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Meeting and dating Thai girls (the good ones)

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Let’s get something straight right away. When you say Thai girls, many people immediately think about bar girls.

Yes, prostitution is never far away in Thailand. But bar girls are just a fraction of the whole spectrum of girls you can meet here.

I’ve never been about the bar girls. Visiting the gogo-bar scene is more like a cultural trip for me. But it’s not my world. SwoopTheWorld is about seducing girls as a way to get closer to a foreign culture. And there’s no better way to integrate into a culture than by dating the local women.
Paying for a bar girl does not accomplish that.
So if you came for that sort of information, browse on. The focus on this article is to help you meet and date the regular “good” Thai girls.

Meeting good Thai girls online

Half of my lays in Thailand were from online game. It’s a goldmine. There are three main sources to consider and I will discuss all three of them below.

  1. Tinder
  2. ThaiCupid
  3. ThaiFriendly

1. Tinder

A lot of farang hunting sluts are on Tinder. And when you smash a Tinder girl, chances are real you shared her with a few fellow SwoopTheWorld readers, like it happened to us (Fisto, 20N and me).

There are some cuties on here and I met awesome girls with Tinder. But you have to put in the tedious work. A lot of matches will go nowhere. There are lots and lots of attention whores who are just using the app to bask in the attention of foreigners, so it’s a numbers game.


The matching rate for (caucasian) foreigners is high. So you can preselect in your swiping or you will end up with a list of matches you’ll never contact anyway.

Superlikes work great, so I recommend paying the PRO service ($10 a month) and using them daily.

2. ThaiCupid

I signed up for this website and had probably a dozen very attractive girls waiting for me when I arrived, so create a profile ASAP. Because of this, I would suggest starting to talk to the girls in Thailand before you go on your trip for the best results.

You can create a free account right now by clicking here. It takes only 2 minutes to sign up and you’ll be able to see the Thai girls that are members.

The main advantage I love about this site is that you can actually do searches for different areas, filter different age groups and only contact the girls you find attractive in stead of having to swipe through a sea of uglies first.

Pro-tip: The girls on ThaiCupid are more serious about meeting a decent guy compared  to Tinder, so even if you are coming for a few weeks, hint or imply in your profile that you are residing in Thailand for a long time or for work.

3. ThaiFriendly

I have met some of my favourite girls from this website, many of which I am still friends with to this day (5 years later!).

It is the biggest dating website for Thai girls and you can find high quality girls on this site too: 8’s and the (very rare) 9. For these high quality girls you’re online game has to be solid.

While the supply of Thai girls on this website seem endless, the website is also overloaded with farangs with crappy game. They will send any girl messages like “You are so gorgeous and beautiful”. As a result some of the ThaiFriendly girls have an inflated sense of self-esteem and may act bitchy.

Especially the hot girls, they get so many messages, you have to make yourself stand out or they won’t even reply you. They might not even see your message because it gets pushed to page 2 before she opened her account again.

A good strategy here is to sort by newest members and target the girls that have just joined.

You can send like one free message per hour or something for free and unlimited messages after you pay. It’s not expensive so give it a shot.

Strategy for meeting Thai girls online

Optimize your profile

Add some awesome pictures and keep your profile text mysterious. Put some effort into this guys, it always pays off. Diversify your pictures, don’t put 5 pictures you took of yourself with your cellphone in your garden. Show off a little bit.

Put completely different pictures, e.g.:

  • Travel picture: you in an exotic location (that is not Thailand)
  • Body picture: if you have a good body, show of some muscles by adding a beach picture (Thai girls like it, since Thai guys are pretty small)
  • Social picture: put a picture of yourself in a social setting, having fun with friends. She will see you are a sociable person with friends.
  • Sport picture: Post a picture of you in action
  • Interesting hobby or skill: Do you play an instrument? Show it off.
  • Professional: Post that picture where you look like a boss.

Profile Description

Less is more: Don’t put too much in your profile description. Girls don’t have to know your life story from the start. It is better that you give them some pieces of the puzzle and let them complete the picture of you the way they want it.

Just mention your living in Thailand, what your home country is and maybe an additional interesting or intriguing fact about yourself, e.g. I mentioned I am working as an engineer.

Weird Thai phrases you might hear

The level of English of the ThaiFriendly girls can vary a lot. But no matter how good their English is, Thai girls have the custom to throw in some Thai words from time to time.

These are some things you will most likely encounter:

  • Narak: means cute
  • Na ka: this is to make a phrase sound more persuasive and/or polite, like in English we would add “alright” – e.g. “Sleep well na ka” (Sleep well, alright)
  • Kit theung: I miss you
  • Jup jup: Kiss Kiss
  • 5555: The Thai word for five is “Haa”, making 5555 stand for “Hahaha” (like: lol)
  • Ting tong mak: Ting tong is a very good word to learn, it means “crazy / silly”, “mak” or “maak” means “a lot”. So ting tong mak means “very crazy”


How to day game Thai girls

Playing the lost “new guy in town” or asking for a location works well. Thai girls really care what people think about them, so it’s a 100 times easier to approach a girl by herself is easier to approach than when she’s with friends.

You can meet girls at the shopping malls (MBK, Terminal 21 or Siam). My favourite location are BTS stops. There’s a constantly changing crowd and many girls are by themselves waiting for friends.

Thai girls are generally shyer then Western girls, both intrinsically and also about their ability to speak English, moreover, culturally they are very conflict-averse, so they get uncomfortable quite easily. Adapt your approaches to that.

Sometimes a girl you approached is interested but she gets be overwhelmed by your approach. Her auto-pilot reaction will take over and it will seem like she wasn’t interested at all.

It will take a few practice approaches for you to correctly distinguish the genuine disinterested girls from the overwhelmed ones.

The overwhelmed girl may be interested in you, but in her auto-pilot response she will be too stressed out to give her your number. What you do in this case is to give her yours.

Never leave your house without a piece of paper and a pen ready to write down your number or even better your LINE-id (it’s the whatsapp of Asia).

Dating Thai girls tips

Once a Thai girl agreed to meet you, the hard part is over. The rest of the date should be cake. I’d say for about 95% of my dates in Thailand, I get the Same Night Lay (SNL).

First date DONT’s:

  • Don’t make it a spectacle, e.g. like going to a theme park
  • Don’t take her to the movies: You have just met, sitting next to each other silently for two hours is weird.
  • Don’t take her to an (expensive) restaurant

A restaurant might be too expensive for her and she might expect you to pay. It is culturally accepted that a man would pay in that situation. Even if you don’t mind paying the restaurant bill, this may put you in the provider frame, rather than the lover frame (where you want to be).

If she sees you as a provider, she will give you a much harder time to get laid and she will probably try to make you wait for it and spend more on her (she will look for commitment).

Simply invite her to go have a drink at “a cool place you know” near your hotel.

Talking with Thai girls

Thai people are generally not very open-minded nor are they very aware what’s happening outside of their own country. Thai people love to talk about Thai things.

Talk about travel

Set up the hook to attach your own travel stories seamlessly. Ask her if she has traveled before and what her dream destination would be, where in the world does she most want to go?

Have some cool pictures ready on your smartphone that can complement your stories but be very casual about it.

Talk about Thai food

Ask her if she can cook and if she likes to cook. Does she cook spicy? Tell her you love Thai food, but you’re not used yet to the spiciness. Ask her about the grasshoppers (takatan tod), if she eats them and if she thinks they are delicious.

Tell her what the famous food is in your country and ask her if she likes it.

Talk about Thailand

Tell her about the other cities you have visited or ask her what she thinks about those places. E.g. tell her that you went to Pattaya but you didn’t like it too much. Many girls “ting tong” (crazy) and many old farang “ting tong” as well.

Talk about ladyboys

Tell her about the time a ladyboy tried to harass you, or that time when your buddy accidentally took home a ladyboy.

If you don’t have a story, you can wonder together with her why there are so many in Thailand. Ask if she has any ladyboy friends. Ask how you can be sure if it’s a ladyboy or not. Make jokes about it, maybe SHE is a ladyboy?!

Simple humour works best.

Talk about sports

Tell her you have or will take some Muay Thai classes or that you want to see a fight. Joke that you can clearly see she is a Muay Thai expert and probably a dangerous girl.

Talk about hobbies

Ask her if she can sing. Then tell her you love to sing, you just have bad luck that you are the worst singer in the world, that’s why you only sing in the shower when you are alone.

Ask her if she can dance and if she is good at it. Does she like to party? Where does she go when she goes out?

Talk about Isaan

If you’re girl is from Isaan, tell her it’s really easy for you to know that she is an Isaan girl. “Why?” she will ask you.

Tell her because (and this is accurate) girls from Isaan don’t say “Chai” (Thai for yes) or “Ka” (polite yes), Isaan girls say “Uûhhhh”. This sounds very vulgar so be sure to amp it up and exaggerate how impolite it sounds.

Note: I’ll upload a sound clip or video for this section soon. 

These sound like very trivial conversations and they are, but that’s just fine. They will feel comfortable talking about these simple things. Inject your own stories naturally in the flow of the conversation. Select your stories that display high value but NEVER come across as bragging or like you were trying to impress her. This will kill the attraction immediately.

Escalating / Retreating  / Closing

Every time I come back to Thailand it takes me a while to get used to the culture. Thai girls in public are very different from Thai girls in private. In a sober dating situation they are pretty reluctant to make out in public.

I usually don’t try to kiss a Thai girl until I get her back to my room and even there I take it much more easy on the sexual escalation.

But if you build enough attraction and she doesn’t see you as a provider, but rather as a lover, you can close any Thai girl on the first date (minus virgins).

Read more on Thailand

I feel like I barely scratched the surface of what’s there to say on Thai girls. I go into more depth in my ebook. So check it out in the ebook sections.

Read some more stories on Thai girls below:

What would be interesting to add to this article? Leave your comments and questions below.


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