Santiago Dominican Republic, Part 2

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That next day was familiar territory.  We were pretty hungover.  It was time for a workout.

20Nation had found a cafe nearby our hotel that served really tasty food.  It was just one guy that would cook up whatever you asked, provided that he had it.

After eating THC and I went and found a gym not too far away.

The owner was a real nice kid, and despite the fanny pack he was wearing, seemed pretty cool.  I did some thrusters on the minute every minute for about 8 minutes and was sweating bullets.

After our workouts the owner asked us to sign his wall and handed us a sharpie.  We wrote “swooptheworld” on it and he thanked us.

Too funny.

I needed a power nap so after training it was back to the hotel to try and hydrate and then recover before Quento picked us up.

He had invited us over for dinner with his family.  His mom was cooking and he wanted to introduce us to some of his other family as well.

He took us over to one place (I think his sister’s house or something) and we asked if there was any beer, the lady and her son didn’t have any so Quento told him to go get us each one.

He started reaching into his pocket, not in the way you do when you are expecting someone to say “oh no no, I’ve got it” but in a deliberate “We need some beer, here take this” sort of way.

I grabbed his wrist before he could pull his money out and said “Oh no no, I’ve got it”. haha

He shrugged his shoulders and pretty soon we each had a grande in our hands, complete with the “vestido de novia” (the white frost on the beer bottles the locals call “Dress of the bride”)

They tasted delicious.  In fact, they tasted like we needed more.  A lot more.

We piled back into the car and Quento took us to his house.

While driving some guy stepped out into the street while Quento was about to make a turn, the guy stopped and stared at him looking indignant and Quento just looked at him expressionlessly and turned both palms up shrugging his shoulders as if to say “What man? Do your thing”.

It’s something that would have gotten on my nerves but he didn’t give a shit.  Always so laid back.

His whole family was there, including his son.

His son was a good looking kid and pretty well mannered, I think he was about 13 or so.  He listened to his dad with zero back talk.

Everyone was happy to see us and meet us, it was a very comfortable atmosphere.

Of course, as soon as we walked into the front door, Quento puts music on full blast.

We walk outside while his mom is cooking and Quento sends his kid to get more Grandes.  Quento Conveniently lives right next door to a Colomado (it’s like a liquor store and 711, only privately owned).

We drank and drank all day.

I had been texting with a girl that I’d met off Dominicancupid and she looked sexy as hell in her photos.

I told her to come by Quento’s house and a short time later she showed up in a BMW X5.  She wanted me to leave with her to go someplace but I was really enjoying the company of my friends, new and old.

I told her we could catch up later.  She did in fact have a smoking body, but her face was not that great.  It wasn’t ugly, I just felt it was a little early to make a commitment.

When I came back in Quento was curious what happened, through 20Nation, I told him that I’d rather chill at his house, and drink beer.  Besides, I didn’t find her that attractive.

He sat thoughtfully for a moment, before speaking in rapid Spanish that lasted quite a while.

I looked over at 20Nation quizzically and 20 says “Basically he says ‘If you don’t want to hang out with her, I’m cool with that, if you want to hang here, I’m cool with that too’.

We all cracked up laughing because it was such a long explanation but it was also very important for Quento to make sure we understood that he was cool with whatever we wanted.

I said “Quento, I’ve got this girl here that wants me to get her pregnant, I don’t want to marry her but I wouldn’t mind having a baby, and I won’t be around”.

Without hesitation he said “You should do it”.

We all put our glasses together and laughed, god this guy was easy going.

You want a beer?  I’ll send my son to get one.

You want a kid? Go make one.  I’ll drive you there.

We were stacking up an impressive amount of bottles between the three of us.

More and more people kept showing up.  Quento’s brother came, he was also a really cool guy, he went to shower and took forever in the only bathroom.

But what was hilarious was that he made sure everyone knew it was ok to come in and take a piss while he was in there.

So there’s a naked man showering and singing to himself while I’m taking a leak.

I think 20 tried to one up everyone and took a shit in there at the same time haha.

Some of the neighborhood kids came dressed up and wanted to see us, they were so damn cute.  The boys were dancing and playing and the girls were shyly looking away.

We’ve got some great footage of them dancing and singing.

Quento wanted to show us his cologne collection so we all went upstairs to his room.  Sure enough he had all sorts of bottles.

He grabbed a few bottles off the nightstand and sprayed THC and 20.

They left the room for more beer or something and he said to me “Wait”.

Then he went to his closet and pulled out a wooden box.

It had a “special” bottle of cologne.  I have no idea what it was but I was reminded of “Sex Panther” from Anchorman.

He took the bottle out and started really dousing me in it.  My hair, chest, arms, ass….

I nodded approvingly and shook his hand.  He nodded back to me like “That’s just what you needed to really take you to the next level”.

We drank a little more and decided to head back over to Lovery (a discotec nearby).

We were all pretty drunk by now and we were looking forward to the club.  Quento threw on some clothes and came with us.

Inside it was very busy but with the same coupled up crowd as the night before.  There were some hot girls though and we got a standing table, ordered some Hookah or Sheesa or whatever it’s called and started smoking.  Of course we ordered more drinks.

THC and I were alternating between slapping each other in surprise attacks.  It was that level of inebriation.

We were time traveling drunk, I opened a set of girls near the door.  Three of them, all cute and before long I was sitting next to one and we were flirting and talking.

I went back to the table and grabbed THC to help me.

Something got lost in translation but the girl I was talking too said something very insulting, I’m not sure what it was I just remember 3 things.

1) The feeling of being insulted

2) Reaching out and slapping her

3) THC saying “Good for you”.

It wasn’t hard of course, it was probably on par with when you were a kid and your dad smacked you in the back of the head for misbehaving.

The girl was shocked.

I laughed and headed  out the door.  I figured any second there would be some white knight backlash (not undeservingly) and I thought it was best to avoid it.

It was near the time everyone seemed to be leaving anyway.

I was speaking to a taxi when some girl stuck her head out of the passenger window and started yelling at me and calling me an asshole etc etc (I’m pretty sure she saw me smack the one girl).

I yelled something back and the car stopped and she jumped out and ran up to me and pushed me.

So naturally I slapped her too.

This time my luck had run out since it was right in front of a cop.

Of course she was screaming as if I’d poured hot coffee all over her.

The cop got into the taxi with us and another one brought the girl to a nearby station.

The chick was super self righteous and was yelling and everything else while the cop that saw me smack her explained to his superiors what happened.

She seemed to think I was in a lot of trouble and was gloating so it came as a surprise to her when the officer in charge said.

“You are both going to stay here until you can get along”.

She was incredulous.  They stuck us in separate rooms.  They never cuffed me or anything, hell I even had my phone with me.

THC, 20Nation, and Quento tried to get her to calm down and drop the whole thing but she refused to do it.

The cop had told his superior about her shoving me or something and the superior didn’t seem like he wanted to deal with some bullshit paperwork over some bullshit occurrence.

She was still drunk enough and angry enough to say “Fine, I’ll stay as long as it takes”!

Even though the guys weren’t able to make her budge, they did a good job of planting the proper seeds in the cops minds and pretty soon they were each coming back to me and saying “don’t worry, she’s crazy”.

Meanwhile, I should mention, THC had snagged two other girls on the way out that wanted he and myself, they were also telling the cops that I wasn’t at fault even though I think they ONLY saw me slap her.

The girls were pretty cute and THC would periodically come in and tell me they were still there and waiting for me to get out.

Quento was very concerned and when he came to see me I felt so damn bad.  I was embarrassed and I felt ashamed for having my new friend have to deal with this stupid drama that was a result of my bad temper.

He just looked at me as I said “Lo Siento” (I’m sorry) and he put his hand on my shoulder.

After a couple hours the girls THC had finally gave up and left, it was about 5am.  20Nation came in and I just told him it was hopeless and to go on back to the hotel.  That I would be ok.  I gave him the only ID I had on me in case they demanded some form of identification later.

An hour after that the girl had sobered up and realized that this shit was not as important to her as she thought, the only trouble was, by this time, the cops HAD to process it.

Which meant I had to go to court with her.

Her husband was there and I was impressed that he wasn’t upset with me in the least.  In fact, he seemed pretty used to her antics.

I finally fell asleep for a few hours before waking up and being told it was time to go to court.

I actually rode with the husband and the lady in his car with a police officer escorting us.

The lady and I walked together and entered the courthouse where the cop directed us and we sat down waiting for our turn to be called to see the judge.

She was nervous, so I reached over and squeezed her hand and gave her a shy smile.  She smiled back at me and we started talking.

I knew now was the time to reframe this shit so that I could increase my chances of coming away unscathed.

We spoke and started laughing, she kept touching my arm, asking about my life.

Honestly it was series of IOI’s!

When it was our turn to go see the judge, we went into a little room with a WOMAN in robes behind a desk.  She asked us to sit down and looked over the report.

“You two were fighting?

I shrugged and rolled my eyes shyly, and said “She’s a lot tougher than she looks”.

This got a laugh from the judge and the lady said “yeah but he was an actual fighter”!

The judge spoke a little more and basically said “Hmmm I guess the police didn’t have much to do that night, ok I’ll just write this up real quick”.

She then started typing on the computer and asked me my name.  I gave her a fake one that I had already thought of;

“JJ Roberts” I may or may not have said.

She printed out a piece of paper for each of us to sign and I scrawled something unintelligible while she handed me a copy.

The lady and I walked out and got back into the car.

She was flirting with me by this time pretty hard and now the husband was getting irritated.

They drove me back to the monument and dropped me off close to my hotel, but not before she asked me for my number.

I gave it to her and shook the husband’s hand.

I got out and was so damn thankful to be rid of them and the whole fiasco.

Another bullet dodged.  God I’m an idiot.

I walked to the hotel and woke THC up.  He was relieved I was ok.  20 had already taken off and was on his way back to Santo Domingo.

I went to my room and got a text message from a number I didn’t recognize.  At first I thought it was the lady I slapped but it was this other girl I’d met the night before.

She asked what I was up to and I said I was just chilling, I told her to come over and we would get something to eat.

A couple hours later she showed up and we never left the hotel.

She came into my room and before long we were making out.  Very little LMR (last minute resistance) and she was telling me she loved me.


I banged her a few times before she had to go home and the THC and I called Quento.

He showed up shortly after and was also relieved and happy to see me.  He had brought another friend of his to meet us and he gave me a big hug.  I said sorry again and he said “Don’t worry!”

We all went to the monument and took a bunch of photos.  Quento was adamant about showing us around the whole thing and kept having us stand next to different things to take photos and then would have his buddy take a bunch of photos, look at them, then tell his buddy to do it better and we’d take them again.

Finally it was time to get going so Quento took us to the us station.  THC and I bought our tickets with Quento waiting with us for our bus.

Money never came up but THC and I both felt we should give him something.

THC tried to hand him 500 pesos discreetly but he dropped the money and said “What’s that?”

“You don’t have to pay me man, we are friends”.

We insisted he take it and he looked embarrassed but did it.

He hugged us again and told us we always had a friend there in Santiago.

He is a really good dude.

One commenter suspected Quento of hanging out to party for free but I don’t think that was ever the case, maybe it started out that way but it didn’t end that way.

We still send him photos of the shit we’ve been doing like climbing up Volcanos in Guatemala etc.

The bus ride back was uneventful as usual. I texted the skinny girl with big perfect tits in La Vega and made plans for her to come see me and then caught up with a few other girls over whatsapp.

By the time we got to Santo Domingo, we were pretty tired.  I hadn’t gotten much sleep in jail and I was definitely hungover.

Getting off the bus and into the whole taxi chaos along with that nasty polluted and noisy city was nauseating.

The differences between Santiago and Santo Domingo were more pronounced than ever in this regard.

The next few days were washouts with girls.  Some flaked, other’s went nowhere after meeting them, but the girl from La Vega was very excited to come down.

She showed up nearby at a plaza (since the taxi didn’t know where to go) and I walked down to meet her.

When I got there she had a friend with her.  I looked at her puzzled but she didn’t say much, just came up and kissed me.

I walked over to pay for the taxi and handed him 500 pesos.

He then looked at ME funny and said “it’s 700 pesos”



It was 250 for THC and I yesterday  from the bus station and we are fucking Gringoes.

There was simply no way it was 700.

I looked at her as if to say “What the fuck??”

And she said, it’s 700, he had to go pick up my friend too and take her home.

“And why the fuck is your friend here?”

“Because I didn’t want to ride from the bus stop alone”.

It’s this sort of shit that just burns me up.

These girls are so goddamn generous with other peoples money.

There was little chance of getting my 500 pesos back so I just said  “You can have 500 and that’s it”.

I turned and started walking off without saying a word.

“Fisto wait”!

I just raised my hand without looking back or saying anything.

I was so pissed.  It’s not the money, it’s the principle.  I don’t need pussy so bad that I can be conned or scammed and then pretend I don’t know I’ve been conned or scammed.

I walked back to my apartment and ignored her calls and texts.  She could figure out her own bullshit as far as I was concerned.

Finally I answered the phone and handed it to THC, I can’t understand spanish worth a damn on the phone.

He told her what I was pissed about and she said she’d pay me back.

And then I remembered, she did this same shit when we first met.  The taxi was extraordinarily high and when I was saying “there’s no way señor” she started reaching for her purse saying she would pay it.  At the time I just gave in paid the stupid money.

Now I realized this was her thing, making a few extra hundred pesos by splitting it with the taxi.  In this case the taxi would give it to her friend when he took her home or something.

Sneaky little bitch.

“Tell her I said to fuck off” I instructed to THC.

So that was the last of my prospects.  That was it.  I only had a few days left to make something count and my pipeline was empty.  I hadn’t maintained some girls and I was tired of others.

Then I got another message.

It was from a girl named Veronica.

I had met this girl during day game more than 2 months ago.  I found her to be beautiful immediately and I could never get her to see me.  She always had work or school, and she said she didn’t go out much.  I stopped pursuing her that much and things kind of fizzled out.  Then I saw her again randomly and she was so nervous when i shook her hand it was sweaty.  We started texting again periodically.

She was very positive random for me, 22 years old and had a perfect little body.

She said she saw me when I went to meet the La Vega girl and just wanted to say “hi”.

*Game concept noted, being wanted by other women makes you more attractive

Before long we were making plans to see each other on Saturday, she asked if I liked Vino Tinto.

“I love it”.

“Ok you can come to my cousins house and we will have some with her”.

Not my favorite plan but I had zero else to do.

The next night was Friday and she asked what I was doing.  I was unmotivated and didn’t feel like doing much of anything.


“Would you like to come out with my cousin and I to a disco”.

Goddamn it.

“Not her too”.  I was really hoping this girl was different but here she was inviting a gringo along so I could pay for her and her cousin’s drinks.

“No I’m tired”.


That next night we had plans but I didn’t text her, I was turned off by what I thought was her attempt to party on my dime. She messaged me asking if I still wanted to have Vino Tinto.


Her cousins place was 20 mins away.


It’s bad logistics, it’s not good to “go to her”, and it certainly isn’t ideal to be in her cousin’s place. Not to mention….

The last thing I felt like doing was dealing with another fucking taxi and driving for 20 minutes but I said “fuck it” and got dressed.

When I got to her cousin’s place it was very nice and she was waiting for me outside wearing this cute little mini skirt.  I hadn’t seen her dress this way before but that body was banging and she looked gorgeous.

She has lighter skin and the thinner euro nose with big long eyelashes and big brown eyes.

She had a huge smile and I could tell she was happy to see me.

The next several hours was the most fun I had with a girl my whole time in the Dominican (on my whole trip actually).  It topped the chemistry I had with my waitress in Puerta Plata times ten.

We drank some pinot noir from California and I would make her kiss me which she wanted to but was very worried about her cousin coming in (who was also hot).

As we drank more wine (two bottles) and as I escalated the kissing became more intense.  The “danger” of being discovered added to the atmosphere and before long she was breathing hard and gasping when I would touch her.

My motto is “when in doubt, whip it out” and I placed her hand on my dick.

Before long I was touching her pussy even while she was half heartedly trying to push my hand away.

I pulled her on top of me as she straddled me and pulled her panties aside.  I grabbed her hand and put them on her panties and she held them there for me.

I started rubbing her pussy but she was so tight, I could not get the head of my cock inside her.

Just remembering her gasping and trying to fit my dick inside of her is giving me a boner writing this.

Suddenly a lot of noise was being made by her cousin (on purpose to let us know she was coming down) had her jump off of me and we quickly composed ourselves.

It was a little after one and I could tell it was my Q to say goodnight.

I tried to pay for the wine (which is expensive, imported from CA) but they were almost angry with me for offering.

We made plans for her to come to my place the next night.

Needless to say, we picked up right where we left off.  I fucked her over and over again, it was the best sex I’ve had during my whole DR trip.

We had this crazy connection.  It lasted the whole time I was in Cuba, through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

I’m so glad I went in spite of my misgivings.  She wasn’t about money, I have to literally force her to take money for a taxi.  She’s proud that way.

In fact, I’m in the DR right now as I write this and I just got a text from her to see me.

She is not the ONLY reason I came back but she is the MAIN reason.

I’m crazy about this girl.  It’s going to suck leaving again.


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