reasons why she said no

10 Most Likely Reasons Why She Said No

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10 Most Likely Reasons Why She Said No

reasons why she said no

It has happened to every single man on this planet, you all know what I’m talking about, getting rejected by a woman. As men, rejection is something we must become comfortable with if we are to be successful with women. Because of that I am writing this post about the most likely reasons why she said no. This will help you understand why most of these reasons are far out of your control and that you should never take a rejection personally.

Before I get into the most likely reason she said no, you must understand why women are constantly rejecting men and why men are constantly putting themselves out there. The reason is simple… sperm is cheaper than eggs. Sperm recharges constantly, but a woman only has so many eggs. Then, if you fertilize one of those eggs, not only will she give up the next 18 years of her life, but she will make herself less attractive and less able to get future guys. A woman’s instincts guard these eggs for only the most worthy men. This is why women are… the keepers of sex (these ideas were formulated so well thanks to beer induced think tanks with THC :D).

While you read these reasons, I want you to think to yourself whether these reasons are out of your control or if there is something you can do to fix this.



1. She has a significant other

This is by far the most likely reason she will tell you no. If you look at most women (especially in their primes), they will have a significant other. It could be a boyfriend, a husband, or an office romance. Either way, this will be a huge hurdle for any man to get over (with the exception of sluts). Women, naturally, want to stick with one man for quite some time. They won’t usually have the same drive to sleep with many men at once. Because of this, to get these girls you have to be better than their current significant other and give her a reason to see you again. With girls like these it’s usually a good idea to say you just want to be friends and keep distant contact for a while. One day (most likely), they will break up and she will be ripe for the plucking.


2. She’s not physically attracted to you

The second most likely reason why she said no is she’s simply not physically attracted to you. This is something you have partial control over. If you are in shape, strong, dress well, have game and excellent body language, you are doing everything in your power. Unfortunately, there will always be girls who still aren’t attracted to you. There is nothing you can do about this other than brush it off and move on to the next girl because, if you have done the above things, it will take very little time for you to find a girl who is attracted t0 you.

Another reason out of your control she might not be physically attracted to you is that girls (just like guys) have a type. I’m sure you have a type that you are into whether it be big boobs, long legs, big asses, a certain type of face or skin color; there are many different types that us as men like. It’s exactly the same for women. Some looks that they have off the top of my head are: big muscles, beards, niche styles, musicians, athletes, artists, expensive looking, smart looking, dangerous looking, tall, certain skin colors, certain eye colors and hundreds more. My point is that one average looking girl may not be attracted to you, but a much more attractive girl might be. There is only way to find out my friends… approach.


3. She isn’t comfortable enough with you

Most the approaches I do are cold. This means the girl doesn’t know me through a third party. It means nobody can vouch for me. So basically, in her eyes, I could be a serial killer, psycho, rapist, or anything else that could put her in danger. Men are naturally much stronger than women (no matter what Hollywood movies portray), so this is an important thing to remember. If you want her to feel more comfortable with you, you can introduce her to normal friends (preferably female), introduce her to an ex, work on a warm smile  and show you are healthy human being with body language and what you say to her.


4. She doesn’t like your personality

For women, personality really fucking matters. Being attractive will only get your foot in the door, from there you must have an attractive personality. This is more common in work/ social circle girls. You need to show her you are fun to be around and that you are alpha. If you want to work on this you can check out my book: The Perfect Conversation.


5. Getting over an ex

The fifth most likely reason why she said no is that she is getting over an ex. Women live for relationships with us men. If she has recently broken up with an ex who she really cared about, she will go down one of two paths: one will be to find a rebound guy to temporarily feel better, but the other is that she won’t have any desire to be with any other guy because no guy can stack up to that guy after a breakup. In this moment, she has an unrealistic view of the guy thanks to those strong emotions of hers. This is something you have absolutely no power over and is another reason why you should never take a rejection seriously.


6. She’s in a bad mood

This could also be because of the previous reason, but if she’s in a bad mood a girl becomes many times more difficult to game. She may even have a desire to make you feel like shit, because she does. These are when some of the bad rejections will come in.


7. She’s has a crush

Maybe there is a guy at work or school who she has been fantasizing about being with for the past 6 months. Trying to get her to want you even close to as much as this guy, after spending only a few minutes with her, is a very difficult task. It can be done with body language, game, looks etc., but it isn’t easy. This is another reason she might reject you that has nothing to do with you.


8. She wants to show off to her friends

The eighth most likely reason she said no, is that she wants to show off to her friends. Many times, when girls are out at night with their friends, they want to show off and see how many guys will approach them. The idea isn’t to get the guys, but just to show how wanted she is and how she doesn’t care. This can lead to some bad rejections and is most common when approaching groups in clubs and bars.


9. She’s not horny

Women, just like men, are horny and not horny at different times. Men are horny when they haven’t came for some time and are eating and sleeping well. Women are horny when they are ovulating and they are physically and mentally healthy. You can do certain things to get them to feel horny, but because you probably just met her, it is most likely something that is out of your hands.


10. She’s in love

#10 is the reason that has caused the Brad Pitts and George Clooney’s of the world many rejections. When a woman is really in love, the man she’s in love with takes on a larger than life value in her mind. No man can be the equal to this emotionally boosted center of her universe. Good luck not getting rejected by this girl. Your best bet is to go indirect and just wait (probably a very long time). Because, just as women fall in love, they also fall out of love.


My girl

This whole article was written because I have been dating a girl for quite some time now. I have been using a key logger (check out my book about me key logging my ex’s) to watch how she reacts with men. Let me brag for a minute and tell you… she is an angel. Guys message her constantly trying for a shot at her, but they have no idea that they really don’t stand a chance. As long as she’s in love with me, she’s quite out of reach. Because she’s in love, she is 100% honest with me. She tells me every time a guy messages her and, if he’s even close to hitting on her, she tells me what he said.

If you are the guy on the other side of this message and can’t get anywhere, it’s not because there is anything wrong with you, it’s because this is a girl who is emotionally unavailable. Of course keeping her in love with me requires relationship game. It’s something I have been doing a lot of lately and you can expect some articles about it in the future.


What can you learn from this?

Now that you know my 10 most likely reasons why she said no, I hope you have an understanding why approaching is necessary and why you should never take it personally. If you have a fault you can’t fix, the simple solution is math; just approach more girls. The percentage of girls who say yes may be lower because of it, but if you approach more girls, eventually it will balance out with a guy who doesn’t approach much but doesn’t have this fault. So there is no excuse! Alright you lady killers, get out there and get rejected.

reasons why she said no



Learn from me

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