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Sisters – The Greatest (True) Japanese Sex Story of All Time

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THC and I have been traveling a long time and have countless awesome stories together, but this true Japanese sex story is on a whole other level. It wasn’t our first awesome Japenese sex story, but this could be the craziest and most incredible story I have ever told, let alone my best Japanese sex story. It was such an amazing experience that THC and I will both be writing this article. I know I am setting the bar high with this intro, but I feel like this story deserves it, so here you go: Sisters – The Greatest Japanese Sex Story of All Time


The Beginning of the Japanese Sex Story

It was a night in Osaka, Japan that started like many others, with a couple bottles of wine. THC and I sat and sipped on our drinks in Dotonbori, the usual pre-game spot. We had spent the day in Kyoto and were pretty exhausted, but not so exhausted that we were going to let the night go to waste. The theme of the pre-game this particular night seemed to be speaking like they did in the 1940/50’s “Aye we’s gots us a wise guy heye.”

After pre-gaming we went to 7/11 and each downed a red bull… it was time to hit the club. We hit up our favorite club and started going to work.

night club japanese sex story
Photo from that night in the club

The music was great, but the girl to guy ratio on this particular night wasn’t. After an hour or so, THC taps me on the shoulder and says he’s heading home with a girl, but he’ll be back right after he smashes.

“Good luck,” I said.

After a couple of approaches that didn’t stick and with THC gone, I started feeling the exhaustion from spending the day in Kyoto. “I might be going home soon,” I messaged THC.

Japan has the reputation of being one of the hardest places to get laid in Asia (which is still easy since Asia is known as an easy place to get laid). I can understand it to a point, but I think the biggest problem is the language barrier. When you can’t say more than a couple words to a girl, it becomes pretty difficult to seduce her.

My phone buzzed; it was from THC. “I’ll be back soon, don’t leave.”

Ok, I’ll tough it out, just until THC get’s here. I wondered how he was doing with his girl.


From THC’s own words, his point of view:

The First Japanese Girl of the Night

When I entered the club, I had a decent buzz from the wine I was in full-approach mode: zero-second rule. I walked around the dance floor and spotted short young girl. She was dancing with another white guy but she checked me out.

I stopped next to her and did a high five motion. She gave me a high five and I held on to her hand. I asked her if the guy was her boyfriend. She was quick to deny, so I swooped in and started dancing with her.

The guy tried to recover but it was game over, she was all over me. We started grinding and I made out with her. She told me she was there with her friend but that she had lost her. This was my cue to take her home.

I walked her back to my apartment. Before we went in she told me “…but only for kissing!”

“Of course”, I reassure her.

We immediately started making out on the bed. She gave some token LMR but there was little resistance as I took off her pants and panties. She had that Japanese 80’s bush situation going on; it’s a common thing in Japan. I took my dick out and she started giving me a pretty awkward blowjob, like it was the first time she did it.

“Well, not too much of this”, I thought, and I put  her on her back. She opens her legs but it was hard to get my dick in. She had the tightest pussy. I had to hold back when banged her. Also for sex she seemed very inexperienced. When I told her to sit on top, she didn’t know how and I had to explain her.

Not great sex but she was a cool girl with a fun personality. After sex we chilled for bit on the bed and talked. I found out she was 19 years old and she claimed she only had sex once before. I took it with a grain of salt but her performance at least matched up with her story.

I checked my phone and saw I got a message from 20Nation.

“I think I’m going home soon.”

“No, hold on. I’m on my way back.”, I replied.

I had a double-up feeling about this night: This was only the start of this Japanese sex story.

I walked back to the club with my girl. When I entered I saw 20Nation sandwich dancing with two Japanese girls. The Japanese girls were are all over him. I guess he found some new energy!


japanese sex story
20Nation and the two girls

That Night in Osaka was Still Young (Back to 20Nation’s POV)

Would this be where our Japanese sex story starts? Not so fast. I got the two girls’ numbers and THC and I set off for our next club, about a 15 minute walk from the club we were in. En route to the club, THC stopped at the 7/11 to try a sake cafe mix, that ended up being a terrible idea. As we continued on our walk, the sound of a revving engine spooked us off the side of the road.


Yakuza Sighting

When we looked back we saw a sweet Mazarati and an angry looking guy inside with tattoos up his neck and the side of his face. I have to be honest and say it’s usually hard for an Asian guy to pull off the bad ass look, but this guy nailed it. He had a “don’t fuck with me” look on his face and could have played a criminal in any Hollywood movie. He revved his engine again as traffic made the Mazarati come to a stop. I’m no expert, so I can’t tell you for sure it was Yakuza, but it 100% seemed that way.

The next club we went to was packed and the girl to guy ratios, while not good, were better than the last place. It was 4 am and being sandwiched by the two girls in the previous club had a renewed burst of energy.


The Sisters and the Japanese Sex Story that Almost Never Was

THC and I made our way through the crowd and I locked eye contact with a cute girl. I immediately went in and started dancing with her. She was attractive and I couldn’t help but feel a slightly slutty vibe coming from her. She was wearing this sexy white top that clung to her slim body.

After dancing with her for a song, she introduced me to the two other girls in her group.

“This is my little sister!” she told me over the music. Wow, this girl was even hotter than the sister I was dancing with. I shook her hand. “And this is our friend.” Another cute girl, but this girl seemed particularly shy and innocent… my weakness. The three girls were quite young at 20, 20 and 22 years old.

I introduced THC to the group and the next part gets foggy (we were both pretty drunk). The next thing I remember is dancing with the innocent girl and THC dancing with the girl I had originally been with. He asked me over the music if it’s alright for him to dance with her. I gave him the thumbs up letting him know it’s cool, I was dancing with my innocent girl.

The club got crazier and crazier as it went from 5 to 6 to 7 am. There were no foreigners in the club, but Japanese guys were constantly trying to hit on our girls. The hot little sister, who didn’t speak any English, was dancing with random guys, but never for more than a song before she would return to the group. I wasn’t sure what would happen so I made sure to get my innocent girl’s LINE.

“Hi (Her name).” I sent the message. Now, I was covered for if she had to go.

I left to go to the bathroom, expecting to come back and see other guys with our girls (at this point the ratio was like 5 to 1 guys to girls. But when I returned, my sweet girl was there waiting for me with her shy smile.


It’s closing time, What Would We Do?

Then, it was closing time. We got our coats and the 5 of us made our way out into the street. A Japanese guy was tagging along making the group count change to 6; he was trying to hook up with the super hot younger sister who didn’t speak English.

We arrived at their subway stop and I kissed my sweet girl.

THC was pushing hard to get the older sister home “We should go to my place for drinks.”

I decided to do the same, but my girl was so obviously innocent that it wasn’t surprising she wasn’t comfortable with it. It would take a couple dates, but this girl was worth it.

It seemed that the guy with the hot young sister was trying just as hard as THC was with his girl to take her home, but both of them seemed to be failing. THC and I finally gave up and said goodbye to the group. The Japanese guy wasn’t ready to give up, he followed the group down into the subway.

THC and I started walking home and we didn’t go 100 feet before THC’s phone started ringing. He answered and talked for a minute. “Dude, they want to come with us.”

“What? No way. My innocent girl and the older sister?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, she said just her and her sister. Dude, this is our chance… sisters!”

I looked down the sidewalk and saw the two sisters walking towards us. They had seemed to ditch the Japanese guy and the innocent friend. Was this really possible? My phone buzzed and I looked down to see a LINE message. “thank you!!”

the greatest japanese sex story of all time LINE

I didn’t have enough time to message for a couple hours because the two sisters were nearly here. The innocent girl did really like me, did these two sisters really just ditch her? I saw interest from the little sister and I’m very good at reading these things. Now is when the hope for the greatest Japanese sexy story of all time really began.


Getting the Japanese Sisters Back to the Apartment

The hot little sister was interested, even though we could barely communicate as the four of us walked. It was time to get them to our apartment. We got a taxi and it somehow got lost on the way to our apartment. The girls seemed to be starting to get a little bored with the long taxi ride that made a big circle around THC’s apartment (possibly on purpose but can’t say for sure). But in the end we made it.

We went to the 7/11 close by and each got a drink from the shop. THC and I got beers and the two girls got what I call “bitch beers.” Next thing you know the four of us were in THC’s apartment, sitting on one of the two double beds in the room.

As I stared at this girl who I couldn’t say more than a couple words to and realized she was the hottest girl I had had a shot with in Japan so far, I couldn’t fuck this up. But how can you seduce a girl you can’t even talk to?

I opened up my google Translate app and went to work. THC was busy trying to isolate his girl into the bathroom.


From THC’s Point of View:

Here we were, in my apartment with two Japanese sisters. My girl was DTF (down to fuck). She had been touching my dick on the dance floor, but her sister didn’t speak a word of English.

Still a tricky situation. We couldn’t screw this up.

I knew the best approach was to isolate the two girls. If I started banging my girl, 20Nation would have a better chance at smashing the sister.

So immediately after the drinks, I took my girl to the bathroom: “Let’s take a shower.”

It was a tiny Japanese apartment but I was lucky to have a big shower and two double beds. We got naked and started making out it the shower. She got on her knees and started sucking my dick.

This girl definitely wasn’t inexperienced. The blowjob was a lot better than the first girl’s. I turned her around and fucked her from behind. It was great fucking her in the shower. She had a sexy body, white, smooth skin and a even decent ass for a Japanese girl.

But I felt more was possible. In my mind it was already set from the start: I wanted to do a golden switch and fuck both sisters tonight.


My Two-Step Plan

The first step of my plan was to fuck her in the same room, so the other one would see her sister getting fucked. So I told her “Let’s go fuck in the bed, it’s more comfortable.”

She’s shy. “No my sister is there! Let’s wait until she sleeps.”

I point at my dick and tell her nope. “I can’t wait. Don’t worry, we will fuck under the covers, your sister won’t see.” I take her hand an pull her back into the room.

When I entered the room, 20Nation is smashing the younger sister. Nice job bro.

I take my girl in the other bed and start fucking her there. Both of us are smashing the two Japanese sisters next to each other. Step one of my plan succeeded. Now it was time for the second part.


The Golden Switch

After sex, 20Nation took his sister to bathroom to shower. I start planting the seed.

“Do you like my friend? When he comes back you should give him a kiss.”

“No I can’t!”

“It’s just a kiss. And I will just give a kiss to your sister.”


My girl was definitely a freak, now it was up to the younger sister. 20Nation comes back with his sister. I tell him “Bro, this is happening, we’re switching girls.”


“Yeah man, my girl is a freak. She’s down. Just switch beds.”

20Nation and I switch beds. So now I’m with the younger sister and Twenty is with the other. The younger sister is a little bit confused on what’s going on, but I can tell she’s not opposed to it. She’s asking something in Japanese to her sister. I assume she’s asking if her sister was cool with it.

“Is this really happening?”, 20Nation asks while cuddled up with the older sister.

“Trust me bro, she just told me. She’s down. Also her sister is already blowing me!”

Boom. That settled it. This Golden Switch was officially happening.

We’re smashing the two sisters again, next to each other. But this time the other one.

My third Japanese pussy of the night. It was only our first week is Osaka, but I already knew this would be our best Japanese sex story of the trip, maybe even our best story ever.



the greatest Japanese sex story ever alcohol
A picture from the morning after, the drinks we bought in the 7/11

We did it: The Greatest Japanese Sex Story Ever!

(Back to 20Nation’s point of view) after the two girls left THC and I couldn’t stop smiling, it was an absolutely crazy night. We now knew what it was like to be in one sister then moments later inside of the other. It felt even better that the sisters were really hot and young, both blowing the girl we triple teamed in Tokyo out of the water.

Did this just happen? It felt like a dream. This has to be the greatest Japanese Sex story ever. But wait… it wasn’t over, I still had the third girl blowing up my phone. Could I end up sleeping with every single girl from that group? All I had to do was sleep with the girl that the sisters had betrayed by sleeping with me, but even though she was very into me, it wouldn’t be so simple.


Two Dates With the Innocent Girl Later

The innocent girl was very excited to meet again. I tried to sleep with her on the firs date, but she wasn’t going for it. The second date however, I was able to get her back to my apartment. Then, as I tried to remove her panties, she told me something I didn’t expect. “I’m a virgin.”

Oh shit. I knew she was innocent, but not that innocent. “You know I’m leaving in a couple weeks.”

“I know,” she replied.

Then, I kept escalating until I was taking her virginity. The sex, while Vanila and painful for her, was still great and I ended up spending a more time with her on this trip. And, the best part of all… I did it! I got the last girl from the group!


The greatest Japanese Sex Story of all Time

This is the greatest Japanese sex story of all time(or at least the greatest Japanese sex story I have ever heard of) for a number of reasons:

  • THC slept with three Japanese girls in 6 hours
  • I slept with all three girls from a group I met in a club
  • We both slept with young, hot sisters then switched and were each inside of the other sister
  • The betrayal of the sisters knowing their friend was a virgin and really liked me
  • That I ended up sleeping with all three girls from the group that night in the club

It was one of the craziest and most awesome nights of my life and I’m happy I got to experience it with my best friend THC. The only problem with this story is… how can we ever beat it? We have some ideas, but they won’t be easy. Stay tuned.


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