Mexicali Girls: My trip to Mexicali Mexico

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I have spent the last 4 months since my trip to SEA working my ass off so I can travel more. I had a four day weekend and I was going to make it count. My roommate and I were about to take a 12 hour car ride to Mexico to have some bomb food and hopefully some bomb women. A total of 24 hours of my vacation would be spent in the car so that left 3 days enjoying Mexicali girls.

The Adventure begins – Day 1

We drove through the night and arrived early in the morning. We spent the day driving around and eating tasty Mexican food. While driving and checking out the talent I was not impressed. There were plenty of fat girls everywhere. It felt just like home. However, there were still some hotties around, there was still hope.

That night we decided to start out in a strip club, because my Mormon roommate had never been to one except for the shitty one back home I took him to.

Right when we arrived they sat us at a table and the waiter brought a girl over to my roommate. She immediately pulled down her top to show off her big tits. His eyes went wide, especially when she motioned for him to touch them. I spent the next 20 minutes translating for them. He would later do his first p4p. I’m not a fan of p4p but it’s something I feel like everybody should experience at least once.

Maybe Mexicali girls weren’t perfect walking around, but the girls who came to Mexicali to work were sexy as hell.

The waiter brought me over a couple girls and I would just buy them a drink, feel them up, and send them on their way. I was just waited for my friend to return from upstairs.

The waiter was getting pissed I was sending away so many girls he brought, but then I saw this dancer on the stage with a sexy face and one of the nicest asses I had ever seen. She was in a thong and I couldn’t look away. I used my eye squint trick while watching her and told the waiter to bring her over when she was done dancing.

When she came over I realized she had this cute smiley personality. Fuck it. I went from being horny to going 100% game oriented. I have been caring less and less about what I say and more and more about how I say it and my body language all while being congruent. Eye contact, smirk, posture, relaxed, and voice were the main things going through my mind. I decided to use charm style game and went to work. The waiter kept bothering me about doing something with her. I decided to buy a dance so I could get some alone time. We got into the room and that breathtaking ass was making it very difficult to focus on gaming her. But I stayed strong not to appear like a usual customer. Pretended to be unaffected by that ass and held eye contact as I used the charm. I had been holding out on kissing her, but we had been close many times. It built all sorts of tension and by reading her body language I could see she was full on into me. I finally kissed her, and as fucked up as it sounds it was one of the best first kisses I have ever had. She felt it too and I could see it.

“Quiero verte en otro momento, pero afuera de aqui.” – ” I want to see you again, but outside of here” I told her. “Ok” she replied trying to contain her grin but failing. “Cual es tu nombre?” – “what is your name” I asked her as she gave me her number. When she asked if I wanted her stripper name or her real name I knew I was golden.

The guy started pounding on the door complaining that she had gone way over her time. We kissed and returned downstairs. My buddy was back in the booth with a huge grin on his face ready to tell me his newest experience. Good times haha. We left the strip club and called it a night. We were exhausted.


Day 2

The next afternoon I tried calling the stripper but my phone wouldn’t call out. Shit. I tried the hotel but it wouldn’t work either. The receptionist said it was because the number was long distance. I asked about a SIM card and it was 50$. Fuck that. Last try. Whatsapp. She has it! So we set up a meeting at the mall. She had a stripper friend who spoke English so i got her to bring her to hook up with my buddy.

After some confusion on where to meet we finally found each other. She was dressed in jeans that just could not contain that ass. Wow! Ok time to focus. After hanging out with her I realized she makes more money than me. She was throwing around money like it was nothing. I asked her how much money she makes. About 800 American dollars a night! Wow. My buddy tried for the other stripper but wasn’t able to get too far. After my girl and I did some intense PDA, we had to split ways as she had to work.

We made plans to go out to some clubs that night, but we were exhausted thanks to our fucked up sleep schedules. We took a nap and when I woke up it was dark out. I looked at my phone. Oh shit it’s after 3 am! I woke up my friend and we went over to the bar/club area.

When we arrived everybody was leaving the clubs. We tried to still get in but the bouncers wouldn’t let us. I opened a cute girl standing out by her car and immediately her group started hounding us with questions. Everything was going good and I wanted to get her number. Fuck, no sim card. I gave her my Facebook instead, which sucks because a shitload of girls comment and like all my posts and it makes me look like a player. Everything was shutting down so we were going to call it a night, but my friend wanted to hit up another strip club so we did.

When we were there I reached for my wallet. Fuck! It wasn’t there! Thoughts of the hugs I gave to the girls in that group crossed my mind. I told my friend and we hurried back to the hotel to see if it was there.
He cut across a road and the next thing we know we saw blue and red lights in the rear view. They pulled us over for some bull shit reason and I could sense what was going down from having to deal with it in Venezuela and the Philippines. Dirty cops looking for some cash. Alright “we are in a hurry, so could we just pay a fine?” They made a show of bringing out paperwork to fill out and they took the money then said some bullshit about how we shouldn’t be out so late and left, all before we filled anything out of course. That was enough for the night. Time to call it a night.


Day 3

We spent most the day fucking around and I was excited because the stripper had the day off. She had a fun personality so I was ready to spend the day and night with her.

Then I get a text from her saying she has to work, that her boss called her and they were short that night. Fuck. I still hadn’t gotten laid. She said she would try to talk her way out of it, but I didn’t tell her I would be leaving the next day so I wasn’t convinced she would try so hard.

So my roommate and I went to the mall. I still wasn’t impressed with the talent, but it was better than home. We walked into a store and the girl working there was smoking hot. Brown skin with a cute face and nice looking booty. She looked to be about 19. I started talking to her with a typical “would this look good on me” line and started teasing and throwing out some DHV’s, and made sure to hold solid body language. A couple minutes later i saw she was into me. I gave her my Facebook and we left.

She added me right away and we started chatting. She was dating this guy from the swat team and all these “I love you so much babe’s” were on her wall but she still wanted to meet. Although I was worried her boyfriend would kill me… She was pretty fucking hot.

I get back to my hotel and I see I missed a call from the stripper. I whatsapp her and she calls me. “Donde estas?” – “where are you? I got my boss to let me leave and I’m trying to find your hotel.” She had written. Fuck yeah! I was looking forward to this girl all weekend.

She arrived and my buddy wanted to go get some food. Not going to happen. I was going to go for the bang.

As always she was hanging all over me, and we were making out every two seconds. The second we were in my room she was on my bed and instinct took over. I got my Mexican flag. I’m more of a boob man, but that ass was astonishing. We laid in bed and fooled around until about 2am and she left.

I was pretty sad to be honest. As strange as it is, I loved spending time with this girl. She was 23 and had been married for 5 years. She had just got a divorce and needed some money so she started doing this a month earlier. She wasn’t the type you would usually find in places like that and I would know (thanks to Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines). I was pretty bummed that I would probably never see her again.
I went to see my friend and he had been waiting around all night so he wanted to go out, but I was exhausted and not in the mood anymore. Then I thought “what the fuck, life is short.” There were these two girls staying in the hotel that were on the other side of the courtyard. I walked over and started talking to them. They looked hot from far away but weren’t that special up close. But one had a good body and the other one was only 19. Bangable if it’s not too hard. Of course none of them spoke English so I ended up translating and entertaining the two girls all by myself.

It became clear he wasn’t getting laid and I didn’t even want to get laid after hooking up with the stripper, these girls were just not on her level. So I said” I’m going to bed, come sleep with me”. She gave me a confused look and then said “ok”. I was surprised since I had put in almost 0 effort into gaming these girls. I got to bed, kissed her, then she stopped me and said I had to pay. I laughed in her face and kicked her out. Going from a hotty to a barely bangable girl within a few hours is very hard to force yourself to do. We went home the next day, and I remember feeling sick that my trip had to end so soon. I still talk with the stripper, I’ll see her and that amazing ass again… one day.



So for the trip I was at 100% for girls responding well to me upon opening. This is usually higher in all foreign countries thanks to being in a foreign country. 100% is still not as impressive as it sounds because I will usually only approach after reading that she is somewhat interested. I don’t always do that but when I do, I think I have only read one girl wrong in my life. It’s not a good idea to always do this because there will be girls that don’t show anything, but it’s a good way to up the confidence.

I regret not opening more girls my first day, we had no idea where to go, but I’m sure I still passed up some opportunities. I also should have just bought a SIM card.


Strippers and Hookers

My thoughts on strippers and hookers are that it all depends on how long they have been doing. If they have been doing it for a long time, they are going to be damaged beyond repair.

I have ran into plenty of hookers in SEA like that. I have found that the only ones I ever make a connection with are the ones that have been doing it for less than 6 months. This girl from Mexico had only been doing it for a month, and you can tell. The one hooker in SEA that I was really into had been doing it for less than 6. I shored a decent amount over there and you can really tell when they have been doing it for longer, it ruins them.

I’m not a believer in judging for things like this, since they are doing it in poor countries where it’s more necessity than want. The hookers and strippers in the states do it for the opposite reason.


Night Game

Best spot I found was by Applebee’s the Shot Factory. A couple blocks full of night clubs and bars. Only got to see the tail end of it, but it looked like it would have been a blast if we got there earlier.

Day Game

La Cachanilla is the only big time mall in the city. It’s a perfect spot for day gaming. The other place we checked out was UABC, a local university, but it was Sunday and there weren’t many people there. I think it would be a good spot during the week.




If you want to know how to start talking to these girls and to hold a bomb conversation check out this book: The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl With Words


Continue the Mexican adventure in Guadalajara:

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