Flashback: Shoring by plausible deniability

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I had just arrived in Jakarta. I did a minimal effort on pipelining but I had one girl lined up that stood out. I decided she will be my first Indonesian flag. We exchange a few messages and set up at date at 8pm. 

“Where do we meet?” 
-Well, lets meet at my hotel and have a drink nearby.

Now, she looked really sexy on her profile picture but when she arrived at my hotel she had really outdone herself…

[singlepic id=24 w=180 h=260 float=right]She’s wearing a red one piece mini skirt (you could see her thong throughout her dress) and taxi-to-table stilleto’s with heels so high she could barely stand still on them.

Total prostitute look… “Winning!”

I say hello, give her a hug, then she starts walking towards the elavator.

“Where is your room?”

Hold up, she IS a prostitute. Fuck, this is screwed. I have a strict no pay policy so I’m about to send her back home. But I have no back-up date and she was looking very fine…

I’ve got to RE-FRAME this, there’s still Plausible Deniability.

“No, lets just go for a drink.”

She’s giving me a confused look: “I can’t go out with this outfit, people will stare!” (Indonesia is a conservative Muslim country)

I hold frame. I know if I take her to my room, she will ask for money. I need to build attraction first.

“People stare because they’re jealous, you are just fashion”, I convince her to walk to a bar very nearby so not too many people can see her.

My strategy is to apply Plausible Deniability, I’ll play stupid and pretend I don’t know she’s a prostitute, let her buy into that, and then game her as a regular girl.

As were walking to the bar, I ask her about her job. Working girls don’t like to say “I’m a pro”, so they usually have a back story ready.

Her’s was clearly improvised: “I work in an office and in a bar…”

My selective hearing kicks in and I completely ignore the bar remarks. She bites and talks some more about her “office job”.

I take her to a place to eat and drink and she’s giving me the usual shit tests. That’s a good sign, and of course I pass them with flying colors. Attraction is growing.

Since I play the Plausible Deniability strategy, I can’t just say “You’re a pro & I don’t pay”. So now I have to set up the frame where it’s clear to her that I don’t pay for sex and I will not be a customer.

I do this by telling stories that make clear that I never want or need to pay for sex. She already bought into “regular girl” story, so now she’s agreeing and praising me as a good man.

Since her English was pretty bad, it was key that I knew some jokes in Indonesian. With the reframing done, making jokes together and getting her laughing, I was now building solid attraction.

“Let’s go back to my place and watch a movie” (I could have said anything by now and she would have come back with my to my room).

We walk back to my room and this is a critical moment. She might still fall back into her old habbits, so I take things slow: I keep the lights on, sit far from her on the bed, turn down the kino and put on a (non destracting) boring show on the TV.

After a while, she starts moving in closer and pulls over the blankets. Once she’s given me these flashing IOI’s I proceed as normal.

I start by smelling her neck and she says: “No stop!… don’t make me horny”. Boom: game over.

Some digital memories:

[learn_more caption=”NSFW”] [wpsgallery][/learn_more]


Shore: succesful.
Indonesian flag: captured.
Sex: great.



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