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Reader’s Adventures: Josh Bar Goes to Bogota, Colombia

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Reader’s Adventures: Josh Bar Goes to Bogota, Colombia1335645872788

We at Swoop The World are starting a new series of articles called “Reader’s Adventures”. There are a lot of reader’s who have their own amazing stories of swooping the world and we want to hear them. If you would like to submit a story, email the story to: It could be chosen and published on this website for thousands to see.
Today’s Reader Adventure is by a guy you may have seen around, Josh Bar. He’s a pretty active comment’r at swoop the world and he’s about to drop his own tale of adventure and women. The story is about his trip to Bogota, Colombia and how he did in swooping that city.


I was finally a free man. I had received my discharge papers and had just started my terminal leave. I had 80 days in the books so that meant I had 80 days paid vacation by uncle sam.  The adventure had begun. First stop Bogota Colombia.


It was my second day in Colombia.I used Monday to recover from the jet lag while doing some things on the computer and just chilling in the condo. I was staying at Youdamang’s place. In the military you will find some people who will tell you that they are living the dream. Youdamang was living the DREAM. He was stationed in Miami FL, worked Monday – Friday 8am-4pm NO WATCH. He was now on a VOLUNTEER bases “deployment” in the dangerously beautiful Bogota Colombia. A couple of weeks before I got my discharge papers I was having a chat conversation with Youdamang on facebook.
When I told him I was planning a vacation for my terminal leave he told me his current living situation and invited me to come down to his place in Colombia. It really sounded too good to be true, but since I’m About THAT LIFE I was down.
I looked out the window and I was intimidated by the sheer vastness of Bogota. Bogota has an estimated population of 8 million people. Youdamang is the only person I know in Bogota and I felt a little uneasy wandering around this vast city without any guidance and cultural understanding. Plus without a phone getting lost was the last thing I wanted to do. Youdamang finally arrived around 5pm. He was wearing dress shoes,slacks and a button up with tie. No need for a military uniform when your Youdamang and living the dream. Due to his mission statement and profession it was recommended to him to dress business casual as to blend in with the Colombian civilians.  Youdamang asked me what I had been up to during the day.
Me: I just stayed home and chilled
Youdamang: What you didn’t go out and enjoy that city?
Me: Naw i’m scared I don’t know where to go. I was waiting for you.
Youdamang: Just go out and explore its nice out there.
I spent a couple days in Bogota a couple years ago and a lot of the city looks pretty shady. I can understand why people thinking Colombia is crazy dangerous can affect their ability to have fun, but after spending 3 months there I realized most the danger in Colombia happens to guys that ask for it. Unless you are very unlucky, they worst that will happen to you is getting robbed at gunpoint (give them your money and it’s over… and you have a good story). Josh Bar’s friend, Youdamang,  knew this as well.
Later on in the evening we headed out into the city to get some food. He showed me that there was nothing to be scared of and reassured me by telling how he has gone home alone stumbling drunk in the middle of the night and never had a problem.( Ironically he showed me a mall that was bombed by the notorious Pablo Escobar and an Irish Pub that had been Bombed not to long ago but had already been rebuilt). As the evening turned into night we stopped by this little bar he had established as his pregame spot. We drank a bottle of Aguardiente. Aguardiente (fiery water in Spanish) is the national liquor of Colombia. If you haven’t experienced Aguardiente I would say imagine a clear Jagermeister. Being a Monday there wasn’t much going on so we called it a night.


I decided to take Youdamang’s advice and explore the city. It winded up being one of the greatest daygame experiences I ever had. The first girl who gave me her number turned out to be a beer model very sexy. The second girl who gave me her number had a spectacular physique. Imagine a blonde Jessica rabbit with a 40in ass. She had a comic book body long story short she was crazy and I didn’t get far with her. For the purpose of this story I will focus on the third girl I met.
After walking around the city for five hours I was tired and on my way back to the condo. I was feeling good after picking up the beer model and Jessica rabbit. Bogota was beautiful with lots to do. Walking through the crowd I locked eyes with this very pretty girl. I couldn’t help but to notice her purple colored leggings that made her legs look great and stand out. As she walked passed me I was like wow. I remember thinking to myself what am I doing I need to engage.
As I looked back, she had turned to look back as well and smiled. That was it that was all that I needed. I fought through the crowd and approached her with confidence. I smiled and said something along the lines of.
“hey I couldn’t help but to notice you I really like you style and I wanted to come say hi. The color purple looks great on you.”
She smiled and welcome my approach “its not purple” she said ” its violet”.
She told me her name and later told me that violet was her favorite color. I told her that from here on out I was going to call her Violet. She liked the nickname and was down with it. I basically told her I was from the states and visiting my friend in Colombia for the first time. She had just gotten out of work and was on her way to catch the Transmilenio bus to go to college. I walked with her for 20 minutes to the bus stop, got her number and had agreed to meet up with her the next day after work.
reader's adventures
This is Violet. We don’t show girl’s faces here at swoop the world, but I have seen her face and I can confirm… she’s a hotty. Nice day gaming Josh Bar.


Meeting up with violet we decided to get some food before her bus arrived. When we finally got to the bus stop we started make out pretty heavy. Public display of affection is perfectly ok in Colombia. She told me that tomorrow would be that last day she would be able to see me until Monday because she didn’t work on Friday.


I had game planned on how I would seal the deal before she left for the weekend. I text her to meet me at the park between her job and the condo. I had bought flowers earlier in the day. I choose the most violet colored flowers I could find. As she walked through the park she called me saying that she couldn’t find me. I told her to keep walking down and that she would see me. I walked down the park and eventually posted up in front of a tree, tucking the flowers behind my back. I saw her in the distance and she eventually saw me leaning up against the tree. She smiled and gave me a hug putting her arms around my shoulders. I told her to give me a bigger hug and wrap her arms around me.
She felt the flowers around my waist and absolutely loved them when I showed them to her. She said that they were her favorite flower and that she didn’t know they came in that shade of violet.
One thing that’s interesting about this part of the story is how Josh Bar goes with an old school flowers move. As he probably knows, getting a girl flowers so early in a relationship with a Western woman can very easily blow up in your face. However, Josh Bar was in a paradise known as Colombia, where the women aren’t like back home. You can compliment her, be a gentleman, basically everything you thought you were supposed to do with girls when you were younger. These girls are not entitled and nice guy game actually works in Colombia. Josh Bar is using that nice guy game and striking gold with it.
I told her that I wanted to go to the condo to grab something before I dropped her off at the bus stop. Getting into my room it was on. Kissing and clothes coming off. I fucked her so hard the condom popped. I remember her flirtatiously asking why the condom had popped. Because I was fucking you hard I said and she smiled. I came all over her back and walked her down to the bus stop.
Success. Good Excuse to head back to the condo Josh Bar.
Here are some sexual digital memories that Josh Bar sent in about his Colombian girls. I only have one thing to say to you all… booty.
reader's adventures 1335653084243


I Was leaving Bogota the next day and she decided to skip a day of college to spend time with me.
The moment of departure had finally come and as we sat at the bus stop. She told me that no man had ever treated her and made her feel the way I did. She sat on the back of the buss and looked out the back window as the buss went its route.
It was a bitter sweet moment. She really liked me. I was feeling good, the seduction was perfect and I felt I would make Casanova proud.  The bitterness comes with the heartbreaking. I had come in with the end in mind. This was just the beginning of the adventure and knew that there were more heartbreaks to come.
Great story Josh Bar; it really brought me back to my time there. Bogota, Colombia is a great travel destination and, as Josh Bar and I have experienced, it is full of some of the most beautiful women in the world. If you would like to read more about Colombia click here. Thanks for the story Josh Bar and for any readers that want to submit a story for a future reader’s adventure, send it to
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