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Is it Possible to Seduce Cuban Women without Paying For It? My Trip to Havana, Cuba

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As soon as I got off the plane, I felt like I was in the Dominican Republic again. It lasted until I walked outside the airport and saw the cars. So many old cars, it was like entering a time machine. I got in a taxi and I was on my way to my AirBNB. I had heard from guys how hard it was to sleep with Cuban women. Well, it was hard if I wasn’t going to pay.

Most of my readers know by now that I don’t pay for sex. I may pay for a taxi or dinner, but never sex. I was determined that in my week in Cuba, I would get laid and the girl would like me so much she would never ask for money. That was the plan anyway. Or maybe, the hype that all Cuban women want money for sex was overblown. Time would tell.

The problem was that I was staying in Vedado, the second most touristic part of Havana after Havana Vieja. I had a week so there was no hurry. I spent the first couple of days just exploring. I must have walked 20 miles in those first few days. Havana is beautiful. The architecture can be stunning. The time machine of Latin America. Kids played in the street and teenagers hung out in groups along the board walk(El Malecon). I hadn’t seen so many people outside since my childhood. Video games and internet haven’t taken over this place quite yet.

After a few days I hadn’t even done one approach. I should have, because I had gotten a few obvious indicators of interest in my walks. Although it seemed I got less in Cuba than in Colombia or Dominican Republic, the two places I was in prior to Cuba. Most likely it was due to the huge amount of tourists in Havana.

Time to Pick Up Some Cuban Girls in the Street

But it didn’t matter. Cuba is a tourist place and it was pretty magical. After about the third day, I decided it was time to try to get laid. I did a few approaches and found girls to get worried when I approached them. They would look around to check to see if their neighbors or friends were watching. I think there is a negative stigma with foreigners for normal Cuban girls.

While doing some day game I ended up meeting a Cuban guy in his 40’s who loved talking about his two girl friends and chasing girls. He reaffirmed what I had heard. “Cubanas siempre piden dinero. – Cuban girls always ask for money.” He told it to me like it was fact, like it was so obvious. My mission my end up being a bit harder than I had thought.

Ok, fail. Now I Meet Cuban Women in the Clubs

That night, after some failed day game attempts, I decided to go to a club. I was alone, but I had gone out alone before. I think like would have been so easy, if only online dating existed in Cuba (I’m pretty sure Tinder is banned). The hour a day I would buy internet from a local hotel lobby, would have been enough to get some prospects. And… I’ve gotten pretty ridiculously good (which sometimes I would call efficient) at online dating.

This is why I love to travel. It gets you out of your comfort zone, whether you want to or not. For me, every time I am pushed out of my comfort zone, I end up very happy in the end. It’s what life is about… challenging yourself. I can’t order girls like pizza in the Philippines forever.

I arrived at early and was able to get a table without buying a bottle. Since I was in Cuba, I drank rum and mojitos. On my second drink and as the club started filling up, a gay guy started talking to me. I’ve learned over the years that gay guys are the best wing men in the world. Where a female friend of the girl will tell her not to be a slut, a gay friend will say something like “If you don’t fuck him, I will.”

As soon as I saw there were cute girls in his group, I dived into the conversation with him. And 2 minutes later he was introducing me to the cutest girl in the group. She was a Mexican girl, in Havana for work. We started talking and she mentioned that they would be going to a beach the following day and invited me. It was perfect. I had nobody to do things like that with.

I spent the rest of the time with them, she was cute and I really wanted to have somebody to go to the beach with. That night there was a girl who caught my eye. But I didn’t want to fuck up what I had with the Mexican girl. It wasn’t worth approaching. Then, the Mexican girl finds me saying her gay friend got kicked out of the club for mooning some people. Some of the negatives of her being with a gay friend I suppose.

I saw my chance. I’ll meet you guys outside. I took the time to go find the girl who had caught my eye. I talked to her, a Cuban girl who ended up being an athlete. I got her number and went outside.

I tried getting the Mexican girl to my AirBnB that night, but because we would leave early for the beach, it complicated things. One of the girls in the group was a local Cuban girl and we ended up going and staying in her very ghetto apartment in the outskirts of town.

Having recently spent months in Colombia, I thought a few times about how dangerous going into a ghetto with people I barely know was. But I had seen the way Cuba was. People walking openly with their cell-phones out. Cuban guys had no reservations talking to strangers. In my experience, it takes a very safe community for things like that to happen. As bad as the things you hear about Cuba are from USA, I was in, by far, the safest country in Latin America.

I was too drunk that night to sleep with her, but I woke up next to the Mexican girl on a mattress that looked as old as the cars on the streets. She was only wearing this sexy pink and purple panties. It wasn’t hard to get them off and I had my first notch of my trip to Cuba.

Does a Mexican Girl Count?

We ended up going to the beach a bit later. It was stunning how blue the water was. It was a great trip except for the gay guy who wouldn’t stop hitting on me, no matter how many times I told him I wasn’t gay.

I got back to my AirBnB late that night, exhausted. But as I lay in bed, I had to wonder, does a Mexican girl really count? She was another tourist, just like me. She counted as a notch, but she brought me no closer to mission of sleeping with a Cuban girl and not paying for it.

The Cuban Athlete

The AirBnB host had a cell phone that he let guests use. It was a lifesaver because communication in Cuba can be complicated. I sent the Cuban athletic girl from the night before a message and went to sleep.

The next day she had responded and we planned to meet later in the day at the park. She was a cutie and thank god I spoke Spanish because she didn’t know a word of English. She had a big ass and race horse legs. She was a sprinter she told me. She was only 19 and was trying to get onto the Cuban Olympic team.

I used the heat as an excuse to get her back to my place “Tengo aire en mi casa, no estoy acostumbrado al calor. – I have air conditioning in my house, I’m not used to the heat.” It was a white lie, I had just came from the hottest city in Colombia: Santa Marta. It worked like a charm.

An hour later I was inside her and I had my second notch in Cuba. It was a relief and it was great sex. Afterwards, I waited. This was the moment when they would ask. Cuban women, so well known for asking for money… this was the moment.

I turned on the charm, made her laugh and hoped not to hear those words. We talked for another hour until she announced she had to leave. I walked her to the spot where we had met. Always expecting to hear some excuse as to why she needed money, but it never came. As she walked a way, a huge smile crept across my face. Mission accomplished.

How Hard are Cuban Women?

I’ve been all over Latin America and although I’m not an expert after a week. I would say that Cuban women are similar to Mexican women. They aren’t the hottest in Latin America, they are more like average. They aren’t the easiest or hardest, more like average as well. If you go to Cuba, you should try to get laid, but getting laid shouldn’t be the main reason for going there. You should go there for the culture, the Cuban cigars, the salsa, the mojitos and the rum. You should go there to have a brief glimpse as to how the world lived just 50 years ago. To see the great architecture and beaches with water so blue you think your eyes used a Snapchat filter.

Some of the Pictures I Took from Cuba:caban women cuban girls cuba cuba havana women

Update on Our Game Course: How to Swoop any Woman in the World

So, we are about 80% done with the course. We have video, audio, in-field footage, step by step guides, graphics and much more, it’s going to be badass. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we won’t make our original release date. THC has some stuff going on at the moment and needs to focus on it. So, as soon as he can focus on it again, we will finish the last 20% and have it up on Swoop. We are thinking about making it 50% off for the first week, so our regular readers will get a nice discount. Hopefully it makes up for not being able to finish it as soon as we had hoped.

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