recording tinder scam

Recording of Filipina Girl Confessing She Uses Tinder Scams on Foreigners

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recording tinder scam

Here is a genuine recording from a few weeks ago of a Filipina girl confessing she uses different Tinder scams on foreigners. You may notice my slurred words in the audio, well, I was slightly drunk. Some background, I checked this girl’s phone (after writing the Key Logger, I love seeing what type of crazy stuff that is secretly going on in girl’s lives). After doing this I saw she was saying I miss you to a guy and I asked her about it, this is the conversation that followed:

Her: I need to be sweet with him because we were using him.

Me: You need to be sweet with him for shoes.

Her: For money!

Using Tinder Scams for Money

Here, is where she admits to using Tinder scams to get money from him. Guys, there are all types of girls in the world and especially when you are in poorer countries you should never send money (or shoes) to girls. Popular Tinder scams include:

  • I need money for tuition
  • My grandma is sick
  • I am sick and can’t afford the hospital bills
  • If you buy me X then I will do Y
  • Can you pay for my taxi? (and she takes the bus or the actual taxi price is much cheaper)


Me: It was just about using him for money?

Her: Yeah, plus I really don’t like him.

So, he does all this for her, sends her all this money and these gifts and she is telling me that she doesn’t really like him. Poor guy, he should have read my book “Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You“, then he would know that money is only a small fraction of things that make a woman attracted to you.


Me: How do I know you weren’t using me for money?

Her: Did I ask for money?

Me: No, Never

She won’t do this to guys she really likes.


Her: He thinks that if he’s going to give me money then he will get me.

Me: So he wants to buy you.

The Only Real Defense Against Tinder Scams is Game

tinder scam seduction game
Reading romance novels is a great way to learn game.

She never asked me for money, nor hinted at anything like that. Why? Because I gamed her. She couldn’t care less about money, in fact she would bring me food and things for free. So, with some guys, she tries to extract money and with me, she just wanted to spend time with me. This is why all men should know game, money alone is not enough to win a girl over.


Me: So since he gave you money you must have had sex with him.

Her: Oh my god! I can’t have sex with him.

In this case, this guy sending her all this money wasn’t even enough for her to have sex with him. Just another reason why game trumps money:



Her: Do you know how awesome am I?

Me: How Awesome?

Her: So awesome that I am always using my mind… but now I am not using my mind.

Haha, just hilarious girl logic.


Her: Do you know the reason why we are using tinder?

Me: Why?

Her: Because of using other guys.

The Only Reason I Met Her Was Because of Her Tinder Scams

The whole reason she was still using Tinder was because of the money she was getting from guys. Which is surprising, because she was a young, hot and sweet girl. I never would have imagined that she would do this to girls, but as I say in my book The Key Logger, women are always less innocent than they appear.


Her: After that they changed my Tinder to 150 (she meant 15) kilometers. Why? Because 150 (15) if you change it here in Manila it will go through Makati which is where all the foreigners are.

She targeted the foreigners in another part of the city just for to be able to scam them on Tinder.


Her: Plus the Italian guy, he told me that he is going to pay for my tuition. Every time that we are going for drinks he is paying for my beers.

Me: But you had sex with him

Her: Oh no! Not the Italian guy. I had sex with the Spanish, the Danish and the Australian!

Again she says she didn’t sleep with one of the guys she was scamming. Then, she makes me think she is telling me the truth by going down a list of the guys she did actually sleep with. This poor Italian guy needs to find SwoopTheWorld ASAP.


Me: Wait you and the girlfriends, one or two or three?

Her: (Laugh) girlfriends, girlfriends when I say girlfriends, half of them are transgenders.

Me: Oh

Her: So you know what transgenders always do right?

Me: What?

Her: Oh my god! Asians transgenders they are into money, because they need like for their…

Me: For their surgeries?

Her: I know it’s funny, but Im telling you.

Me: So, wait you are doing this to guys and you split the money with them? The transgenders?

Her: (Laugh) Yeah, I’m really nice you know, perks of being friends with me.

These Tinder Scams Don’t Just Support Her, They Support Her Lady Boy Friend’s Operations

The worst part of all this was that these things were never originally her idea. And she doesn’t do them just for herself, she gives part of the money to her group of ladyboy friends who then use the money to get operations to make them more and more like an actual women. I know that’s not what I would want my money to be spent on.


tinder scams

After Reading This Makes Sure to Avoid Tinder Scams

Now that you have read this, you should know that you can’t trust what a girl says, especially one you meet online. You even have to take her confessions to me with a grain of salt because… women lie. You should never hand a girl money for an amount more than a taxi ride. There is simply no reason and it will actually make her like you less if she thinks you are trying to buy her. The only girls it will work on are gold diggers and, like this girl, she will simply be using you. Keep your money where it belongs (in your wallet) and your dick where it belongs (inside of her).


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