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Poland part 2: A Unique Country with Feminine Women

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If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 of my trip to Poland

An incredible date with THE Polish girl

I had just arrived late to my date with THE Polish girl (read about her in Part 1) and right away I saw a glimmer in her eye and an inner happiness that was contagious.

Our personalities just jelled. For the first few seconds she was angry, but since then the interaction had been nothing but smiles and laughs.

We decided to go to a bar and talk over a couple beers.

“Order me some good Polish beer.” I told her and she came back from the bar with a couple beers. I took out my wallet to get the bill, but she stopped me “You get the next ones.” Not in LA anymore.

We spent the next hour talking and sipping on our beers. She was still officially in high school (in Poland they are in high school until 19) and lived in the suburbs of the city. She had an over average height, a naturally curvy body (slim waste and wider hips) and was thin.

She spoke English well, but still didn’t have it mastered. I would tease her and make jokes and she would do the same. I laughed at her jokes, but half the time it wasn’t because they were funny. It’s difficult to explain her sense of humor. Half of her jokes aren’t funny, but she loves laughing so much and tries so hard that it’s adorable and impossible not laugh with her.

The whole time the conversation was just about having fun and getting to know each other, exactly how a date should be. I would get fazed a bit by her when I would watch her too much; she was beautiful. She had a beauty that can only be described as an innocent  and it’s my favorite type.

I had to push her pretty face from my mind so I wouldn’t get starry eyed. Luckily, she was so much fun to talk to, that it wasn’t as hard to do as I expected.

We went on a walk to the river and kept talking. We arrived at the river and sat down next to each other, watching the the water and continuing our conversation.

What I felt in that moment was pure happiness. I don’t know how to explain it, but the combination of nature, a new place and culture, good company and a beautiful girl next to me just made it pure bliss.

Hours had flown by and it was already time for her to go. I walked her to her tram stop. I was caught in the moment talking and as we said goodbye, I didn’t even think about kissing her. But when I looked into her big brown eyes before I hugged her goodbye, I knew I couldn’t possibly resist pressing my lips against hers.

Magic. It was a natural kiss (something I don’t do very often). I didn’t kiss her to get in her pants, I didn’t rush the kiss so that I would get her comfortable with me fast… I just wanted to kiss her and it felt right… so I did.

As we say goodbye and she got on her tram, she called back to me “When can we meet again?”

“I’ll message you.” I replied with a genuine smile on my face.

Partying with Polish guys

The Polish guy I was living with had been inviting me to drink with him since I had arrived. I agreed that we would do it this next night. He was a really friendly guy. Maybe he wasn’t upper class or even middle class, but he seemed like an alright guy.

That night I helped him buy beer and he invited over some friends. We drank and talked. I told them stories about my travels and shared pictures and they would tell me about their desires to hook up with girls from other parts of the world. They were cool guys.

We went on a midnight stroll for some beers and snacks. While we were walking one of the guys with us made a comment to another group of guys and somebody in the other group responded. Immediately he was getting in a fighting stance and yelling. My roommate was trying to pull him away.

All I understood of the Polish was

“Curva something  curva. something something curva mach.” Curva being the equivalent of fuck in English.

The guys he picked a fight with looked young and the opposite of intimidating. I’m about 6’1 and 180 lbs and I was the biggest guy in the two groups pretty easily.

My roommate pulled him away and I asked what they said. To be honest I can’t remember what it was all about, but I do remember that it was no big deal. Not fighting words at all. The friend just wanted to fight seeing that our group would easily win. It was my first look into the lower class culture of guys in Poland; something that can really ruin some night game experiences in Poland.

6 Foot, Blonde and Boobs

The next night, I went out again with the same guy from RVF from Part 1. So far, girls in Poland were living up to their reputations. I had to get back out there. To be honest, this night is pretty hazy. I remember that I only got two numbers (wasn’t in a very social mood). Of those two numbers I can only remember one and the one I got was thanks to my RVF wing. *shoutout*

We were on the street in the nightlife area when two girls walked past. One was quite tall and blonde and the other was a redhead. Their winter wear hid their bodies.

The RVF wing approached and did his typical thing where he would walk past them, check them out, wait 10 seconds then literally run after them. It was a funny style and it was funnier how often he would follow it exactly. However, it’s a style that takes balls and I saw it pay off for him (and me in this instance) plenty.

He approached the girls and I followed behind, jumping into conversation with the other of the two girls. We sat there talking and I hit it off with the 6 foot blonde and something I immediately noticed, as a boob man, was her rack.

I talked about travel and adventure and she told me about her recent travels in Eastern Europe. She was very outgoing and the conversation flew by. We must have stood there and talked for 40 minutes in the street before her friend pulled her away. I got her number and minutes later she was texting me asking when we could see each other.

I set up a date for two days later, because the next night I had a date with THE Polish girl.

My second date with THE Polish girl

The only word to explain the previous date with THE Polish girl would be… magical and planning the next date went flawlessly because she made no attempt to play games and pretend not to like me. I agreed to see her again, but I have had too much experience (learned the hard way) with girls and didn’t show her the same interest.

It set everything up well and we met at a park. The day was cloudy and it was slightly raining. I looked up at the sky and noticed that the clouds coming towards us were very dark.

“It’s going to rain,” I told her. “we could go see a movie at my place.”

She accepted. To be honest I’m sure she would have agreed to do anything with me in that moment. I probably would have done the same.

We got back to my room just in time because it started pouring outside. Coupled with the flashes of lighting and sounds of thunder, we knew we had been lucky in our timing.

We went up to my room and my roommate and his girlfriend were home. He started talking to The Polish girl and he gave me a thumbs up as I led her into my room.

Almost immediately after I started the movie, I kissed her again and I could have been happy just kissing. The sounds of the storm outside and the knowledge that I was safe and warm inside with this young girl helped me to really live in the moment. I felt like I was 16 again, experiencing things for the first time.

Battle hardened experience made me start escalating and she resisted. I did my typical LMR stuff and got to second base.

Still, her resistance confused me. This girl was VERY into me and I had never had so much resistance from a girl who was already sold on me… with one exception. The thought crossed my mind.

“Are you a virgin?”

She stayed silent for a few moments. Looking up at me with a near puppy dog eyes.


Everything started to make sense. I had read one thing wrong; when you ask a girl to come back to your place to see a movie, about 8 out of 10 knows what that means. However, this innocent girl had no idea that I would try to seduce her.

Her innocence was sexy and I stopped pushing so much and just enjoyed being with her. We lay in bed and kissed and (sort of) watched the movie. The constant thunder outside dwarfed the sound of my speakers. I was living a movie much more interesting than this one on my computer screen.

Our hours together flew by. Before we knew it was 10 pm and time for her to go home. I looked outside. Thunder crackled and the rain came down hard.

“You sure it’s the safest time to go home?”

“No, but my parents are very strict, I must be at home.”

When you have had over a hundred girls in the previous year, it starts to make you supremely aloof and uncaring about taking care of them the way you should. After all, there just isn’t enough time to do that with so many girls.

Out of habit the thought crossed my mind to send her on her way, I really didn’t want to go out in that storm.

It was only a moment because, after looking into her eyes, I knew I had to make sure this girl made it to her bus stop safely. Youth and innocence are powerful weapons that can infiltrate even the hardest players. This girl was so real with me. She played no games and it made me revert from my more asshole game to being more of a good guy.

We shared an umbrella on the way to her stop, but the umbrella didn’t help much. Rain was blowing into us at a 90 degree angle. I wasn’t even holding the umbrella above us, it was more in front of us. It also didn’t help that the streets were completely flooded. We made it to her stop, but we were drenched.

We said goodbye and the cold, long walk back to the apartment wasn’t so bad because I was able to reflect on a great night with a great girl.

Date with the 6′ blonde

The next night I had my date with the 6′ blonde from the other night. She arrived on time and I arrived my usual 20 minutes late. After Latin American lateness, I was still surprised how often girls in Poland were on time.

She was one of those girls that talked a lot, so it took a lot of talking on my part to keep up with her. Luckily, I wrote the book The Perfect Conversation, so everything went smoothly.

She was 21 years old and it became obvious pretty quickly that her family had a lot of money. They owned some businesses in Poland. She wasn’t from that city, but was just there for university.

We kept talking and a couple hours passed quickly.

“I have to go back to my apartment to take care of something for rent,” She told me. “but if you want you can come with me.”

I wasn’t about to let this blonde girl with a rack like that get away.


Back at her apartment the same red head girl from before came over. We all talked and went on a walk through a park close to her apartment. While we were walking I hinted at the fact that I wanted to spend time alone with her and she said something to her friend.

We returned to her apartment and her friend said goodbye. The 6′ blonde girl and I were alone at last.

“Are you hungry?” I was.

“Yeah.” I said.

“What do you want? I will cook you something.”

She had told me how much she loved cooking and taking care of guys. I asked her to make me something Polish, but something quick.

She started preparing the food and I talked about how many American girls would never act like this. I started talking about feminism and how I wasn’t a fan. Then, I heard for just the second time in my life (both times within the last week)

“I hate feminism.”

We continued our conversation with plenty of feminism bashing and 10 minutes later we were eating Polish sausages, tea  and sandwiches.

“It’s pretty late,” she told me. “The trams are closed now, but you can stay here tonight if you want.”

Wow… am I gaming this girl or this girl gaming me?

“Yeah that would probably be best. Thanks.”

As she started cleaning up after the food she made, I pulled her close to me and kissed her. She had been waiting for it. To be honest, I had wanted to do it earlier, but she was always enthusiastically talking about something and the moment always seemed so wrong. I had had to just interrupt her and go for it.

We kept kissing as I pushed her against the cushion counter.

“Why don’t you get ready for bed. I will clean this up and get ready too. You can shower if you want.”


She showed me where the towels were and I kissed her again. She climbed on top of my lap and we started kissing more and more. Then, I undid her bra and took her shirt off. Wow. That was the rack I was waiting for. I love blonde girl racks, no idea what my obsession is with their pink nipples, but it turns on my animal instinct.(In part 3 I will upload nude pics of her, so you can see the rack yourself.)

She stopped me and said that we should get ready for bed. She made her bed and got me a towel.

She showered after me and I laid in her bed and played on my phone until the door opened.

There was the tall blonde girl, standing there in SEXY red lingerie. She walked towards me slowly in a sexy walk, I’m sure she had practiced, and the lights went out. It was a great night.

A great night with a sexy girl but…

I woke up the next morning next to the 6′ blonde. Her naked body was half hugging mine. Even then, my first thoughts upon awakening were about THE Polish girl. I had to see her again.

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