How Players Should Treat Women

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Most of you on this website are guys who think like myself. You are most likely a guy who has a higher than average sex drive and a lust for adventure. That is, basically, what this website is all about. Because of this it is very likely you are a player. Why do I say that? Because inside of every man, is the desire to sleep with many different women.

Don’t believe me? Ask any guy who disagrees if he only masturbates to one porn actress. I rest my case. This drive is very strong, especially in guys like us. We do not have to apologize for this high sex drive, we don’t have to torture ourselves and not do what our deepest instincts are screaming at us to do. We can, will and do sleep with a huge amount of women because at our deepest level it makes us happy. This… is a good thing. However, there are good ways to go about doing this and bad ways, and they all have to do with how you treat the girls you sleep with. Here is how I believe players should treat women.

Making sure she has a great time with you

The better you are with women, the better you are at this part. A good player will make the date something she genuinely enjoys. After all, if you don’t do that, you may not end up getting laid. It’s something that guys who sleep with a lot of girls don’t get credit for: women tend to have a great time with these men. And that’s the way it should be, whether it lasts a night or years.

Kicking her out

Sometimes, after sex, our hormones die down and our logical brain takes over again. It’s in these moments that we realize (sometimes for the first time) that we don’t like these girls at all. The only thing making us feel something for these girls was passion. What happens then is an overwhelming desire for the girl to leave.

This is where many players can be the biggest dicks. I’ve been there. I came, I’m sleepy and I just want to be alone. I want to just call her a taxi or Uber and be done with it, but… I have learned to fight that urge.

No girl wants to feel like she was just used. Even if, before sex, you thought you would keep seeing her. From her point of view, it doesn’t matter. So to have good player etiquette you should ignore this, just for a bit.

After sex tease her a bit, ask some interesting pillow talk questions and cuddle. Make her feel like she wasn’t just used. Maybe watch or finish watching a movie. Then, use an excuse for why she has to go. “I don’t want you here.” Is not a good excuse, although it may be true. “I have to wake up early for work/ go to work.” is good, or you could use “I told my friend we would meet up soon.” These are called white lies, unimportant lies told not to hurt the person.

She just helped you with your insatiable desire for sex, so even if it wasn’t like you imagined, I feel like you have a responsibility to not make her feel like shit. Compliment her a bit on the amazing things about her (almost every girl I ever met had a couple really incredible characteristics). Boost her confidence a bit before you end up kicking her out. This will also help her look at her experience with you in a positive light and not a negative one.

Paying for transportation, dinner, etc.

I have changed in this over the years, but I have found a way to do this that is ethically good. Basically, I look at the means of the girl and I judge it from there. If the girl is a poor university student, with nothing to her name, I may buy her dinner, and I will most definitely send her home in an Uber. However, if the girl has plenty of money, but just expects me to do all this because I’m the man, then I will charmingly decline. This also depends on their culture because there are some cultures where women just don’t pay for anything and as a traveler you may run into that, but usually I stick to this way of deciding what to pay for.

Before sex, I will many times just do what I can so that the moment isn’t ruined. Like if I had a great date and I can tell a girl is really into me, and then she looks at me when the check comes, I will just pay it. It’s not worth killing the vibe to go off of principal (especially before you slept with her).

Letting her down gently

This is something that players have to do hundreds of times. I have tried every single way of letting a girl down and there is one way that is clearly the least hard on them: the fade away.

Many girls will tell you “Just be honest if you don’t want to see me again.” They may think they believe that, but they don’t. I’ve done it that way and almost every single time the girl becomes hurt. Whether they show that in sadness or anger, it’s always the same. That’s why you want to do the fade away.

If she writes you again, don’t ignore her message, but don’t be overly enthusiastic either. The idea is that you don’t rock her psychologically at any time. You let her down easily. You are still respectful and nice, but she gets the hint that you aren’t interested in a delicate way. Then, you slowly stop talking to her.

When you do this right, this is what goes through a woman’s mind:

“Oh he is cold, it’s possible I won’t see him again, but who knows.”

Then a couple days later: “Yeah he hasn’t responded much, but he is starting to fade from my mind because we haven’t talked much.”

Then a week later: “I had a great time with him so I won’t forget him, but I see it won’t get anywhere so I will only think of him from time to time from here on out.”

It is very important that you are not charming after you decide you don’t want to see her again, but also that you don’t straight up ignore her. When you ignore a girl you actually make her like you more, so this will make it more difficult for her.

“Are you sleeping with other women?”

The answer to this question will of course depend on what kind of a relationship you have with the girl. With girls you just met and slept with for the first time, it’s easier to blow off the question. However, when it is a girl you really like and have been seeing a bit, it gets more complicated.

In this situation I do all I can to not answer the question (if I intend on seeing other girls). When you dodge the question, she will obviously see what you are doing. She will suspect you are seeing other girls, but when she confronts you and asks:

“Are you sleeping with other girls?”

Respond “You are the only girl I have feelings for, what do you think?” It’s true, she is the only girl you have feelings for or you wouldn’t be dating her for so long. But you, as a man, have a strong desire to sleep with other women and as a player you have the looks, skills, charm, etc. to be able to pull it off. So you aren’t quite ready for that. You are responding in an honest way without having to say that you are fucking other girls.

I have tried many different responses to this question and I can tell you that making her confront the reality that you are sleeping with other girls will be very hard on her. Much harder than her continuing to simply suspect you are. In my opinion, this is the best way to go about it.

While fucking other girls, it’s best to only go raw with your main girl. You have feelings for her and, most likely, the other girls are just sex. It’s best not to risk giving the girl you care about an STD from a tinder slut you met.

This is How Players Should Treat Women

This is how I think players should treat women. If there is anything I missed, feel free to add it in the comments below. If you disagree with anything I said, you can respectfully do so in the comments as well. I am currently in Colombia and have a bit of free time, so if anybody wants to do an hour long Skype consult call with me, I will be able. I’ve now done hundreds of these and never once has somebody felt like they didn’t get their money’s worth. The information about your future trip, girls or game are things that can save you thousands of dollars or hours if you have to figure it out yourself. If you are interested email me at

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