My Trick to Approaching Hot Girls

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My Trick to Approaching Hot Girls

approaching hot girls

Without a doubt approaching hot girls is the #1 thing that will improve anybodies success with women. It is by far the most important thing you can do. It is also the scariest, and it used to be something that I struggled with.

A while back as I was trying to gather my courage to approach a particularly sexy girl working at a clothing stand in Colombia. An idea popped into my head. This idea is where the ultimate trick was born. Doing the trick quadrupled how many girls I approached a day.

This is what you do to make approach anxiety a thing of the past:

You think of a phrase. Now this phrase has very special meaning because, if you say this phrase you have to approach that person. The phrase I used is “Target Engaged” I would mumble it under my breathe every time I saw an attractive girl. If I mumbled it I HAD to approach. There was no option. If I didn’t approach the phrase would lose it’s power forever.

I continued using it, and from the start it cut down on the original fear of approaching by about 50%. It did this because I am setting a psychological trigger that with time changes so approaching after saying the word almost doesn’t consider thought. The only courage I needed was to say the words, since I had made a pact with myself that I would approach whenever I said those words.

Now whenever I see an indicator that a girl likes me, I talk about them in my book(120 Body Language Secrets that She Likes You), I will mutter “Target Engaged” under my breathe and approach her immediately. That is my trick that turned me into an approaching madman. I have been with a lot of women thanks to that trick. Now go out there at start approaching hot girls left and right. Use my trick well.

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