never show fear

Never Show Fear To A Woman

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Never Show Fear To A Woman

never show fear

I’m currently in Nicaragua and last night I witnessed something that really showed how showing fear to a woman can destroy a guy’s chances. This is something I have talked about in my book and only last night did I understand how important this is. Here is the story:


Last night I went out with a friend. It was the end of the night and the girls we spent all our time with couldn’t come home with us that night. We walked over to the food area outside of the club to see if we could pull any drunk girls. Sure enough as I was walking past a tall drunk girl started talking to me in English.

She wasn’t ugly, but I wouldn’t say she was hot. She was from Miami and looked like she had a pretty nice ass, so in my semi- drunken state I started escalating with her. She accepted my advances easily and 30 seconds after the conversation started her tongue was down my throat.

As I felt her up a bit, I realized her ass wasn’t as nice as I thought. Time to go into lazy mode

“Come home with me.” I told her.

“Ok.” She said staring at me. “But wait what about my friends? Come eat with us and I will come after.”

“Nope, if you want to come home with me, you have to come now.” I said.

We continued this for a bit, then I used my friend who sat there looking a bit bored as an excuse for why I must go.

“If I get him a friend to come with us, then will you come eat with us?”

The wing man in me had to accept. She brought him over to three of her friends, introduced him and told him to choose his favorite.

I watched him talk to the girls and I noticed from his body language that he looked really nervous. Maybe he had never had it this easy before? He looked uncomfortable being thrust into the situation.

My girl came back and said “Well, which one did you like?”

“The one on the left.” He said choosing the prettiest one.

She went over and talked to her friend and returned.

“Alright, she’ll come with you.”

Wow. That was easy. She was another girl from Miami and she wasn’t bad. We all hopped into the taxi and my friend looked shaken. I think it was the easiness of the situation that threw him off guard.

We got back to the hotel and I went to my room and was taking her clothes off right after we got inside. My friend took the very slutty friend to his room and I assumed that he had sealed the deal.

I sent my girl home and I wondered why his girl had already left. I didn’t hear the story until the morning, but he was given by far the easiest opportunity to get laid in his life and it freaked him out. He didn’t get the girl because she could see fear in him.


Looking back, I can think of many more examples like this. I can think back on my past and remember specific instances where fear was the main, maybe even the only reason that I lost the girl. When I took my last trip with THC and Fisto I saw that maybe one of their biggest reasons for their crazy success with women is that they always appear completely fearless to the women they go after. This is something that has immense power over attraction.


You don’t have to be fearless

Everybody has fears and all men have felt fear while in a situation with a girl. However, there is something you must understand; you don’t have to be fearless, you just have to appear fearless.

There are many ways you can do this. The first and most important is body language. One thing I noticed my friend doing last night was touching the back of his neck while he was talking to his girl. It looked awkward for me watching and women are even better at picking up on body language signals than men.

If you want to appear fearless at all time, mimic the body language of James bond. I’ve talked about those things here, but the idea is to be calm and relaxed in any and all situations. If a girl picks up on this, it will make her soaking wet. If a girl picks up on the fact that you are scared or nervous, it will dry her up just as fast.


The key to eliminating fear

The next step is to literally eliminate those fears all together. My dad used to repeat this quote to me all the time when I was growing up.

We only fear what we don’t understand.

That is the idea behind eliminating fear, understanding. Most fear is irrational and if you want to stop being afraid of anything about a woman, start learning and understanding them. You can read tons of things on women and even more useful is to go out into the world and experience women for yourself. I don’t remember ever seeing a guy with a notch count over 150 that gets easily rattled by any woman.

If you want to get rid of nerves before a date, go on more dates.

If you want to not be scared to talk to cute girls that you walk past during the day, talk to more girls.

If you want to be calm and collected like James Bond with whatever any girl throws at you, spend more time seducing girls.
nevershow fear

Being rational with fear

Fear keeps us safe, it also put’s us in danger. We will handle nearly every situation better being calm and collected than scared. Internalize the fact that fear is an illusion and you are the master of yourself.


nevershow fear

Just do it

I’ve used this more times than I can count. It’s Nike’s slogan and it is VERY useful in almost every single scary situation in game. You are scared to kiss her? Don’t thinking about it, just do it. Should you open her? Don’t think about it, just do it. Did you fuck up too bad early to get this girl? Don’t think about it, just keep working on her. Thinking about this things will not only cause fear, but they will usually make the situation worse. Just do it.


Once you have mastered fear

Only then are you aloud to show fear and only in situations where it will help you connect with a girl. If you look scared all the time, then you admit to a girl a fear, it will make you much more unattractive. However, if you appear unfazed and completely fearless at all times with her, then you admit to her your greatest fear, you will create a very strong connection.


If you start doing these things it will become easy to never show fear to a woman.



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