pocahontas sexy panama

Panama City, Panama and Pocahontas

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Panama City, Panama and Pocahontas

pocahontas sexy panama

The Bus Ride

The bus ride from Costa Rica was long, but the sleeping pills I took helped time fly by. When I arrived at the border,the sleeping pills were still in my system and as I waited in line, I kept falling asleep.

I would close my eyes, fall asleep, almost tip over, then wake myself up. This probably happened 20 times while waiting in line. The people around me looked at me like I was an alien.

Finally I got past the border and it was back to sleeping on the bus. I arrived in Panama City at 4 am and slept for a couple of hours. I woke up early and was ready to explore the city before my date I had set up that night.

Panama City is an OK city. What surprised me was the amount of black people that I hadn’t seen anywhere else in Central America. The city was ok and a girl told me that citizens of Panama only pay 5% taxes. Lucky.


Jungle Princess

5 Pm came quickly and I was ready for my date. I had webammed with this girl, so I had already been gaming her and had basically done all of the work. She agreed to come straight to my hotel after work.

When she arrived I was surprised because not only was she prettier in person than on cam, but she looked SOOOOO much like the Disney character Pocahontas. I have seen a lot of Latinas and even Native Americans in my life and I had never seen a girl that looked so much like Pocahontas. It was sexy as hell. The best part of all was that the thing that made her different was that she was curvier than Pocahontas (in a good way, not a fat way… you will see further down when I show pictures).

This girl had tits, ass, great curves and a face that looked like Pocahontas. Hell yeah! I went to work on seducing her and breaking down LMR right away.

I thought this part would be easy because of all the seduction I had done via webcam, but it was still difficult. It took a couple hours of freeze outs, teasing, turning her on, and all sorts of tricks, but I finally got the lay… and it was satisfying! She was my favorite girl in Central America by far and I already knew it. Panamanian flag obtained.

I really enjoyed just staring at this girl naked and admiring… I will share a bit of this with you as well. Your welcome.

pocahontas panama naked


The next day and my next girl

She ended up staying the night with me and had to go to work the next day. I went out and explored the city again. I had a date later with another girl I had met online (Learn my online dating strategy here). I hadn’t webcammed with this girl, but she seemed OK to meet and seemed cute.

When I met this girl I saw that she had a cute face and fun personality. Gaming her was enjoyable, but I was getting a slight slut vibe from her. I walked her back to my hotel and she stopped me.

“I have to go, my mom will be worried where I am. Can we see each other tomorrow?”

I decided to go on my hunch about her being a slut and from how she agreed to meet so easily (hot girl willing to meet me from online without much gaming or webcam is a flag). I told her I wouldn’t be able to see her tomorrow or for a bit after tonight (gave her an ultimatum if she wanted me).

It worked.

5 minutes later she was up in my room and I was undressing her piece by piece.

She had a cute face, but to be completely honest I didn’t like her body much. The best way I can explain it is that it was “loose”. She wasn’t overweight or anything, but even though she was only 18, she had obviously had a kid and it hadn’t been good to her body.

We finished and I looked at the clock. Oh Shit… Pocahontas was supposed to come to my room in 5 minutes! What excuse could I use to get this girl out of my room in the next 2 minutes?

“Mierda – Shit!” I said. “Tengo que trabajar en 5 minutos y es muy importante! – I have to work in 5 minutes and its very important!”

I put on my clothes quickly and she followed suit, sensing the urgency in my voice. She got dressed and asked me to walk her out.

“Lo siento debo trabajar – I’m sorry I must work.”

I usually like being more of a gentleman, but I didn’t want to risk Pocahontas (my favorite Central American girl so far) seeing me walking out with another girl.

She left and I laid in bed waiting.

Literally 30 seconds later I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and there is Pocahontas looking sexy as hell. My heart was beating rapidly and her sexy dress showing off her cleavage didn’t slow it down.

I had almost been caught… If I would have walked her down I would have been screwed. It made me rethink how I would spend the rest of my time in Panama.

I blew off the rest of my dates (including a girl I had already met that was a pretty sexy half black girl). All because I wanted to spend it with Pocahontas (and I didn’t want to mess it up.)


The Flight

The day of my flight arrived and I said a sad goodbye to Pocahontas. However… it wasn’t too sad because I was about to go to the country I hadn’t been to for 2 years, the country where I remember the most beautiful women… I was about to go to Colombia.


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