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Fisto’s new article at Matt Forney: American woman, stay away from me!

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Fisto wrote today’s article on, where he compares the current state of affairs with American women to other women wordwide:

Every nail, board, brick, piece of carpet, light fixture, wiring, plumbing, and kitchen you see was placed in every building by some man.

Every machine that produces something was designed and built by a man.

Every vehicle that drives, every plane or jet that flies, ever ship ever built was produced by men.

Every drop of oil that’s pulled from the ground that powers the world was done so by men.

Every scientific discovery of any consequence was made by a man (with only a few notable exceptions). In other words, men built this world we all live in, for better or worse. Men make the world happen.

If women were truly the same as men, some evidence of their ability to produce something of value or merit would have surfaced beyond the occasional outlier by now.

Read the rest of the article here.

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