night in bangkok thc and 20nation meeting

That Night in Bangkok When THC and 20Nation Met and Swoop The World Was Born

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night in bangkok thc and 20nation meetingIt was the night in Bangkok, Thailand when two guys were from different parts of the world were brought together in what would be the start of something amazing… it was the night that Swoop The World was born.


The following are two chapters from my most recent book: The Single Guy’s Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia. Certain parts not pertaining to THC and I have been omitted.


night in bangkok khao san road

That Fateful Night When the Course of My Life Changed

The next night, I was supposed to meet a guy I met on a travel forum (RVF), a guy who went by the name of TravelHardCore. He didn’t even have one post, so I had no idea what to expect. If meeting with the last guy I met from the forum, Cool, hadn’t gone so well, I probably would never have agreed to meet him in the first place.

We were going to meet at Khao San Road in the evening. I decided to pack up and move to a hotel on Khao San for a change of scenery.

Evening arrived, and I waited for TravelHardCore (THC) outside of a bar. Having no idea who I was supposed to be looking for, I messaged him the color of the shirt I was wearing and where I stood.

A few moments later, a couple approached me. The guy was probably an inch shorter than me with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was balding, but you could barely tell because of how short he cut his hair. He was in his early thirties. The girl at his side was cute and quite busty for a Thai girl.

“Hi. 20Nation? I’m TravelHardCore.” He stuck out his hand.

“That’s me.” I took his hand and shook it. “Nice to meet you.”

He introduced me to the girl he was with, and suggested we get a drink. We spotted a free table outside close by and sat down. We each got a beer and positioned ourselves so we could talk and watch the crowds of foreigners and Thai people pass by.

Talking to THC was like a breath of fresh air. He was eager to share his successes with the local women, and I was eager to share right back.

“Are you sure she doesn’t mind you talking about this?” I gestured to his date.

“She’s a nympho, she doesn’t mind. But she probably can’t understand much of what we are saying anyway.” The two of us continued our conversation.

THC is Western European (he asked me not to say which country), and comes from a drinking culture, the complete opposite of my upbringing. Naturally, he confessed that nearly all the girls he had slept with so far had come from night clubs, and I confessed that nearly all of my girls had come from online.

“So online dating is good here?” he asked.

“It’s great. Easiest sex I have ever gotten in my life. What about night clubs?”

“Like shooting fish in a barrel,” he said.

After that, I went on to tell him what I had been doing to have so much success online. He shared his secrets of what he had been doing to pull so many girls from night clubs.

“You can show me some time?”

“Yeah, we can do it tonight if you want,” he replied.

“I would, but I already planned a date for afterwards. What about tomorrow?”

THC’s voice is naturally very deep and while his grammar was impressive, he had a strong accent. So, when he said the following Barney Stinson line, it didn’t sound anything like it, but it only made it more awesome. “Let’s do it. It’s going to be legen…. Wait for it ….. dary!” THC’s excitement was contagious. Already, I couldn’t wait to go out the next night with him.

THC’s date had been on the outside of the conversation, playing with her phone, so I tried to get her into the conversation. It worked for a moment, but her English was so bad that, combined with all the noise, it was hopeless.

“What do you think of my date?” THC asked.

“She’s sexy, especially busty for an Asian girl. As a boob man, I approve.”

Then, THC said something I never imagined I would hear in my entire life. “If you want I can hook you up.”

I was honestly shocked. Maybe it was my Mormon upbringing, but in my experience guys had always been protective of the girl they were with, but here THC was offering her up.

I looked at her and responded “You mean sex? Aren’t you two together?”

“Yeah, I mean we have been together, quite a few times, but she’s a wild girl. I think she might be interested. I could put in a good word for you.”

“Ummm… sure,” I replied, without any idea if it was the right thing to say. He didn’t know it at the time, but it was in that moment that I decided that THC (TravelHardCore) was one badass dude.

The beer started to do its work, and I felt a pleasant buzz. The conversation came more smoothly, and the topic of the conversation again turned to Thai women.

“Girls here are Buddhist, not like the women where we are from. They have absolutely zero reservations about sex. That’s why there are so many prostitutes in Thailand. To them, sex is just sex; it’s like eating, breathing, shitting. It’s just what people do.”

“To Thai women!” We toasted, tapping our beer mugs together.

I thought back to my experiences thus far, and noticed that Thai girls seemed much less reserved about sex than the Catholic culture in the Philippines. Thai girls seemed to put up much less last minute resistance.

We kept talking, and right after telling me about a club where he pulled a girl every single time he went, I noticed the time.

“Oh shit, I’m going to be late for my date. It was a pleasure THC.”

“You too 20.”

“Until tomorrow.”

“It’s going to be legen… wait for it,” he said again.

Then, the two of us said the last part together “DARY!” It was the second time I heard the phrase on this trip and it wouldn’t be the last. At first, it just seemed funny, but later, there really was no other expression to describe the adventures we would have.


(Next Chapter and a half omitted because it doesn’t have to do with THC and I)


night in bangkok insomnia club party

The First Epic Night of Many with THC

Temperature wise, it was a perfect warm summer night in Bangkok and I was out with THC drinking a couple beers at a bar on Khao San Road. I told him the story from earlier, and he gave me props for doing what could be done. I was so excited for the night, that not being able to get that girl barely affected my mood.

We each drank a beer each, talked, and laughed. Then, we left for the center of the city.

We were by a 711, and THC got my attention. “You know what that last beer tasted like?”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It tasted like one more!”

We went into the 7/11 and a minute later, each of us came out with another liter of beer. I had spent just over a dollar on the beer, not bad. We went to some nearby steps, sat down, and started drinking.

We chatted about strategy and new countries to visit between gulps of beer; we were pre-gaming for the night to come. During this time, we were approached by a lady boy, a couple of prostitutes, and an old lady who was impressed by THC’s knowledge of the Thai language.

Then, it was time to go to the club.

“I know a way to get a free Tuk Tuk ride,” THC suggested.

“Can’t argue with free,” I said. Tuk Tuk’s were the Thai equivalent of a Philippine moto-taxi, but were slightly more advanced in that the back half of the motorcycle was turned into the actual trailer.

As we walked towards a group of Tuk Tuks, a girl approached me.

“Hi handsome maaaan.” Her strange sounding voice was a huge ladyboy flag and after seeing her face, I knew there was a penis hidden beneath those tight jeans. “You want come home with meee? I give you discount; very good price.”

“No thanks. I’m not interested,” I said while looking away. This wasn’t the first time a lady boy had hit on me, and by this point my response had become routine.

We started walking off, and behind us we heard the lady boy yell “Fo freeeeee! Fo freeeee!”

THC and I broke down laughing.

“Thailand!” THC and I cheered with our liter sized beer bottles.

We got into the Tuk Tuk, and THC explained to the driver that he knew he got a commission when bringing Farangs to the club and that we would go with him if he gave us a free ride there.

The driver didn’t seem to like that THC knew the system so well and couldn’t get the extra money from our fare, but agreed.

Music blasted, bright lights flashed, and a packed crowd danced in the gigantic club. It was after 2 a.m., and this club was shoulder to shoulder. If THC and I got split up, I wasn’t sure we would find each other again.

We got drinks and started dancing in place for a minute. Then THC was off talking to a girl. I knew I wanted to get laid, but my thoughts returned to my screw-up with the busty girl in Manila. As I danced in place, I became conscious of my clumsy movements.

I would not go my whole life as an awkward dancer. I focused on the beat, and tried to feel the music. My body started moving, less awkward than before, but still robotic. I might have destroyed the myth that white men can’t jump in the Phillipines. However, the way things were going on the dance floor, I might be on the verge of being the founding father of a new myth that white men can’t dance.

I thought about why it was I wanted to dance. It was simple; it had nothing to do with dancing itself, and everything to do with girls. This thought brought some of the things I had studied to mind… body language.

I started incorporating attractive body language into my movements. Shoulders back, chin up, I couldn’t help but feel more confident as I danced. Moments later, my self-teaching session was interrupted by a girl who bumped into me. She looked up at me and smiled, I started dancing with her.

I was already quite drunk, but even so, I noticed that something was off with this girl. I thought back to my lady boy checklist I had created:

The Lady Boy Checklist:

  • Tall
  • Adam’s apple
  • Big hands or feet
  • Any facial stubble at all
  • Strange voice
  • Fake or no boobs
  • Broad shoulders
  • Extremely sexual too quickly
  • Overly sexual photos (if online)
  • Over the top feminine gestures
  • Narrow hips
  • Thick man-legs


As I went down the checklist, there was flag after flag after flag. I was with a lady boy… I excused myself, not able to stop myself from laughing, and saw THC dancing in place and smiling at a girl walking by.

“Pretty sure a lady boy just tried to seduce me.”

“Did you kiss her/him?” he asked.

“No way,” I grinned. “My lady boy detector is too good.”

“If you get out of Thailand without accidently kissing a lady boy, you’re one of the lucky ones!”

“I hope to be!”

“Me too.” The two of us laughed and clasped shoulders.

“Have you kissed a lady boy?” I asked.

“No. Still no.” He held up his crossed fingers.

Time to change to a better subject. While I would say I was great at making Mormon girls fall for me, I still was quite new at the club game. “When you go talk to these girls, what do you say?” I asked.

“I just say hi. In Thailand, not much more is needed since we are Farang. Just walk around, look for eye contact, and approach.”

Moments later, he had seen the eye contact he wanted, and disappeared into the crowd.

I went back to my dancing. I focused on the music and my posture as I danced. I watched the crowd for eye contact, and started to actually enjoy moving to the beat. My masculine posture helped me feel more in control of everything, and it caused a quick burst of happiness to cause a smile.

With my smile, I studied the crowd and noticed two big brown eyes staring back at me through the mosh of moving bodies. She held my gaze for a moment, then looked away, straightened the black dress she wore, and met my eyes again. She was interested. I didn’t think… I just approached.

“Hi. I’m 20Nation,” I said into her ear.

“Nice to meet you. I am Bee,” she responded.

Maybe it was the success I had focusing on body language or maybe it was the alcohol, but I no longer felt as self-conscious about my dancing. She was a short Thai girl wearing a very short black cotton dress. As we danced, my hands started to wander. First, to her hips, then to the small of her back, then further down until they were around her ass.

She pulled herself closer to me and clutched at my chest. Damn, this seemed easy, maybe too easy. The thought came to me like the shadow of a storm. I hadn’t done the lady boy checklist on this girl and yes… I was quite drunk.

I went over the lady boy check list in my head: Tall? No. Adam’s apple? No. Big hands? No. Stubble? No. I continued down the checklist and felt relief as became 100% sure the girl I had been feeling up was really a girl. Maybe I was being too paranoid… but better safe than getting surprised by a penis.

Reassured in her femininity, I pulled her close, my hands wandered up to her breasts. I was full on groping this girl on the dance floor, but in this club these actions didn’t seem out of place at all. Then, she looked into my eyes caught my wrist and guided my hand down to her pussy. I have to do more club game I thought to myself as I my hand explored the gap between her legs.

The rest of our dances felt like they belonged more in a strip club than an actual club. Fondling her body and her ass grinding on my dick, I realized this girl was 100% down. It was time to bounce. I took her hand, and went to find THC.

I found him making out with a girl. “I’m heading home.” I gestured to the girl behind me.

“Niiice! It probably won’t be long before I’m out too. I think this girl wants it,” he spoke into my ear over the loud music, nodding towards the girl he had been kissing.

“Good luck man!”

“You too!” He winked.


A taxi ride later, we were on top of my big bed at the hotel. I put on music and kissed her, no reason to wait much longer. Two minutes didn’t go by before she was topless and undoing the buckle of my pants.

Her lips wrapped me and I knew this was the climax of a very good night in Bangkok. Then, I removed her clothes and put on a condom, safety first… especially with one of the easiest lays I had ever gotten.

Now, where the light was better, I could see this girl had a slut face. She just had the look. As I explored her body, I noticed a couple tattoos, the most noteworthy being the “Tramp Stamp” on her lower back. Minutes later, she was in the doggy style position, and I was using the stamp for target practice.


In Summary, Thanks to That Night in Bangkok

This trip, many years ago, the second trip outside of USA in my life, was what shaped the life I live today. It’s what gave me the confidence to go after the most beautiful women in the world and live the amazing (non PC) life I live today. That night in Bangkok was how I met my best friend and created a bond that stays strong until this day. It was the beginning of Swoop The World, now half a decade old with hundreds of articles, our own forum, tens of millions of visitors, viral articles and much more.


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