consist of 1 dip, then jog over to the statue and jump onto the narrow flat surface for one rep.  Jog back and do two dips before jogging to the statue and hitting 2 jumps.

Keep adding a rep to each, using the jog as your rest until you reach 5 dips and 5 jumps.

Then go back to 1 dip and 1 jump starting the whole thing over.

Do this for 5 rounds.

The hotel

You’re hungover again and you don’t want to kill yourself.  One of the male hotel staff sneered at you as he saw yet a different girl leaving your room while he pines away at the front desk girl who has been giving you the eyes.

Time to pop that shirt off and train right in the hallway.

100 burpees as fast as possible.  Do them in sets of 10 if you have to.  Look focused and determined while seemingly oblivious to the stares.

Suck it bitter luggage boy.

The hotel’s crappy gym

Staying in shape while traveling

Your hotel has dumbbells that go all the way up to a staggering 25 pounds.  There’s an Indian guy in the mirror doing curls with 10 bls and he’s wearing a polo shirt that reeks of curry and heavy masterbation.

You grab the 25lb dumbells and do 10 thrusters on the minute, every minute for 15 minutes before using one dumbell and doing 100 kettle bell swings in 2 sets leaving Apu wondering why his biceps look like spaghetti noodles and your guns look like wolverines.  And you didn’t even do curls!!!

Alternatively you can do 1 thruster on minute one, 2 at the beginning of minute 2, and 3 at the beginning of minute 3 and continue in this manner until you can’t do anymore.  If you can get to 12 reps in one minute that’s pretty good.

The beach

Surprise surprise, you’re at the beach and you wake up hungover.  There’s nothing but sand and some rocks nearby that probably weigh about 15-20 pounds apiece.

Girls are looking at you curiously and you know you can’t wimp out now.

Gather 5 of the biggest rocks and place them in a pile.  Then look and find a point on the beach that’s about 50 yards away or simply pace the distance and mark it off in the sand.

Using your drunken yet Herculean strength, squat down facing away from your finish line and pick up a rock exploding up with all your strength and hurl that stone as far as you can over your head towards the finish line.

Throw all 5 stones in this manner and run to where they are.  Do 5 burpees as a penalty for not throwing them across the line.

Repeat until you’ve thrown all 5 stones across the line.

Do 3 rounds of this.

Celebrate your Sysophian  effort with sheesha and a buck of beers as people wonder if you’re a professional sportsman or just the most handsome caveman they have ever seen.

As you can see, training on the road can be fun if you are creative and shameless.

Feel free to comment any other workouts and lets get ripped (physically and socially of course)

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