When Gaming a Girl NEVER Forget Teasing

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When Gaming a Girl NEVER Forget Teasing

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I have been a bit late on this weeks article, but I will get back on track and try to get a new article out every 6 days or so. I’ve been very busy and have been focusing on the gym. I’m going to get a sweet body and six pack for just long enough to take a bunch of pics and help my online dating profile big time. I’m at 190 lbs and am about to start the dieting phase. Yuck.

Anyways, getting back on track. I just spent a month in Finland and, coming from the Dominican Republic, some differences in how I needed to game were obvious. In the DR, I ended up using more nice guy game. Why? Because I was doing so many other things right (many being be white and american) that my value in the girls eyes was already so high it didn’t matter.

However, when I got to Finland it was clear from my first date, that I was fucking it up. I didn’t close this sexy 18 year old and she actually called me a “nice guy.” Wtf? I haven’t been called a nice guy in many years. This calls for a deep look into my game.

I reviewed the date and her comments about me. The main thing I noticed? I very rarely teased her. I could only think of one time and I remember her body language changed in a positive way after the tease. I didn’t stick to it. I knew exactly what had happened. Being in a pussy paradise where I didn’t need all facets of game had helped build a bad habit, not teasing. I knew I had to get back to it. Easy, right? Not so fast.

When I went into my next date trying to tease, I noticed that some of my teases were terrible and other times I just couldn’t think of one in the moment. My teasing skills had gotten rusty. I had to put in some work to get it back. And that’s what I am going to talk to you about today. How to tease well.


Why tease girls?

The reason we have to tease girls of equal or higher value is because she has more to lose from sex than you do. 99.9% of human existence had no contraception. Sex for a guy has always been a commitment for as long he wants, for a woman, that commitment has been a possible 18 years of her life, her youth, and her body.

This is why girls are meant to think they are more valuable than men and why they hold out for a guy who they believe has more value than them. To knock them off this high horse way of thinking, you must throw out some teases.


How to tease girls

Teasing girls is about being slightly mean to her, but in a fun way. Let me start off with an example:

Let’s say you are at a bar with a girl and you mention how amazing your beer tastes.

“Oh, I’ve never tried it. Can I have a sip.” she asks.

You hold out your glass and wait for her to take a sip. Just as her lips are close to the glass, you pull it back and take a drink.

“Damn, that’s good.” you say with a smirk.

“Heyyyyy. Ruuuude.”

Then you hold out your drink again so she can take a sip. You can do the same thing again or you can give her a sip. I have found when doing this type of tease you should never do it more than twice. That’s what pushes you from charming asshole to an arrogant dick. Don’t be an arrogant dick.

So what happened here? You showed the girl, you don’t give a fuck. You did this buy teasing her and not giving her the drink like she wanted. This is the kind of thing you should be doing all the time.

Another way to tease a girl, is to tell a fun lie. I talk about this a lot in my book “The Perfect Conversation”.

One example from when I have used this is in many Latin American country’s. I’m out somewhere and start talking to a girl in Spanish. Then, she asks me

“De donde eres? – Where are you from?”

“Colombia (or whatever country she is from).” She will look at you funny.

“Oh you mean you’re parents are from here.”

“No. I was raised right down the road. (Insert joke about funny local custom that you do)”

She will be laughing by then, because she finally gets how obvious it is that you aren’t a local.

What is it? It’s just simply a fun lie. The idea is to say it, then keep getting more and more outrageous until she finally gets that you were lying.

Back in high school I actually had two girls convinced I was Amish for 15 minutes. The prettier of the two got a crush on me all thanks to the teases.


Tap into your inner bad boy

As I recently saw being called a nice guy and getting friend zoned, nice guys do finish last. The easiest way to tap into your inner bad boy is to start teasing girls right away. But that’s not all you can do. Don’t be afraid to step on other people’s toes as long as the end goal is humor. You will be surprised how much more fun you have, where ever it is that you go.

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