The Secret in Reverse – an Article by asdfk

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The Secret in Reverse is an article written by asdfk. He’s a European(not sure how much info he wants me to reveal) who I met in Indonesia. He lives a comfortable location independent life and has some great insights. He’s at the end of his twenties and “hits it raw too often.” Enjoy.

Here’s a big mindrape that has been perpetrated on your momma 

Ever heard of the Secret?

You maybe haven’t, but your mom did. From Oprah, Dr. Oz or from her girlfriends.

Watch this trailer:

The gist: by visualising what you want, you will eventually get it.

Oprah does it. Guru’s talk about it. Millions of books have been sold. The Secret is a big thing, and tens of millions of people around the world believe they can get anything they want (money for example) by just thinking about it.

Now, of course this is ridiculous spiritual nonsense, marketed to a demographic I like to call “retarded housewives”. The reason they are willing to believe it, is that they are used to getting their way by complaining to men. Be it their husbands or the court system, we hand over our cash when women start whining.

For someone who can use complaining to get her way, it’s apparently a small step up to believing she can control the universe with the power of your thoughts. Western women are so naive and so spoiled that they don’t even flinch when someone tells them they can “manifest whatever they like” by just visualising it and without giving anything in return – because this is how it has been for most of their life.

But I digress.

“The real secret to get rich, travel the world and slay punani”

Well, on this blog several ways to get there are revealed. I am not into flogging a dead horse, except when one of my girlfriends is comatose drunk and is wearing a saddle on her back. So if you want some tips on becoming location independent, take a look here.

Yet, many men won’t be able to walk the road Swoop has laid out for them. Simply because they haven’t internalised one simple fact.

To gain the kind of freedom that we at Swoop possess, you have to pay a price. I consider it affordable, but why don’t you judge for yourself?
To get what you desire as a man, you have to shut down any thought, emotion or impulse that runs counter to reaching your goals.

This is what I call “the Secret in Reverse”.

Instead of manifesting what you want by just thinking about it, you get it by working for it and suppressing any impulse that will take your mind off getting your way.

There are two parts to the Secret in Reverse. The Inner Secret, and the Outer Secret.

“The Inner Secret: life is hard”

A lot of studies have been done on the Inner Secret. Academics call it “delaying gratification”: the ability to delay pleasure in the now for gains in the future.

A lack of this ability in little boys predicts outcomes later in life, be it rates of incarceration of general life success. Little boys who cannot control their impulses to reach their goals go to jail later in life, or find an other way to fail.

Note that this doesn’t really apply to women, since most benefits for them are made happen by the men in their lives. In the form of boyfriends, husbands or the state, we remove incentives for women to delay gratification and take the pummelling when they get disappointed.

No-one is talking about this difference, but we should. Because we as men are judged constantly on our ability to accomplish our goals. And this is related to the extent that we can block out everything else.

Do you want to get beutches (beautiful bitches), spend your days farting on a beach and get some cake working from your 2000 dollar Macbook Pro? Then you probably have to do some things that you don’t enjoy and don’t really want to do, before you can pluck the fruits from your labour.

This is hard. But you have to persist, and do those lame things convincingly. You can’t half-ass getting Swoop-rich (our own variant of hood rich). You can’t half-feauque hot chicks. (You could, but it’s beyond the point)

Instead, you have to do the right things at the right time. With beutches, you have to put in the time in a club to listen to her annoying friends, have her buy you a drink and let her test you so she can see you are a normal person and not some creep.

A thirsty man will gladly do this dance, but after a while it gets old. But if you want that hot girl, you have to ignore your boredom and pretend like it’s the first time a girl is vetting you to see if she can take you home safely.

The same with money. I don’t know what it is with Americans, but they usually have that shit down. They are used to setting aside their emotions when it is about getting cake, no matter how hard their boss tries to assfeauque them into being a submissive little bitch.

My point?

Going location independent, travelling around and feauqueng hot chicks might seem like a lot of fun. And it is.

But it takes persistence. When something doesn’t go as planned, which it often does, you have to adapt. There are very little givens if you have a lot of freedom.

Or you can go to the lower end of the “inner secret scale” and end up in the clink or as a corporate wage slave. Whichever.

The Outer Secret: people are not looking out for you

If you are starting to date a girl or just start a new job, you have to show outstanding delayed gratification to be even considered as a good partner in business or love.

Because no-one cares about you.

If you want a career, you are doing things for someone else who has zero interest in what you think or how you feel. He just want you to deliver what you’ve agreed upon. If you get distracted halfway, he is not getting what he wants. So it makes more sense to only do business with someone who can make that happen.

If you want a girl, she cares about how you make her feel and not about you personally. And men who seem unable to delay their sexual impulses, make her feel scared. It’s in her best interest to only go home with a man who shows he’s in control.

Another reason she prefers men who possess the secret, is that a man like that is a gift that keeps giving. A good boyfriend is supposed to do things that make her happy. But a man who is more concerned with himself or just gets distracted easily, will have other priorities.

Just like it is retarded for a man to marry a fat chick, it’s retarded for that same fat chick to date a man who doesn’t have himself under control.

Keep this in mind next time some girl at a bar puts you through her vetting process. Treat it like a bag check at the airport. You think it’s very boring, but you have to do it, and if you get lucky someone might put a finger up your ass

She uses this to check wether you are unable to control your horniness and other emotions that might distract you from giving to her in the future. Just like a business owner is not interested in men who are too pre-occupied to work, women are not interested in men who are too pre-occupied to shower them with boyfriend-benefits.

So how do you acquire the Secret in Reverse?

Practice suppressing your emotions

Become relentless in shutting everything out that doesn’t help you reach your goals.

If you are working towards them, you don’t let anything intervene. In your off time, you can relax and do what you want.

Don’t focus on working more efficient, or working more hours. Usually you just have to make sure that during the hours you do work, you do nothing else.

The same with game. If you want to take a girl home, suppress any impulse that prevents you from reaching that goal. Have one of your friends punch you in the nuts, hard, if at any point during the seduction process you have the audacity to pussy out.

Your fear of not trying hard enough should always be greater then your fear of failing.

This mindset shift requires you stop paying attention to anything that’s not at the top of your bucket list. Do you spend most of your days pleasing your corporate boss like you are his punk in day county and he threatens to stab you if you don’t take it from behind? Unless he is actually holding a sawed-off toothbrush to your throat, you should stop greasing yourself up and focus instead on getting out of there.

Your success fully depends on your ability to ignore things that are urgent for everybody else but you. That, my friend, is the Secret in Reverse.

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