modern day slavery

Modern Day Slavery Vs. Modern Day Freedom

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modern day slavery

Modern Day Slavery Vs. Modern Day Freedom

From the time we were young children, people have been telling us that this is the only way to live: Grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, buy a house, start a family. However, that is the equivalent of modern day slavery. I will tell you why it is slavery and I will show you another path… my path.

Living the life everybody tells you to live:

Go to college = work your ass off for a piece of paper
Get a 9-5 Job = Get an office job and do the same thing almost every day for the rest of your life
Get married = tie yourself to a lifelong commitment, where your wife will have almost complete control over you
buy a house = tie yourself to another life long commitment (good luck leaving your city after taking out a mortgage on a 400,000$ house)
start a family = tie yourself to a third lifelong commitment, responsibilities as a parent are some of the most difficult you will ever have

Another way of looking at it:

Go To college = perform slavery for a piece of paper
Get a 9-5 Job = slavery to be able to make your future wife happy and be able to buy a home (be at work every Monday through Friday, all day, on time, no matter what; no freedom)
Get married = become a slave to your spouse (you no longer get to choose when you do things and with who, you have someone to answer to)
Buy a house = You become a slave to your house payments (traveling and having adventures becomes very difficult)
Start a family = You now have responsibility for the lives of human beings, there goes the rest of your freedom.

The Other Option:

Now I’m not saying that all these things are necessarily bad, but I’m saying that the “typical” way we are supposed to go about it is like making us modern day slaves. I suggest another way. Let’s look at how my life differs.


I work 3-4 months a year, then I travel for the remainder of the year and write. I am my own boss and have complete freedom to go where I want to go, act how I want to act (don’t have to learn how to suck up to my bosses), and do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I am working towards my goal of being a writer 100% of the time, because only then will I be free.


The average man sleeps with 12 women, says a study (although it says men have more partners than women; which suggests that men exaggerated in the study and women under exaggerated.) Even more, society says every man should only be with one girl their entire life; this has caused further problems with people, especially the nature of women as you can read about in the book The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women.

Living my life, a man will have been with hundreds of women; having exciting passion filled relationships, stemming from one night to a couple months, while the passion is still there. I’m not saying you should ignore an amazing girl if you find her, but you shouldn’t be with a girl because “it is expected.”

Society says you should choose a girl quickly, start a family and be happy with it. The scientific objective of human being is to “survive and reproduce.” Science tells us that after survival we should be trying to be with more girls.

I love the excitement and passion of a new relationship. I’m sure there are men who would rather have something boring, but comfortable and long lasting. However, I feel like life is too short to not take everything life has to offer you. Every beautiful girl with a different type of beauty (variety makes the world a beautiful place.)

Life style:

The average man lives the same week over and over and over again for forty years. I spend my days traveling, meeting new people, chasing girls, and looking for ideas for new books. I love my life. I go to a new country every couple months; every day is new and exciting.
Since I have started this life I have lived 20 times more than the rest of my previous life combined(when I followed the outline for modern day slavery). I used to live life through other people, through movies, and through books; now, my life could be turned into a movie or a book and my old friends live through me. Every day is full of excitement and wonder and a new adventure or experience is always around the corner.

Don’t be a part of modern day slavery, go out into the world and take your freedom.


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