secret to online dating handsome picture

The Secret to Online Dating is Your Photos – A How to Guide on Profile Pictures

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secret to online dating handsome picture

There is one simple secret to getting any girl on any online dating website or Tinder, the secret to online dating is your photos. That is why I am sharing with you guys a how to guide on Profile pictures and online dating pictures in general. I will teach you how to take and choose the perfect photos for your online dating profile.


The Secret to Online Dating – Profile Pictures

The profile is used to show women how high value of a man you are. This is conveyed in two ways: in pictures and in words. Your pictures should be considered the most important way to convey your value because most girls will not read your profile, they will only check out your pictures.

Your sole purpose of the profile is making yourself seem as high value of a guy as possible. You must only look at your profile in that way and that way only. Do not say something or put up a photo of yourself that will make you seem lower value in any way.

You probably don’t understand exactly how to be high value yet. I will describe more of what you should show to appear higher value, but if you want to really understand and master it, you are going to want to check out Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You. This maps out everything that women naturally find attractive about men. If you combine that knowledge with the pictures you take, you will become the rock star of online dating.


The Secret to Online Dating – Normal Pictures

Choosing which pictures are right for your profile can be a very difficult task. You want to choose the perfect photos that paint the right picture of who you are and your lifestyle.

Because it’s hard to really be unbiased when looking at pictures of yourself, here’s the first thing you should do: go find a friend or relative. Ideally, you want her to be an 18 to 24 year old girl, the more attractive she is the better.

First ask her to look through all your Facebook pictures and choose the ones where you look the most attractive (facially and by your body). When she has chosen them, ask her to go through them again and find which ones make you seem like an interesting guy that she would want to meet. Go over them again with her and then save them in a folder.

Then, ask her what your most attractive physical characteristics are: eyes, jaw line, abs, shoulders, etc. Now you have an idea what parts of your body to focus on when you take future pictures.

Congratulations, you just got a leg up on 99% of your online competition. Now it’s time to understand the details.


Now that you have good advice from the opposite sex, you can make an educated decision on which pictures to choose. I think that four to eight pictures is all that you need. It is enough that girls will think they have an idea how you really are, while still being careful not to add in a picture that a particular girl finds very unattractive.

Women see overall views of men more than minor physical details. Men are different; we notice the physical details of her body more than the overall picture. If you have pictures of you doing something very attractive (sky diving; fearlessness, traveling; adventurous; attending a ball in a nice suit; wealthy) your physical looks won’t be as important because women will focus more on the action. However, make sure that you don’t look unattractive in the picture either, because that could catch her eye.

You will notice that us as men will judge pictures by how pretty the girl looks, but if there is something that particularly sticks out in a picture (like a nice rack, ass, hips, etc.) we will ignore the fact that the face isn’t as hot as in other pictures. Women are the same way, only they do it more with other forms of attraction as well.

What do we learn from this? You don’t have to look like a model in every picture, but you should be saying at least one attractive thing about yourself in each photo, while simultaneously not killing attraction by showing something unattractive.


Every picture tells a story

What I want you to take away from all this is that every picture tells a story. It may look like a random picture to you, but she will see the details. She will see your emotion, where you are, what you are wearing, your body language and much more.

You may look at a picture of a businessman and just see a picture of a businessman. She will see his confident body language, that his face and body looks attractive, his expensive suit, the fact that he took the photo in an expensive looking hotel, that he seemed like he was having fun in the photo and that she suspects a girl took the photo because of the intimate setting.

You just saw a photo, but she saw the story. Any girl will be curious to get to know a guy with a photo like that.

Every photo you upload will tell it’s only story. You don’t want the story to be negative, so before uploading a photo, make sure you take into account what story it tells.

In fact, when you take your next photo you should think back to this part of my book and make sure that the story you are telling is one that all women will like.


Every time you choose a picture, you should take the following things into account:

  • How attractive you look (facially)
  • How attractive your body looks
  • What kind of body language you show
  • What the picture says about your wealth and career
  • What the picture says about your lifestyle
  • What kind of extra attraction triggers you can hit with a photo


Every single time you look at a potential picture for your profile you should be thinking of those things. I will go into each one in more detail so you will better understand.


How attractive you look (facially)

Make sure that your face looks at least decent in ALL of your pictures that you upload. Also make sure that in at least one of your pictures that your face is looking particularly good.

All girls care about facial looks, no matter what women say, so make sure to make it a priority to never show your face at its worst in any photo that you put on your profile.


secret to onlinedating body and face pictures
This picture hits both the body and face pictures, I’m sure it took thousands to get this one so right.

How attractive your body looks

How attractive your body looks in a picture is another thing to take into account. In this case you want to use what you have. There are many different body types that men have with different strengths. You can use big arms, big chest, good shoulder to waist ratio, six pack abs and your ass to show you have a decent body.

Many of these things can be shown in a picture with a shirt on, others can only be shown in a shirtless pic. If you have any positive body features, make sure to use them in a photo. This is particularly important when looking for slutty girls. Slutty girls care more about bodies than normal girls because they are more interested in the physical aspect of things.


What kind of body language you show

Body language tells a girl who you really are, it tells them if you are confident, dominant and charismatic or if you are unconfident, submissive and socially awkward. To understand what attractive body language is, read The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men.

If you have any pictures where it looks like you are trying to make yourself smaller or if you look uncomfortable or awkward, you don’t want to use any of those pictures. You want to find pictures where you look relaxed, happy and where your body is taking up space.

I have a picture where my head is tilted back and I’m eating a cherry in a way that seems really cocky. I never thought it was that great of a picture, but as I started asking girls which one of my pictures was their favorite, this was one of the pictures that they would usually choose (and I have A LOT of cool pictures from traveling the world). The body language of a photo is key.


secret to online dating wealthy guy picture

The picture says about your wealth and career

If you take a picture in an expensive suit, a big house or a fancy restaurant, you will give off the impression that you have money. If you have a picture of you in a big office with your name on it or in doctor scrubs, this will show that you have a good job and hence… money. Money is very attractive to women, so make sure to try to get a money attraction trigger in at least one of the photos you choose.

On the other hand you also want to be careful not to take any pictures that will give off the impression that you are poor. Don’t take any pictures in any ghetto looking houses or in any cheap clothing.


secret to online dating interesting man taking a picture

What the picture says about your lifestyle

Lifestyle is important to women because it gives them an idea of what life will be like if they end up dating you. You want to have pictures of you that show an interesting, exciting lifestyle. Upload a picture of yourself attending fun events like a ball, or cool party. You can also upload pictures of yourself traveling the world; there are not many women out there that don’t dream of traveling and seeing new places.

You don’t want to send any negative thoughts of your lifestyle to women. If you have only self pics in your bathroom, you will seem like you live a boring lifestyle. If you have only pictures of you and your friends playing video games, she will think that dating you will include hundreds of hours of boredom as she watches you play your games.


Which kind of extra attraction triggers you can hit with a photo:

To be able to utilize the secret to online dating, you first must understand attraction triggers.A photo can tell a girl so many good things about you. You should be using this in trying to make sure you can hit as many as possible and as well as possible. Here are some you should be focused on hitting:



Girls like guys with a sense of humor; you can use a photo to show her that you don’t take life too seriously. You can use amusing captions under the photos or you can do something that is funny like impersonating a statue.

My friends and I have some pictures where we dress up as Mexicans with sombreros, sarapes and mustaches; it was hilarious and just a genuine good time.


secret to online dating badass dangerous

Dangerous and fearless

Dangerous and fearless men are attractive to women. If you show a picture of you doing something dangerous, it will show that you are a fearless guy and it will make her attraction for you rise. That is two attraction triggers you will be hitting. The above picture is from a study (read more about what body types women find most attractive here), but women strongly prefered this picture. Why? Because he hit so many triggers, dangerous, bad ass, body, face, etc..

I have a picture where I’m in a cage with a wild tiger. I have used this a lot and I remember asking one of my favorite girls of all time:

“At what point did you know you wanted to meet me?”

“When I saw the picture of you in the cage with the tiger.” She replied.

That picture had that much affect that it was the reason that a really hot girl wanted to meet me. You should always be looking for opportunities like this.



Girls like adventurous guys, if you go on any adventures, make sure to capture the moment with a photo. If you are taking a trip to Thailand or even going on a hunting trip, try using those moments to take a good photo hitting this and other attraction switches.



There are many things that women want to do or didn’t know were possible. Taking photos of any of these things will make you seem like a much more interesting guy, thus making her see you in a better light.

I have a photo of me swimming with dolphins. Most women love dolphins so they usually love this picture, on top of that it is just an interesting thing to be doing.

I have another picture on a rock next to the ocean with my arm stretched forward. A wave is hitting the rock and curving back outwards, it looks like I am causing the water to be pushed away from me; it’s pictures like these that are gems for coming off as interesting.


Having Fun

Another important thing you want to show is that you are having fun. Having fun is different than being funny. You want to show that you are enjoying all these things that you are doing. Enthusiasm is addictive and when a girl sees pictures of you enjoying yourself, she will associate a feeling of enjoyment with you.


Pictures with Women

Women want men that are attractive to other women. They want to know they are with a guy that will make other women jealous. You want to use this to your advantage and take photos with hot women. The more attractive the woman in your picture, the more attraction the girl will feel for you when she sees it.

However, you don’t want to overdue this because you don’t want to come off as a player. Using pictures with women requires walking a tight line.

One of the things I like to do is use a picture where I have the girl cropped out, so you can just have an idea that she is an attractive girl, but you are not trying to “brag” about it because you are cropping her out. If a girl asks you about it, just say it was your ex. The idea is to seem like a guy who commits, while still hitting this attraction trigger.


More Attraction Triggers

Many others covered in my books Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You



All of your pictures should have multiple positives; for example:

-Your face looks good, good body language and you are doing something dangerous.

– Your body and face look good.

– You show you have money and with great body language you are doing something funny.

You want to choose your best possible pictures showing the best possible you, so make sure to hit as many of those attraction triggers as possible. Keep in mind that there are negative attraction triggers. If you have a picture that looks like you live in the ghetto or your body language is especially bad, you want to try to stay away from showing anything unattractive in your photo because it will kill attraction.


Don’t use photos where you are too serious

Women judge men differently than men judge women. Men won’t care if the girl looks like she’s having fun if she looks smoking hot. Women, however will care. If you have a photo that you look serious or boring, she will wonder why you uploaded it. It’s just not socially attractive.


Show positive emotions

If your face shows no emotion whatsoever, then it is a boring face. Women are creatures of emotion and if you don’t show emotion, you become boring to them.  When you can choose any pose in the world, you should not choose a boring one (unless it’s a joke).

Instead you want to show positive emotions: confidence, desire, intrigue, happiness, joy, cockiness, awe, deep thought and almost any other positive emotion out there. You want your picture to tell a story and, because women are so in tune with emotions, this is the right way to do it.


No “Say Cheese” Smiles

I cannot stress this enough, unless you are VERY good looking, a “say cheese” smile where you are showing all your teeth will not look attractive on you. Why? Because the say cheese smile is actually a submissive smile. It’s the kind of smile somebody will use when they are trying not to step on somebodies toes. It’s too fake and too commonly used to help you in any way. A smirk is always the better choice. You can mix it up with other looks, but they MUST be confident looks.



There are plenty of women who use this to improve their appearance. If you use Photoshop, it will give you an extra advantage. You can put on an extra 10 lbs of muscle, fix unattractive qualities and add attractive ones. All these things should be done so that she will never know the photos have been improved; you should only make changes that are slight. The idea is that you look good enough in a picture to get her attention, but when she finally meets you it will be a small thing so it won’t matter enough to affect how she sees you.

If you are completely bald and you Photoshop in a full head of hair, she is going to be pissed; if you are thinning and you fill it in a little bit, it’s something small enough she probably won’t dock you on it.

Remember that your photos are the secret to online dating, so being lazy about your photos can be the difference between getting one date a week and 6 dates a day. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, it might not be the worst idea to dedicate some time to learning it.


Always look for opportunities for good pictures

The world is going digital and that includes the dating world. Even when you meet a girl in person, so many times you end up getting contact information where pictures matter like Facebook or Whatsapp. You need to change the way you think. Whenever you are in a situation where you can take a good photo that can hit a lot of attractive qualities, you want to jump on that opportunity. You lose nothing by going for it.



The Profile Picture

The profile picture is THE MOST important part of your profile. It is the most important because it is the only thing you can be sure that the girl reading your messages will see.

You want to look for a picture that hits as many of these as possible and at the same time it must be eye catching as a small picture.

Literally, a picture with bright colors is a good idea. Most really attractive girls that you message will barely glance at your small profile photo. She probably won’t look at all your photos and it is rare that she will read your profile.

Because of this you must realize that the single most important part of online game is choosing the best possible profile picture. If girls aren’t responding to your first message, you won’t even get a chance to use some of the other things I will teach you in this book.


Catering Your Photos to Types of Women

There are different types of women that you will find on the internet (as talked about earlier). To attract different types of women, different types of photos are more affective. Here is a quick chart:


  1. The normal girl – looking for a relationship

A normal girl is the most common and therefore the most balanced. You want a broad type of attraction triggers in your photos for this type of girl.


  1. The slut – looking for a good time

To attract a slut, you want pictures where your face and body look very good. Shirtless pictures or anything sexy works really well on girls like these. On top of that take pictures of you with other girls and of you partying and living life to the max.

I actually went on a couple month gym spree with the sole intention of getting to a point where I could take some sexy looking pictures to use on dating profiles, Facebook, etc. It worked like a charm and now I have photos I can use for years to come.


  1. The good girl – looking for her husband

To attract a good girl you want to have pictures with your family (nieces and nephews included) you also want pictures that show you are a grounded, responsible guy.


  1. The bored girl – looking for validation and a way to kill time

To attract the bored girl, you need pictures that are really unique. Pictures of you doing anything extremely interesting or eye catching will work best because she may want to ask you about it.


  1. The gold digger – looking to use a man for his resources

To attract the gold digger all you need are pictures that show wealth. Put up pictures of a nice car, you in a suit, fancy parties, etc.


  1. The single mom – looking for a daddy for her kids

The single mom will want to know you are a grounded, stable person along with the fact that you like children. You should use similar pictures to attract the good girl, but with the single mom, you want to show a bit more that you have really lived your life.


Make sure to still try to hit as many other attraction triggers as possible even if you are focusing on specific pictures. Your body language should always be good in these photos.

I like all women (although single moms the least). I feel like good girls make good relationship prospects and the rest could end up being a girl I really end up enjoying. For me, I try to have a good balance of as many attraction triggers as possible. It only took me about a year of really trying to have a great collection of photos.


The Secret of To Online Dating Isn’t a Secret Anymore

Now that you understand that the secret to online dating is your photos, most importantly your profile picture, it’s time to start focusing on other things. It’s important to know what to say, how to say it, openers, when to ask for a number, how to get them to agree to a date and so much more.


Learn More about Online Dating

Pictures are the most important aspect of online dating, but it is far from the only important thing. This has been a chapter from my book Elite Online Dating, to read the rest of this book, click here. To check out more books by SwoopTheWorld authors and see great discounts, go to our E-books section here.

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