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RooshV Interviews Swoop’s Fisto on South East Asia

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RooshV interviews SwoopTheWorld author Fisto about his 5 month stay in South East Asia called:

How One Man Banged 96 Girls in 5 Months.


From a couple of months ago, but it was never posted to SwoopTheWorld.


You went to Southeast Asia recently and had sex with 96 girls. Can you give more details about your success along with what you did to make it happen? What type of game did you use? What were some hurdles you had to overcome?  

I spent 2 months in Thailand, the rest of the time I was in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  In Thailand, the girls are very, very, intimidated. I learned that if you make even the smallest amount of eye contact, that is a good indicator that she’s interested.  It’s so subtle that you would actually think the opposite considering how quickly they look away (RVF member Rionomad taught me this).  There, I had to tone down the vibe a bit.

I realized pretty quick that Thais in general can get overwhelmed and they just mentally shut down.  It’s like when your computer freezes, there’s just nothing there. THC (another member) and I just started…


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