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My Dominican Harem – A Different Girl Every Day of the Week

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My Dominican Harem: A Different Girl Every Day of the Week

I spent quite a bit of time in the Dominican Republic and one of the most carefree and sexually satisfying times of my life was when I built and maintained my harem. I had selected many different types of Dominican girls for my harem based on what I like most in girls… I wanted variety. Every day I had a different woman come straight to my apartment for work free sex.

This was an amazing system to have because I would have a nice rotation of pussy coming straight to my place with minimal effort. But this was not just a process of me showing up. To understand what I did, you have to read a previous article about me hooking up with 31 Dominican girls my first 25 days in the Dominican Republic. You can find that here:


Check out this video of me and other Swoop The World writers in Dominican Republic (sexy Dominican Republic girls included)



my dominican harem

The Process of Building A Harem

Work on game and value

I have spent a lot of time on my game and improving my value. Every single girl I went on a date with in the DR, was interested in something more with me. This is because I have spent time working on my game and upping my value. Most people understand what game is, but if you want to understand how to raise your overall value check this out.


Hook up with a lot of girls

If you read the article on my 31 girls in 25 days, then you know that I had hooked up with a lot of girls in a small amount of time. After that, I was a bit exhausted and ready to not have to work for sex. I had set myself up perfectly for the next step. I mostly met girls online in the DR. This is the best website for meeting girls online in the Dominican Republic.


Choose your favorite Dominican girls for the harem

I selected all of my favorite girls from the 31 girls I had hooked up with and started seeing them more and more. On top of that I kept meeting new girls (although not at the same rate) so I could add new members to my harem girls.

Because of how aloof I had been after sex and because 3 weeks isn’t enough time for most girls feelings for you to cool off, I had no problem seeing these girls I really liked again. And just like that I had a harem.


How I maintained my harem

Meeting new harem girls

It’s important to never completely stop meeting new girls. This keeps you sharp and gives you new girls to add into the rotation if a girl falls out.


dominican girls ass

Telling them I was seeing other girls

Now, I could have lied to all these girls and told them that they were the only girl I was seeing, but not only does that require a lot of work every day hiding left behind items and picking up tons of hairs every day, it can make you worried all time. Then, there’s the chance that they see me with other girls (happened a bit).

The best way I found to go about this is to be up front about the fact that you are seeing other girls. When they asked me if I was seeing other girls (they always would), I would respond

“Tu me encantas, pero no estoy listo para algo seria. Debemos pasar mas tiempo juntos. – I like you a lot, but I’m not ready for anything serious. We must get to know eachother better.”

“Asi que estas viendo otras mujeres? – So you are seeing other women?” They would usually ask.

“Si.” I would respond.

Girls would accept this. I think the reason they accepted this was because of 6 reasons:


1. They enjoyed sex with me.

I am a selfish lover, but I am still a good lover. I have had a lot of practice and I know exactly what I want in the bedroom, women tend to like this.


2. They enjoyed being with me. 

I have decent game and fluent Spanish. When girls would come to see me, we would spend our time laughing and having fun. Girls genuinely had a good time outside of sex.


3. I was the highest value guy available to them.

Between my game, charm, foreigner status, appearance of money and overall value, I was usually the best prospect for most of these women. There is a rich Dominican class that can compete, but most of those guys have never needed game and the chances that I was in direct competition with one of them for a girl (not including one night) was slim. There are a ton of girls in DR and a very few amount of rich guys with decent game.

There are plenty of Dominicans with game, but these guys usually don’t have the other status assets.


4. The rewards if I would commit to them.

On top of this there were decent rewards if I would end up choosing them in the end for a more serious relationship. Americans are rich in compared to Dominicans, so there is the money part. Dominicans see lighter skin as beautiful and a lot of them want as light skinned kids as possible, so the possibility of a kid with a white guy is a nice bonus. There is the fact that a lot of girls would like to live or travel in USA or other 1st world countries. Then there is the fact that I will have more time for them. Because I had so many girls in my rotation, I didn’t have a ton of time and girls would always want to see me more than I wanted to see them.

These are rewards for most Dominican girls, but don’t think that all girls want to live in USA or care about the money you have. It is not so simple. There are different types of girls in the Dominican Republic and they each put different waits on different rewards.

The hope that they would be the girl that I committed to was something that kept them working and kept the relationship strong. This brings out a competitive side in women and they will work very hard to please you. I had told them that I would end up picking my favorite and eventually… I did.


Dominican harem beach

5. Dominican culture

Dominican culture is honestly, much more sexual than almost any other culture of any place I have ever been. The local dance “Dembow” is basically sex with clothes on. It’s not uncommon to see families where the girl has 6 brothers and sisters all from different fathers. This is because a lot of Dominican guys don’t want to take care of their kids or don’t have the money (in lower classes). All this comes together and makes it much easier for a Dominican girl to accept that you are seeing multiple girls.


6. I made them invest in me

These girls would do a lot for me, essentially investing in the relationship. Time, cooking, favors, sexual things… these are all forms of investment. These investments made sure that small bumps in the road (panties of another girl found under the bed, A physical manifestation of the fact that I was seeing other girls) didn’t effect them enough to drop out of the rotation.


Avoid talking about other girls and the relationship

An important part of maintaining a harem is to avoid talking about other girls and what the relationship is.

When you talk about other girls, you are basically rubbing their face in the fact that you are seeing other girls. When you are with her, just forget about them. Don’t mention anything with them. In fact, don’t ever mention them. She will suspect that you are seeing other girls and eventually ask if you are.. You shouldn’t lie, but don’t brag or rub it in her face.

She may also want to define what the two of you are. You must be vague and say that you are not sure yet, but that she has potential. Vagueness is key here. I never said “You are part of my harem.” I believe that would be a mistake.


Their promises of fidelity

After learning that you are with other girls she will probably say something like.

“Well how would you feel if I were with other guys?” You know how I would respond?

“I don’t want you to be with other guys.” And it was true. I’m a man and I want all my girls to only be with me. I told them that I understood that it’s not fair, but that is how I feel.

They would think about this and then came the promises of fidelity. “Te voy a esperar – I will wait for you.” They would tell me that they will not be with anybody else. I only checked on two (key logger) to see if they really were faithful and they were, but to be honest, it wasn’t a huge deal if they followed through with it. I had everything I wanted.


My Dominican Harem

Now I will tell you a little bit more about my personal harem. You will notice that all my harem girls have their own personal strengths, physically and in their personalities. This made for a really balanced sex life where I was honestly…in sexual heaven.


My Dominican Girls:

The sweet personality

I had met her towards the end of my 31 girls. She was a tall, skinny girl with big boobs (proportionately). She had the sweetest personality I have ever encountered in Latin America. It was amazing just listening to her voice and the things she would say.


The beautiful face

This girl could have been a model. She was almost as white as me with a beautiful face. She also had a really balanced body with a nice ass and a nice rack. The only down side is that this girl wasn’t very sexually experienced and wasn’t great in bed. I taught her some things.


Amazing rack

As a boob man, I was a big fan of this girl. She had a thin waste and big natural boobs with great shape. She also had a really fun personality, so we would spend a lot of time after sex just talking and joking around.


Amazing ass

This girl did not have a great personality and only an OK face. However, sex with this girl was magical… I can’t explain it, but sometimes in this world you find a girl with who you just sexually click. Her vagina seems like it was sculpted by the hand of god, just to fit perfectly with your dick. She is always the right amount of wet and she looks amazing with her clothes off. The shape and size of this ass was always a focal point when I was with this girl… wow.


Big brown Dominican eyes

This girl was sweet and actually ended up leaving her boyfriend just to be in my harem. The best way I can describe this girl is “cute.” like an anime character almost.  She was also bisexual and wanted to make me happy with a threesome, which I never had time for (regrets…).


Haitian politicians daughter

This girl had an OK face and OK personality, but she was really rich and always dressed to the 9’s. She would also tell me tons of awesome stories about her family in Haiti. On top of all that, she was quite a freak in the bed.  One thing I always loved was when she would bring me food that her maid had prepared. It was so tasty.


The free when I called

This girl had a nice ass. She wasn’t as interesting as the other girls, but she would make herself free any time I wanted a booty call. If it was 4 am, 7 am or 3 pm, it didn’t matter. She would be on her way to my room whenever I would ask without so much as a complaint. Bonus points for her.


The others

There were a few other girls that went in and out of my rotation: a really tall girl that wanted me to get her pregnant, a black girl with the most toned body I have ever seen, a twin black girl, a black girl with a HUGE ass and more, but they never quite made the rotation. There are all sorts of attractive girls in the DR so making my decision on who would enter my rotation wasn’t made as much with logic as horniness (the who do I feel like banging test) and how I felt overall about the girl.


My harem

I genuinely liked every girl in my harem, I know it almost sounds crazy to say… but each girl brought something amazing and unique into my life. I don’t feel like I’m better than any of these girls, I just feel lucky to have been able to get to know all of them and quench my thirst for women.


dominican girls beach

Build your own harem

I ended up having a different girl for every day of the week with very little work involved. It was an absolute sexual feast and it’s something I would recommend all men to experience at least once in their lives.

If you want to try to build your own Dominican harem, you can start out by meeting girls online even before arriving, I have tested a lot of dating websites and found this one to be the best for girls and reduced flakes (check out this website). If you want to improve your game and value read Swoop the World’s books on game.

This is my experience on building harems and if you ever put any of this to the test for yourself I would always like to hear back from you guys. You can contact us at


Read how I went from DR to Haiti here:


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