Put Yourself Into A Mood to Charm: Californication

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Put Yourself Into A Mood to Charm: Californication

One of the hardest things about game can be getting into the right mindset so you can kill it. I will share with you my secret that I use to put myself in the mood to charm any girls panties off.

My secret is a show called Californication. I have all six seasons on my computer and I watch them whenever I get time. The reason this show is such a game changer is because of main character Hank Moody. This guy combines alpha behavior with humor to create a character that would be a lady killer in any situation in the real world.

There are many reasons why watching Hank Moody from Californication for hours will not only entertain you but improve your game and here are a few:


He is alpha and ballsy in a fun way:

You know you are alpha when you can pull off kissing another dude. You may not want to punch any guys in the face, but it’s clear that Hank Moody is fearless and that is something that gets every girl on the planet wet.


He never passes up an opportunity (while single):
Every single time a hot girl shows any sign of flirting with Hank Moody, he jumps on it. There is something to be said for never letting an opportunity slip by and watching a guy masterfully take every one of those opportunities can do nothing but good for you.


He is mega aloof:

Hank Moody puts no woman on a pedestal (except maybe his baby mama).


He doesn’t need sex, which makes sex come to him:

Spoiler alert: he ends up banging her. It would happen the same way in the real world too.


He doesn’t care what anybody thinks:

The only person he cares about entertaining, is the only person that matters… himself.


He can charm his way out of anything:

Nuff said.


He is funny in an attractive way:

Best of Hank Moody from Californication

So many comedies these days are hilarious at the expensive of the guy, it’s hard to find guys that are the right type of funny. Hank Moody nails this. Watching this guy over and over again will make you a more fun person to be around and it will put you in the right type of fun mood.


Watch it

If you want to be in a mood to bullshit and enjoy all the moments of a date, it might be a good idea to watch an episode of Californication before the date. Banter may not be the most fun part of dating, but watching this before you go on a date will turn the boring banter into a good time.

We will be lucky if we ever again witness a fictional TV character that is doing so many things so right. He does all this in a way that’s easy to implicate into your own life. Thank god that this series is dozens of hours long, because the more you watch this guy the more you will become like him. You lucky bastards… we lucky bastards.

Alpha hank moody californication
Put yourself in a mood to charm with californication

If you want the near flawless Hank Moody body language, learn about what he does that makes him so attractive and use it in your own body language by reading: The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men

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