My Last Trip to the Dominican Republic – Bus Game, Music Video Models and Innocent Slutty Girls

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I spent a month in the Dominican Republic to see my kid. That was the main reason I was there but I was able to escape a bit to do some dating. I visited Santiago, Samana and Santo Domingo. Here are some of the things that happened.


The Innocent Slutty Girl

She was 19 and innocent looking with very light brown skin and a slender body. After meeting her I learned she had only been with one guy in her entire life, but… she wanted to have sex again. After the date she was the one wanting to come over. It was one of the easiest lays I had on the trip with the most innocent girl. Innocent does not not equal difficult. I ended up taking her to Samana for a few days later on in the trip. It was pretty fun and I would recommend visiting there for the whale watching. I saw about 5.


Bus Game Skills

When I am in the Dominican Republic and I get on a bus, there always seems to be at least one hot girl. I have gotten a lot of lays just by the doing what I did in this story.

I had just finished up in Samana and needed to go to Santo Domingo. I arrived early at the bus station, but I didn’t get on. I knew that the bus would be empty and if the bus was empty, I wouldn’t know where the cute girls would sit. I watched the bus until it looked like it was about half full, then got on. I walked down the aisle and found the hottest girl, walked to the seat next to her and asked “Se puede sentar? – I can sit down?”. “Claro que si.”. They always say yes. I even had a girl say yes once when she had saved the seat for her friend, but decided in the moment she preferred to sit next to me.

This girl ended up being 18 years old, she had a big ass and a cute face. It turned out she would be going to USA on a scholarship in a few months. I got to spend the entire trip gaming her. I didn’t get a kiss or anything on the bus, but when she slept for a little bit of the trip, she had her big ass pressed against my leg.

Before the bus trip ended I got her Facebook and a couple days later met up with her again. I was finally able to seal the deal. An entire bus ride of fantasizing about her definitely made the sex better.


The Music Video Model

I met a girl randomly on Facebook who was smoking hot. Her body… perfect… her skin color… perfect (for me at least, there is a natural tan color that I think is the most beautiful skin color in the world). I had done all the work while I was in USA, she had already sent me pics of her big tits and curvy, slender body. So when I arrived in Santo Domingo, all I had to do was collect.

She came straight over and 10 minutes later I was inside of her. She had one of the best bodies I had ever seen. She has sent me YouTube links of some of the music videos she’s been in. There is a reason she has been in so many Dominican Music Videos, even the main girl in a few, that body is… wow.


Love at First Tinder Date

There was a random girl I messaged on Tinder and just threw it out there for her to come straight over. She was cute and about 19, I didn’t think she would say yes, but I didn’t have enough free time to do much more. She accepted. When she came straight over and she saw me she looked at me with those “in love” eyes. 30 minutes later she was saying “Soy tuya – I am yours.” and that I can do anything I want to her. I obliged.


The Bustiest Bitch

There was one bad experience I had with women in the DR. Well, I wouldn’t call it a bad experience, but I wouldn’t call it a good experience either. The reason it was good was because she had huge tits that were very nice. She was 18 so, it’s basically the sweet spot for really busty girls (as a boob man I know this all too well). I ended up sleeping with her twice. But she was the type of girl that Latinos call an “enojona – angry girl”. She would get pissed off at the littlest things. So each time we had sex, she would get angry and I never got to finish. Talk about frustrating. Still worth it… those tits…


All Hips and lips

I met another girl who was slender with really wide hips and perfect lips. The story of how I met her wasn’t that interesting (typical Tinder date), but the enjoyment I got from that was huge.


Other  Dominican Girls

I hooked up with another girl with a big ass, another busty girl and an Olympian (great body, but I won’t tell the story because I met her on a previous trip). There were a couple other girls but not worth writing about.


Dominican Republic is One of About 10 Pussy Paradises in the World

I would say there are about ten Pussy Paradises in the world. DR is one of them.  I always love going there for women and nature, but if you go there for comfort you will be very disappointed. The power is constantly going out and the service is some of the worst in the world. In the places where it’s great for girls, it really feels like the third world and it’s too hot. As a guy who has a strong connection to the DR (because of my kid), I have a love/hate relationship with it.

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