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What is the perfect male body type according to women?

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perfect male body type


What is the perfect male body type according to women?

I’ve recently just hit 200 lbs (about 90 kgs). I’m starting to get quite bulky and the strangest thing of all is that the women in my life are telling me not to get any bigger. This was confusing to me, until I really looked more into it. See, I was trying to look like the body on the right of the image above. To me, it was the perfect body type, however, only 1% of women preferred that image to the other 5.


The perfect male body type

Now, some of you may say “it doesn’t matter what women like, lifting weights is done for yourself.” and they’d be right, to a point. They are (and I was) getting bigger for themselves, not for women. However, if you are looking at the perfect male body type, it can only be judged by what women find most attractive. We can’t be like the overweight women who say “to me I’m beautiful so I don’t need to change” or even the body builder type women who make themselves significantly less attractive.

To find out what the perfect male body type is, this study is excellent.

You will notice that women prefer a guy without too much muscle, but looks naturally muscled with a lower body fat percentage.


So how much muscle and body fat % should you shoot for?

I watched a YouTube video (far from scientific), but in the video girls from different parts of the world were asked whether they wanted to date particular men based only on a picture of them. After all the pictures were shown, there was one guy who had the most enthusiastic response; this guy:

perfect male body type

He has the bad boy image and good looks, but most importantly… I would say he has the perfect male body. It’s muscular but not bulky. He also has a low body fat percentage and you can see it in his abs. If you want to shoot for anything (from an attraction standpoint) this should be it.

 Ideal male body according to females


What part of your body should you focus on?

This is another important question and again I will treat women’s instincts as the overall authority on the subject. I checked out another study that asked what the most attractive male body feature is. The results were very interesting.  I imagined, height would be by far the most important… not even close. Penis size? Nope. What women overwhelmingly liked the most, was the broad shoulders, narrow waist shoulder to hip ratio. In other words, the V shaped torso and back.

It wasn’t just an overall preference… women overwhelmingly voted for this. So, in the gym your priority should be broadening your shoulders, narrowing your waist and working on your back. But don’t forget the other body parts or you will start to look very strange.


So bodybuilder is not the perfect body type?

It’s naturally in men to respect size, so for me as well it seems like it is what I should go for. However, one quote comes to mind

“If you’re arms looked like a stuffed sausage, it’s not attractive”

This girl is talking about the huge arms of a body builder. Men’s obsession with being bigger and bigger is natural, just as it is natural for women to be attracted to a more “natural” look.

I’m not saying body builders should give it up because of women. If it makes you happy, fuck what women think. It’s still way better than being scrawny. Even more, the confidence that goes with it will end up helping you with women a ton.


Now that we know the perfect male body type according to females

Now that I will know it, I will push more towards it. However, I don’t want to lose much muscle mass because I like the feeling of being bigger than most guys. I will find a nice compromise (Brad Pitt was 155 lbs in the picture that women loved at the top). I want to always look strong, but I will work on a natural look with a lower body fat. Ideally I will look just like the guy in the motorcycle pic. Use this information how you want, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you think something is attractive in men, that women think the same thing.


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