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Hottest and Sexiest Women By Country

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Finding the hottest and sexiest women in the world is not easy, so for all the would be travelers out there who wonder which countries out there have the women for them, I have made a map detailing the hottest and sexiest women by country based on the experiences of myself and others (pictures included). Threads from RooshV’s  Travel Forum were also taken into account.

The ideas for this map were taken from HERE from an old list of mine. This map is called Hottest and Sexiest Women By Country:

About the Map and How it was Made

This is a map that shows on average which countries have the hottest and sexiest women. As an American you may be surprised that I did not rank the United States very high. You may be surprised since you have seen countless smoking hot American girls on TV. Unfortunately that is not even close to the average girl and thanks to very high obesity rates, the average hottness of a girl walking around is not very high. Couple that with the fact that American women are taking less and less care of themselves (going out in flip flops and baggy t-shirts) you can can see why they did not receive a very high score.

There are beautiful women in every country in the world; don’t think that because a country received a low score that you won’t find hot women there. But you can believe that the average girls in those countries wont be the hottest and sexiest girls in the world.

What use is a Beautiful Girl if you can’t have her?

Although I do enjoy just looking at a sexy girl, what’s really important to me is to be able to make her mine. To know how to be able to attract these beautiful women by following only 9 rules check out The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language. Men have something similar to super powers… their body language. They can change the mood of a room as you enter, they can convince a girl to do almost anything. Do you want to waste something so powerful?

Beauty isn’t simply measured

This could never be perfect because beauty is subjective and there is no perfect way to measure it. One man my find a certain look absolutely beautiful while to another man she is just average. Still, there is an international standard of beauty that most men do agree on, so overall it will be accurate. As a man who loves women of all races, I feel that I have distributed the rankings accurately.

You may notice that African countries have a slightly lower score on average (partly do to poverty and not being able to take care of themselves), but when I come out with a Best Ass by country map, you will see that black women have not been forgotten.

For some of the countries that don’t have many tourists, the ratings have been based on the few experiences that have been reported and other sources. There is no way to make a perfect map of the hottest and sexiest women by country so take all these things into account while viewing the map.

The Hottest and Sexiest Women By Country: Top Countries


hottest women by country

Argentina has arguably(Vs. Colombia) the hottest Latina women in the world. It is famous for having beautiful women that really take care of themselves. However, they are also famous for the fact that these women are not easy to bed. If you like looking, but not touching this map be the spot for you.



sexiest women by country

Out of every country that I have been to, Colombia has the most beautiful women. There are so many stunners here with faces and curves that will blow your mind. Girls here aren’t very easy, but not very hard at the same time. In Colombia you can look and touch, and for that I would recommend traveling there if you are into Latinas over Argentina. Check out our adventures in Colombia HERE.

sexiest women by country colombia



hottest girls by country estonia

Estonia is said to have the largest concentration of beautiful white women on the planet. These thin, feminine girls really know how to take care of themselves. These girls are not the easiest girls in Europe, but they are known to be some of the most beautiful.

estonian beauty


sexiest girls by country latvia

Located right next to Estonia, it is no wonder that this is another location that you can find the most beautiful white women on the planet. The cold weather here doesn’t discourage Latvian women from looking their best and sexiest at all time.

blonde girls in latvia sexy


sexiest girls by country japan

Japanese girls have skinny bodies with little curves, however, they have absolutely beautiful faces. On top of this they are cute and feminine and very friendly. I would not call them easy, but it might just be worth the challenge. Check out what THC learned in Japan HERE.


hottest girls by country vietnam

Vietnamese women have beautiful Asian faces and surprisingly curvy bodies. I wouldn’t say they really compare to Latinas in curves, but compared to other Asians they do OK. Their sweet, feminine personalities are a joy to be around and I would call them good wife material. Check out the adventures in Cambodia and Vietnam HERE.


sexiest women by country ethiopia

Famous in Africa for their beautiful women, Ethiopa is full of hot women. Thanks to their blend of African and Middle Eastern features, Ethiopians are commonly referred to as the most attractive African girls. hottest girls by country ethiopia


sexiest girls by country angola

With nice, light features and excellent curves, the women of Angola give Ethiopian women a challenge for the title of hottest women in Africa.


sexiest girls by country iran

Persian women are famous for their beauty. Their exotic features make for a very unique and stunning type of beauty. However, most of these girls are Muslims, so this won’t be the easiest place for you to score.


This and more information on countries is shown in the map Hottest and Sexiest Women By Country. Beauty is what men find most attractive, but it is not nearly all of the story of what women find attractive; to learn every single thing that women find attractive check out Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You.


 For guys who enjoy hot girls from around the world, enjoy the female form with the world’s sexiest cheerleaders

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