(Podcast) with Dash – Best Country in Asia to get laid? City? Food? Tourism? Budget? And more.

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Because you guys seemed to really like the last podcast, here is another. This time I bring Dash from the forum on to talk about Asia. We both share our opinions on different things like what the best country in Asia is to get laid. Hope you guys enjoy. Here are some of the things we will talk about in the podcast:

Dash and I give our opinions on the following questions:

  • The best country in Asia to get laid
  • The best city in Asia to get girls
  • The best country for over all travel experience
  • The Philippines vs. Thailand girls, nightlife etc.

Dash shares his experiences on living in:

  • South Korea
  • Vietnam


Comment Below Future Topics

If you guys enjoyed the podcast let us know. We are still in the experimental stage, so it’s good to know what you guys like. Also I want more ideas for future topics in podcasts, so leave any of those in the comments as well.


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