The power of Cuddling

The Power of Cuddling

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The Power of Cuddling


You read that right.  It’s powerful, but only if you do it correctly.

In the past I’ve written about how to own a girl and make any slut loyal to you  by sexually dominating her and making her cum like never before.

I’ve written about keeping your frame and not giving in to her shit tests.

There’s quite a bit written about being an “Alpha Male” out there, where this guy is unemotional or grunts at things and doesn’t show vulnerability (usually spot on).

But one of the things you can really do, to own a girls ass,  after doing all that stuff….

Is cuddle the shit out of her.

Let me Explain


It’s one thing if you are just planning on pumping and dumping some girl.  I get that, no need to even go there.

But, it’s another thing if you want to keep a girl for a long term relationship, or add her to your harem.

When you’ve got girls on rotation, you risk losing one or all of your girls (harem collapse) the longer time they are apart from you.

Another guy who’s “more serious” about her might come along (or at least he’s pretending to be) or an ex boyfriend shows up.

Whatever the reason, keeping the girl or girls you like around happens when you observe this formula:

Treat them almost like shit + make them feel special

Now, if you read these other articles, you know what I’m referring to when I saw you can make girls loyal to you for an extended period of time.

What I’ve realized is this; after all that sexual domination and biting there toes and sticking your tongue up there nose and tickling them till they almost pee themselves, it really pays off to show a sweet side.

I’m not talking about being a wimp and letting your guard down by telling her all sorts of compromising things.

I’m talking about grabbing her close to you and using her like a big pillow.  Embrace her.  Almost smother her.

It’s an extension of owning her physically by positioning her the way you want, and holding what is yours.

The power of cuddling

She will feel owned by you.

Just like you have to fuck her like no one ever has, you have to cuddle her ass like no one ever has.

This reinforces the idea that the thought of anyone else touching her is repugnant.

That’s the whole message that’s really going to keep them around.  It’s not just oh I love him, I’ll be loyal“.  It’s “I could never imagine another man besides him touching me“.

I used to not let girls spend the night to set boundaries.  Or when I did I would sleep with my back to them to send the message not to get attached to me.

This is a mistake with the girls you want to keep around.

I had the “treat them almost like shit” thing down pat, this is the part where you make them feel special.

This is the part of paternal love women crave.

What makes this so useful is the contrast between perceived actions, normally you are “alpha” and strong, then you are “intimate” but you do it in an “alpha” way (I really hate the term but it’s the best way to describe what I mean)

It’s a powerful tool and you may find you enjoy it.

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