beach santa marta

Guest Post – Nights on the Beach in Santa Marta, Colombia

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A Short Night on the Beach in Santa Marta, Colombia

beach santa marta

Today’s guest article is from Franz Saint-Fleur, you may have seen his comments around. He’s been a reader for a while and you know we always have our readers’ backs, so check out his YouTube channel. Then, read his article; Nights on the Beach in Santa Marta, Colombia.


A Short Night on the Beach

As we approach Santa Marta I look outside the windows of the van and saw the Sun slowly drawn into the Atlantic ocean.  I was supposed to return a few years back, but I’ll save that for a different story. Two of my younger cousins joined me for this affair.  My cousin Will leans forward and says “ It’s spring break in Colombia, so most of the college students are heading towards the coastline to party.”  A small grin overtook my face, my eyes lowered.

My cousin Will has seen this look before, it’s time to get busy with the first hot chick I see.   Will has seen me working in Barranquilla, but Josh who’s the youngest has never seen me interact with women.  Josh is 18 and shy so it’s my job might I add my DUTY to instill in him a strong sense of confidence with women.  I wanted to give him what I did not receive when I was 18, which was the guidance with women.

 We finally reach the heart of Santa Marta where Fransisco met us. Francisco is the owner of the bachelor pad we’ve rented to stay in. After settling into the beach view man cave we headed out. We walked on the beach catching up on old times and the past few years, checked out local bars and clubs. I checked out the best places to meet women after all this is what we came here for. All I saw was a ton of underage girls trying to make a grown man catch a case.

    Next Day…

“It’s hot in here!” said Josh

“Let’s go for a swim?” Will suggested

Yet again a beach full of teenagers, 12 to 17-year-olds with one or two older couples. The night was the same deal but worse than last. All I’m thinking “I did not come her for this shit!”  “Shit! I forgot!” said my cousin in English so few around us can understand. “Forgot what!” I said with a panic sounding voice. “It’s spring break for high school students this week. The college spring break isn’t until next week!” Josh and I are confused because Will is currently in college and on spring break. “I forgot that my college is a specialty private school and we celebrate holidays a week earlier. So my spring break is the same as the high school students.”

Great now we are stuck in this beautiful place with girls almost 15 years younger than us. “All the girls here are fucking jailbait dude, and in Colombia, the legal age of sexual consent is 18,” Will tells us. “So you can date but you can’t fuck? Evening dating a super young chick like that is creepy for me.” as I say that I glance at Josh who has a grin on his face. Then it hits me, “Josh you’re 17, this is perfect for you.” His smile quickly disappears. “No, I’m ok man… I’ll just hang out and drink.” (FYI you have to be 18 to drink in Colombia but no one really checks.) “One of us is getting laid on this trip and since Will is getting married and I am too old for these chicks, that leaves you. We will help.” Nervous and scared Josh gives a slight nod.

   Bar after bar, club after club Will and I would approach women, bring them to Josh and he would????? Fumble on words, sometimes not even try to talk to them, all he would say is “Hola, mi nombre es Josh” translation “Hi, my name is Josh” Then he’ll stare at the floor or in space while the girl would try to have a conversation then give up after he would give one word answers. What he was really saying was “I am scared to talk to women.” But what the girls hear is “I am inexperienced with women, I need you to play the man’s role and do all the work in seducing yourself for me.” No woman wants to do your job as a man when it comes to seducing her.

I asked Josh what was his biggest fear when talking to women. “Josh, give me an honest answer.” I tell him with concern. Josh told me it’s his fear of messing up with women, so I give him a crash course in pickup 101. “I just wished I can show you but there are so many teens where I might not be able to.” After a long day of teaching Josh the ropes to picking up women we took it in to get rest for his tryouts tomorrow.


Rise and Shine. We woke up to a pint of Hennessy and shots of Remy Martin. When the night snuck in we decided to go to this club not to far from the man cave. I immediately scanned the room and found a table to seat at. That’s when I saw her. Long black hair overflowed over her back like a waterfall. Her shape resembles an hourglass, with boobs and ass to match. She was with her younger and equally attractive sister. I wanted both of them but since pickings were slim to none I decided to go for that younger sister hoping she was of age.

I saw my opportunity when they played a bachata song, I immediately stood up from our table without telling my cousins what I was doing. “Hola, would you like to dance?” I asked I made sure to add a little accent. Some latinas love a foreign man, other will be extra polite to foreigners by not rejecting their initial approach. So I made sure to put the odds in my favor.

She smiled softly while yes rolled off her tongue, then I knew this was only the beginning. As we dance I ran game, made her laugh and asked her name. “Marylin” she responded. “Who are you with?” I ask to find out the logistics of the group. The people she is with will affect how she acts. She might not make out with a stranger if her boyfriend’s sister is there. She might not go home with me if her judgmental co-workers are with her. I think about these little tidbits to be aware of when interacting with women.

“I am here with my friends from school.” Me thinking she might still be here with a guy she likes but I got out my mind and watched her stiff movements to the beat of the song. She had that innocent fear, that fear most of us have when we’re young. But she seems too young, “How old are you?” I asked as the Dj switched from bachata to salsa. “I’m 16.” her young voice said I immediately dismiss her by walking her to her table and no explanation.

As I walked back to my table I looked back and caught her older sister glanced at me, her eyes undressed me and for a moment, I froze. As I sat down, my cousins asked the details of the three minutes dance that felt like ten. As the words come out of my month I saw the older sister grab her things and head towards the exit. ” Be careful wouldn’t want you to break your neck!” my cousin Will said jokingly noticing me staring . That’s when I felt it, the venom pours itself into my veins. The venom of fear, approach anxiety, and doubt. I got nervous, but I needed to act fast. Not only because she was leaving, which I might not ever see her again. But also because the best cure for the venom is action. My feet lifted me off the couch and before I knew it I was outside next to her. I tapped on her shoulder the one she was not using to carry her purse. I avoid touching a woman’s arm where she carries her purse, wouldn’t want her to think I’m a purse snatcher.

“Wait, why are you leaving so soon?” I asked nervously. ” I’m not I’m just going to buy cigarettes.” she respond with a sassy grin “Oh, ok cool when you’re done let’s talk might I add I like your style” I said while winking trying not to look like a creep. She smiles and stopped, waiting for me to Iead the conversation as if the cigarettes meant nothing anymore “Who are you here with?” I quickly asked “My daughter, she’s the one you danced with earlier. She and her friends are on spring break and I am their chaperone.” she responded. I knew they were related but I never would’ve guess her fine ass were old enough to be Marylin’s mother… Usually, I don’t give too many compliments early in the interaction but for her, I made an exception.

Her cheeks turned a crescent. We chit chatted some more and agreed to meet up later after she drops off her daughter and friends. About an hour later, I called her to see if she was up to grab a drink by the beach. She told me she was already there and suggested I join her. My cousins didn’t believe that she wanted to meet me afterward. That’s why I laughed when we all walk to the beach and she gave me a hug as soon as I approached her. Their mouth dropped as their eyebrows raised.

After a quick introduction, we walked solo alone the beach. The wave gentle smack the sand, the full moon follows us giving us light. We seat far from my company, I had a bottle of rum and some coca-cola. We sipped, drink after drink and that’s when I tried my pre-kiss line. “I’m jealous of that cup…” “What do you mean?” she asks. “That cup gets to touch your lips before I do…”. As an evil smile emerges on my face. Sounds lame but works every time. A few minutes later we were making out.

After talking and making out some more I invited her back to my place. She declines. After some more making out my fingers creep up her left thigh causing her body to shivered. I got close to her panty line. As soon as I felt her hand going to stop me I stopped that’s my way not to get a “no” or “we’re moving too fast” speech. This will make her start wondering why I stopped. It keeps her guessing whether or not I want to have sex with her. Which made her nervous and horny at the same time. I do this to her a few more times. “I want you so bad” she struggles to say as I nibble on her neck while pulling her hair. Now she is horny as fuck. I again invite her back to my place, or invite myself to her place but she declines again. “I can’t I have my daughter and her friends. Tomorrow we can figure something out. “Baby I leave tomorrow in the morning.” A look of disappointment comes across her face. I grab her hand and not knowing where to go we start walking along the shore.

Minutes pass by but it seems like hours have passed. We walk and talk, mentioned how her eyes match the night sky. I told her what made me notice her was her long black hair. “I thought you notice me for my…” I stop her from completing her sentence. ” I notice your smile before I noticed that…” I spot a small boat a few yards away from us. It looks abandoned so I take her hand and walk to it. The small boat was smaller than I realized but I jumped in and helped her in. I told her to close her eyes and image us escaping in this boat. Then I kissed her, thinking this is my chance.

This boat will be our hotel, I rip her shirt off faster than peeling off a bandaid. I bit her nipples gently. Her breast are the size of melons. My hands grabs her nice plump ass and I lift her off her tiny feet placing her soft body onto the floor. She rips my shirt off. She grabs my face pulling me closer to her.

“I haven’t made love in a long time. Please go easy.” she said while removing my belt. As I take her pants off I feel how wet she is. Her panties felt as if she spilled warm oil on them. I gaze at her pretty, shaved pussy. I helped her take off my shorts. “The wood is cold.” she states, so I pick her up. Jump out of the boat onto the sand with her still wrapped around me. I gently place her back to the sand. I grab a condom, as I slide it in I hear her say.

” I love you.” I was caught off guard. I mean I had chicks tell me they love me within a few days of meeting them. But it was said after sex, never before. I didn’t want to lie and say I love her back. However, I didn’t want to kill the moment which might lead her to leave. Wtf my dick was out I’m ready, I can’t fuck up now and lose this one. Thankfully I just saw “The Empire Strikes Back” on my flight to Colombia. I remembered what Han Solo said. I went in close to her ear and said “I know.”

My manhood entered her wet pussy, I felt amazing. I was so hard and she was so wet I was like a hot knife slowly cutting through warm butter. Her hands are tiny, so barely felt them pushing off her. “Papi you’re in too deep.” she screamed. She was so tight I had to look down to make sure I was still in the right hole. She told me she came 2 twice, 10 minutes later I bust. She then bit my ear saying it ain’t over and started licking my nipple at first I felt like a chick but it felt so good I couldn’t stop her, my toes curled as she made her way down to my manhood. “Ay papi .” as she placed my dick inside of her. “No, I need a condom first.” I firmly yelled.

We go for round 2 this time, I ended in her mouth. “I love you” she tells me again after she swallows. I pretend not to hear as I told her ” Look the sun is rising.” I walk through the sea to wash off. I almost made early-morning jogger trip when he saw my naked body walk through the sand. She follows me, we wash up in the clear water of the sea. I walk her to her car. We hugged with sweet grins “Will you be back?” she asks with a weak voice. “I’ll be at the bus station tomorrow at 9am.” which was a block away from her hotel. “Mi Amor you leave in the next 3 hours.” laughing as she looks at her watch.

It’s 6am already I’m thinking. I kiss her on the cheek and feel the glances of everyone staring. “I see you more than once.” I say as walk away. The sunset over the ocean creating the illusion as if the sun is taking a bath. I walk and think to myself “That’s my first SNL, my first time having sex on the beach, and my first time….  Having sex with a midget.” Yes, a Beautiful Colombian woman that was 3ft 10 inches. I’m not into midgets but she was extremely attractive. I get back to my hotel, my cousins are sitting down having breakfasts, I sat quietly to join them. They laugh because they know what happened, and so do you.

Franz is a YouTuber trying to be the real-life Most Interesting Man In The World. Survivor of a Hispanic household lol. I cover topics on Travel, Exercise, Finance and Sex.  
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