Paul Walker Was More Than A Pretty Face

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Paul Walker Was More Than A Pretty Face

Paul walker had game, he had charm, and he had near flawless body language. As the author of The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men, I can tell you Paul Walker naturally mastered those 9 laws. He was one of the perfect people to watch if you wanted to improve your charm and body language. Yesterday he was killed in a car crash and I wouldn’t say that only the women of the world are mourning. I have respect for game, and Paul Walker had it.


Body Language

Body language IS what turns ugly men into handsome men. If you don’t believe me, look at these two pictures of Sasha Cohen.

Shitty Body Language:

sasha cohen looking ugly


Now look at the same actor with better body language:

Sasha Cohen looking handsome


This first picture can only be described as ugly, while in the second picture he looks handsome. Why? Because body language is nearly everything in terms of looks with men. By simply smiling the right way, Sasha Cohen was completely transformed. That IS the BIGGEST PART of what people call “good looks” in men.

Paul Walker was naturally good looking.

smiling eyes paul walker

But even in this picture he is practicing solid body language. This is not a completely relaxed face, this is a facial expression he has trained to look attractive. He is using one of the 9 Laws from my book (smiling eyes) to look handsome.

Paul Walker also moved slowly and confidently. He knew how to completely smile the right way and had excellent eye contact. He took up space in his postures and movements.

Paul Walker knew how to talk as well. He had a deeper voice. It was slow and it was clear; the type of voice that hypnotizes women. This type of body language is what made Paul Walker charming and charismatic.


Charm and Charisma

Body language is one of the biggest factors in being charming and charismatic but there are other things that contribute to this as well. The best example of charm and charisma making somebody attractive is actually Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

nightmare before christmas jack

Jack is charming, he is charismatic and he is a leader. He is also hideous to look at. His face is a skeleton and he is as scrawny as they come. However, go start asking girls if they think Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas is sexy. You will be surprised by how attractive this character is to women. Why?

Jack is attractive because his passion and body movements make him charismatic. His speech makes him charming. When girls look at Jack they don’t see the ugly skeleton with fucked up teeth, all they can see is that charm and charisma. Paul Walker had a similar affect, but he combined it with his good looks to make him even better looking to women, it made him a sex symbol.

Paul Walker’s tone of voice, slow and clear contributed to him being charismatic, but he also knew how to be passionate just like Jack. He knew how to be charming to get what he wanted.



It’s hard to say exactly how much game Paul Walker had because we really only got to see him acting, but in his movies he was full of it. He was completely confident in every one of his movies. He was fearless at all times, never afraid to dive into danger and never afraid to go after whichever girl he found attractive. You combine that with his amazing body language and you have an automatic lady killer.


RIP Paul Walker

It’s always sad when such an alpha dude’s life is cut short, but at least Paul Walker can say he really lived. He used everything he had to make him successful, in his career and with women. It’s a sad day for all men who appreciate body language, that we will not be able to see more of him in movies and have that body language rub off on us. RIP Paul Walker, you were more than a pretty face.,0,6107365.story

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