My First Few Action Packed Days in Guadalajara

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My First Few Action Packed Days in Guadalajara


Day 1 in Guadalajara

As always before I travel to a new country I believe in pipelining. That is, setting up dates and doing some of the work before you arrive to that country or city. Now, I had pipelined a girl and gamed her through Skype and she was going to meet me at the airport.

This wasn’t just any girl I pipelined because I had gotten her naked on camera. I have probably done this with 60 girls or so, with at least one on every major continent. It started out, that I did it because I really wanted to see, but not it means more than that. Once you get a girl naked over the internet, you get her to invest in you in a sense, and you take the relationship to the sexual level. Of those 60 or so girls, every girl except 1 that I tried to meet easily met me, and we were able to have sex within a couple hours of officially meeting. This means that there is almost no work when you arrive, and no flakes.     Note* the one that didn’t work out, was a girl that seemed to commonly get naked on camera, so there was no investment on her part.


I met her at the airport and she was essentially a white with with a cute face, curly hair, and green eyes. She was short with very big boobs, maybe a little pudge in the belly but as a boob man I’m a believer in the Boob to Belly Ratio.


Boob to Belly Ratio – The BtBR is that if she has a little pudge on her belly I will put up with it ONLY if the ratio is around 1 to 5 or higher. The smaller her boobs the smaller pudge I will put up with.


We took the long taxi ride from the airport to my hotel, and she paid for my taxi ride. It’s not the cheapest taxi ride, so that was a really sweet thing to do. We arrived at my hotel room, and five minutes later we were making out. I started taking off her clothes, piece by piece. “Esto es peligroso” – This is dangerous- She kept saying, but meanwhile not lifting a finger to stop me. Before long she was naked and very wet, and I got my first lay in Guadalajara.


We called up room service for some food, and 30 minutes later there was the knock on the door with our food. As I opened the door half naked, I was surprised to see the bringing the food was a hotty with a tiny asian, 90 lb body. I started teasing her, and making her giggle and blush. I did all this with a 21 year old girl laying on my bed, just out of sight. When I got back to bed, I noticed she was trying harder to win my affections after seeing me flirt with the girl bringing up my food.


Day 2 in Guadalajara

She stayed the night and we did it again that night. I could see that she liked me, or I never would have never let her stay the night. I’m very good at reading whether or not a girl is into me (I wrote a book about it), so the only way I will let a girl stay the night with me, is if I can see that she is really into me. Following this rule is the reason a girl has never stolen anything from me, and there have been a lot of girls in a lot of different places.


I spent most of day 2 exploring the city. That night I saw the cute room service girl in the lobby. I initiated a conversation and told her I was craving quesadillas and where I could find them this late at night. She replied in spanish “Everything is closed, but if you get me some tortillas and cheese, I could make you one.” Hell yeah!


I went to the local store and bought all the ingredients, returned and thirty minutes later she was at my door with some decked out quesedillas. Damn, I love mexican food! We started talking and she told me she was just about to go home. I told her I was looking for something to do tonight and asked if she knew any bars around here. “Si.” she replied. “Puedes llevarme? No conosco la ciudad bien.” – Do you think you could take me there? I don’t know the city well. – I knew she would say yes at this point, because according to her body language she was very into me.


We ended up going to a bar a few blocks away where there were some comedians. It was pretty cool to see, even though jokes are very hard to understand in a foreign language.  We had a couple beers and I talked up my traveling pictures. I did an excellent job, because she kept asking when she could see them.


I agreed to show her and we walked back to my hotel. I tried to bring her up to my room, but she said it was “prohibito” for her to be with a guest. She told me that I could go get my laptop and go to her place. At this point I was sure I was in for easy, no work sex, but when we arrived at her place she sat us down in the lobby. Damn. Ok time to put in some work. If I haven’t known a girl for long, I try not to kiss her until we are on a bed, that way she won’t expect me to try to sleep with her when I ask her back to my room. However, we were close enough so I went for the kiss. She had been waiting for that moment and passion erupted from her.


I suggested we listen to some music, and it was too loud to the people sleeping where we were on the lobby. She agreed, and invited me up to her room. I put on some music and 30 seconds later we were laying on her bed making out. She put up no LMR as I removed her clothes. She had completely white skin, small boobs but sexy little light colored nipples. She was tiny, maybe 90 lbs, but she was always bragging about going to the gym daily and it showed.


There, I got my second lay in two days in Guadalajara. She was older than I usually go for at 27, but the sex was still good. I went back to my hotel room and caught some Zzz’s.


Day 3 in Guadalajara

I had decently pipelined about 12 girls before arriving in Guadalajara, but today I was about to meet up with my favorite of all of them. A 21 year old girl with an absolutely beautiful face. She had pale white skin, jet black hair, and she had the exotic Mexican look as well. Her body looked decent in the photos I saw on her Facebook. I was excited.  I had a date with her in the early afternoon. I had also set up a date with the second cutest of the 12 girls I pipelined for late in the afternoon, so it was going to be fun to juggle.


I was worried about the meetup since I didn’t have a sim card yet. I would just have to hope she was at the right place at the right time. Luckily, she was. She looked just like she did in the pictures. She was wearing high heals, a top that showed C sized breasts, and the no pocket jeans I love that showed off an amazing looking ass. Her body didn’t look near this good in pictures.


I hadn’t eaten yet so we headed straight for lunch. I made a point to walk behind her whenever possible to take some good looks at that ass. This was the thing I was missing in South East Asia. There were some nice asses there, but just not at this level. Cute face, nice sized rack, and amazing ass…. I was a fan.


We went to eat, tasty Mexican food as always. Pleasantly, she payed for the meal. We ended up spending the rest of the day together exploring the city. She was showing me some of the prettier spots and fun places to go. My date with the other girl was long forgotten, I was living in the moment and I wanted to hang out with this girl more. She had a happy personality, and even with my flawed Spanish we were constantly having fun.


We ended up going to see Superman, and even though I don’t usually go for the kiss until I have her back in my room, I literally couldn’t hold myself back I wanted to kiss her so badly. I went for the kiss, she held her face back initially but accepted the kiss. Minutes later I went for number two and it was enthusiastically accepted. Made the movie even better.


I have been working on my body the last few months, and she kept referring to herself as Louise Lane and to me as Superman. That had to have upped my value, and I made it a point to kiss her right before superman kisses Louise Lane in the movie, saying “Ganamos.” – We win.


Everything was going well and we went to the nightlife area and just talked on a park bench. I have never been to a place where public displays of affection were so common. All around us were couples making out. That was cool with me, I enjoyed making out on that park bench. It was starting to get late, so I started hyping up some of the songs I knew. Then I asked her if she wanted to come listen to music. “Donde?” -Where? – she asked. “In my apartment.” She turned down the offer a couple of times, but it wasn’t a definitive no, more of a soft I don’t know or probably not. She was on the fence! I turned on the charm. Went through my body language steps to assure I had flawless body language and asked her again. She was down.


We took a taxi back to my hotel, and five minutes after getting to my room we were on my bed making out. I started upping the passion and turning her on and trying to take off her clothes, but she wasn’t going for it. She was giving me LMR.


Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

Now when dealing with LMR, the first thing you have to do is find the root of the cause. It’s usually one or a combination of these things:
1. She’s not sufficiently attracted to you.
2. She doesn’t want to seem easy, or like a slut.
3. She is innocent, and doesn’t have much experience, if any.
4. She has a boyfriend or other commitment.
5. She sees you as long term material and believes that the only way to keep you is to make you wait.
6. She is ashamed of a part of her body.


I started talking to her trying to find what the issue was. I learned that she grew up with a very strict father, and was pretty innocent. She never had many opportunities to do many sexual things. So that was her main hold up, her other hold up was that nobody had ever seen her naked with the lights on.
Alright no problem, especially since she wasn’t a virgin, just not that experienced. I framed sex as an exciting, positive, natural act. I made sure to efficiently turn her on. Made sure to tell her a story, where in comparison she wouldn’t be seen as easy, just in case. And finally I turned off the lights.
Overall it wasn’t very hard LMR, I had many other things I could have done but they just weren’t needed. I was able to get her clothes off. She was a sexual girl, I could feel it every time I kissed her and touched her. I could hear it in her soft moans, she just hadn’t had very many opportunities to realize it.


She was tight so it took a while to slowly work it in, but she was so wet it was no bother. After we got going I turned on the lights (as is my usual, THC named the move the “20 Switch”). She had a sexy body, and she had these completely pink nipples that you would never expect from a girl with jet black hair. I was a fan, and she was my 3rd girl in 3 days in Guadalajara.


I ended up spending every moment of the next few days with her. We clicked sexually and our personalities clicked. We spent half of the time in my hotel going at it, and the other half in the city seeing new things.


As a player I think it’s sometimes hard to enjoy the time you have with a girl, because in the back of your head you are thinking “Man I could be pulling other girls right now.” But when a rare girl comes along I think it’s important to go with it and enjoy the moment. I had fought with it a bit since I was averaging a girl a day and I wanted to keep the streak going, but it just wasn’t worth it.


I have been with her since that day we met, just now getting some time alone to write this. I won’t lie, I am getting attached to this girl. However, I know I have the heart of a player. I already know that the temptation of a new girl will break me away from her, I’m just not sure when.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, I know that it will end with us no matter how well we click, I know that it will be sad for both of us, but that’s who I am. Being a player is so bittersweet, but for now I will enjoy the ride.


Notes About Guadalajara

Guadalajara compared to Colombia

Guadalajara is a city in Mexico known for it’s beautiful women, however, I am still seeing a bit of an obesity problem. It hasn’t felt like much of a problem yet, since I can just choose the girls that aren’t fat, but it’s still a problem. However, you will see some absolutely stunning faces, and at times bodies. I feel like face wise, this place has Colombia beat. If Guadalajara had no weight problems girls on average would probably be hotter, but because of it I would say Colombia has prettier women.


I can understand why there is a weight problem here, the food is absolutely amazing. I have been a lot of places, but food-wise, nothing compares. One thing that does stick out here though are that personalities are very feminine and sweet. Having spent the last 4 months gaming in USA, there is such a stark contrast. You will also always have girls wanting to do things for you, unlike American girls who are always expecting you to do things for them.


Safety in Guadalajara

I have recently traveled to the border town Mexicali. Comparing Guadalajara to Mexicali is like comparing Somalia to France. I felt completely different. Guadalajara is so far from the drug war that I haven’t seen any hints of it’s existence. I see people in public places with expensive phones and laptops out. Something I would never see in a place like Colombia. It’s common in a lot of areas to be out at night. Overall a safe place, feels nothing like being on the front lines in Mexicali where it seems like a lot of people are on edge.


Overall, so far I would still say Guadalajara is an excellent spot to travel for a variety of reasons: women, food, cost, culture, nightlife, and architecture. I will be spending more time here.


Guadalajara Part 3 and 2

Part 3:

Part 2:

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